Millions of overseas Chinese must unite into New Federal State of China, says Miles Guo


On November 14, Mr. Miles Guo had a live broadcast on GTV, encouraging warrior friends from the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China to take part in the Million Maga March in Washington D.C. in support of President Trump to fight against the election fraud.

Miles said, “Our Whistleblowers’ Movement has opened the eyes of Chinese in understanding the relationship between the east and the west, between America and China. Never before in history have the Chinese people come to understand that the fate of the Chinese is closely linked to the fate of the American people and people of the world.”

“In the past 70 years, there has been a dark power in the world having their long arm ruling over the ordinary Chinese, even controlling the bastards of the CCP leadership at Zhongnanhai,” Miles added.

Miles Guo told that yesterday, several so-called “old friends” of China and several big families in Europe who have long-time investments in China made phone calls to leaders in China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and others, asking them to recognize Joe Biden as the new president-elect as soon as possible. They also pressured the families of some Japanese leaders to do so.

The only reason for this is that Joe Biden has maintained a good relationship with the CCP regime and the Biden Group has close political and financial links with them. And the CCP wants to continue its governance and suppression over the Chinese people in collusion with the Biden Group, Miles has told.

In particular, Miles said, some powerful interest groups in the United States have done their utmost to press and threaten different countries to recognize Joe Biden as the President-elect.

According to Mr. Guo, the American middle class is the core of the United States and the class most brutalized by the CCP. These are the people whose jobs have been taken away, whose livelihoods have been affected, and whose lives are suffering in mortgages and car loans. And they are the people who have hated CCP the most.

Miles said that the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China must stand together with the vast majority of the American people because our enemies are a very small number of interest groups.

In his broadcast, Miles Guo detailed the three sins of the Chinese Communist Party in rigging the U.S. election, releasing the coronavirus, and stealing U.S. technology.

Miles Guo said that once the CCP controls American elections, it will control all of humanity and the universe. International communists have used evil tactics to threaten and change the world order. The coronavirus is one of their tools. And the central threat is from the Chinese Communist Party.

Miles Guo said that President Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency in the U.S. officially started the U.S.-China economic war and cyberwar.

“The state of national emergency issued by Trump is a preparation for decoupling from the Chinese Communist Party,” Miles said. “This means that all Communist corporate assets in the US will be seized. Moreover, the preparation behind economic warfare is the beginning of modern cyber warfare.”

Mr. Guo said that the first step to take down the Great Firewall is to weaken those US tech giants that have helped build the firewall. All these technology companies will be sanctioned; they will be given a “quarantine period” (exit time).

That’s why, to achieve that, the Trump administration has issued an Executive Order to cut investors funding Chinese military companies and telecommunication companies.

Miles said, “When CCP is cut away from the Internet, all of the CCP’s computers and software systems will be useless. Without Windows, Android, no Microsoft, no chips, the CCP’s regional internet is nothing; there will be no smartphone. All their mobile phone chips, mobile phone software platforms, their domestic military development software platforms, even IBM and Oracle are finished.”

Mr. Guo stressed, “The state of emergency issued by the President of the United States is the full start of a real economic and technological war.”

Miles Guo said the newly released three songs entitled “Take Down the CCP” won the most downloads in many countries and this has frightened the CCP a lot. And this also shows the united force of the Chinese people overseas.

Miles Guo said, “If you are Chinese living overseas, who would you partner with if not the New Federal State of China? Can you find more investment opportunities to gain profits than partnering with the NFSC? When in the future, people ask why you had not joined the NFSC, what would you respond to that? There are only two reasons: first, you took the side of the CCP; second, you are a selfish coward.”

Today, we have seen many warrior friends from the New Federal State of China join Million MAGA March in Washington D.C. to support Donald Trump.

Miles told warrior friends to awake as many fellow Chinese as possible, whether they are living in China or overseas.

There are tens of millions of Chinese living overseas. How powerful it could be if overseas Chinese are united? It could be one of the greatest force on earth.

Miles said, “From November 3th, in addition to the continuation of spreading the truth, we must do our best to unite our overseas Chinese and do more to awaken fellow Chinese in the mainland. CCP members within the system are mostly aware of this democratic movement; it’s time now to awaken those grass-root little guys like street vendors, taxi drivers, cleaners, butchers, farmers and all those persecuted by the CCP.”

Miles said we must establish peaceful alliances with foreign countries so that all overseas Chinese can live in different countries in dignity and peace. That’s why today so many Chinese youngsters have walked out to the streets of Washington D.C., representing the New Federal State of China, to show the world that we pursue an election by the rule of law, by true votes, while opposing the CCP’s interference, infiltration, and fraudulent activities in the US election.

We are there to tell the world that whoever opposes the CCP are the friends of the New Federal State of China; whoever helps us take down the CCP will win the support of the New Federal State of China.

By Winnie Troppie


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