Millions of Chinese mourn for the death of Miles Kwok’s mother who passed away under CCP brutality


On Twitter, Youtube and other social media, millions of Chinese are sending condolences to Miles Kwok and his family, expressing their grief over the death of his great mother who passed away yesterday morning under communist brutality.

We are deeply sad when Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok said in his tweets yesterday that his over-80 year old mother had died of cerebral thrombosis in hospital with grief after hearing of her son, the fifth brother of Miles Kwok, had been detained in prison and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Miles Kwok announced that he would, according to tradition, mourn for her mother for three weeks during which he would not use cell phone and stop his whistle blows on social media.

The great mother passed away at 7:17am Friday morning at the emergency ward of the local hospital. Just hours after her death, Miles Kwok tweeted that his mother had lived under severe pressure as the evil Chinese police, parking a police car 24 hours daily outside her residence, harassing and threatening the whole family. The family had done their best to keep the old mother away from many tragic happenings as Miles brothers, brothers-in-law, and other family members were often arrested, released and arrested again by police with order from the state traitor Wang Qishan.

Miles said two days ago a little girl who was taking care of his mother carelessly made known to his mother about the detention of his fifth brother, which made the old mother cry for the whole day. She was often short of breath for lack of oxygen to the brain and suddenly collapsed with cerebral thrombosis.

Miles Kwok said a few times that the CCP had threatened to kill his whole family and tried many ways to cause them a destruction. He said, “They not only killed my youngest brother…they still want to kill my elder brother, my mother, and all other family members. You have seen that they have used the power of the whole country to seize our assets, attempt to eliminate us, threaten us by phone calls many times…not just threatening, but taking actions!”

But Miles Kwok stressed that he would never surrender; he would never give up.

Steve Bannon, Mile’s best warrior friend and former White House Strategist, dressed in black today, sent his condolences from Japan. He said the reason to be in black is to mourn for the death of Miles’ mother. He once again accused Huawei of trying to control everyone’s data and the CCP of its many cheats and crimes.

Sara wept with tears in her mourning while addressing the brothers and sisters on the internet, “Miles was so sad that he even made the dates wrong. We all grieve for Miles Kwok and his family. We are here to mourn for a great mother of the Chinese nation. She has raised for us such a courageous, upright and brave son with no fears! He is now fighting for the dignity and righteousness of the 1.4 billion Chinese population. He is fighting against the most vicious company of evils. He is leading us to victory. May our great mother rest in peace in heavens, have protection for Miles Kwok and his great mission! May us all be firm, countless of warrior friends, to follow Miles Kwok forward! We thank God to have sent us Miles Kwok. God bless Wengui! And God bless China!”

Lude tweeted in his Twitter account, “The great mother of Miles Kwok, shouldered with a mission from heavens, had come to earth to give birth to and raise a great man who is leading us to change the fate of 1.4 billion Chinese, and to bring freedom, peace, human dignity and democracy to the land of China, like Pangu creating the universe. Please join my mourning for the great mother of Miles Kwok!”

F. Isherwood tweeted, “This is another bloody debt Wang Qishan and other corrupt CCP officials own to the Chinese people”.

Miles’s Secretary Wang Yanping said, “I remember an early spring many years ago when I first accompanied Grand Auntie to Europe. I did not expect to say goodbye here to the dear old lady at such a time of early spring in 2019. All my colleagues have called the father and mother of Miles Kwok as Grand Uncle and Grand Auntie, and his brothers eldest brother, second brother, forth brother, fifth brother and sixth brother. The Grand Auntie in my memory was always clean and tidy with her clothes, favoring tiny shining ornaments like a little girl. She would call us by our names, smiling with her strong Shandong accent. Some of the names, she could not remember. But we have all become her children. Mr. Kwok said, since childhood, he had a feeling that without his mother, he would not be able to survive any longer. We all want to embrace him, this little child who just lost his mother. Mr, Kwok said, as a child, we must work even harder for all mothers in this world, for all mothers and their children so that they will never be forced to live in separation!”

Geng Yan tweeted, “Yesterday was the second day of February according to the lunar calendar, a day when the dragon lifts up its head. The old mother has fulfilled her mission; she has raised her son Miles Kwok up as a dragon!”

Lobsang Jinpa tweeted, “It was a very sad news about it passes away Mr Guo wenqui’s mum. I am going to do prayers 3 times daily for her. I believe that God love you forever and majority Chinese people love you too great Guo mum. Peace- rest mum!”

Sheng Shijie commented: “The passing of Mother Kwok sent a giant wave of heartfelt sorrow throughout the world, although we don’t even know her full name. No matter. Through her beloved son Miles, we get a glimpse of her beauty, her virtues, her strength, her love, and her faith… that our Chinese mothers symbolize. We only learned from the last less than two years from her beloved son that she gave birth to eight sons and she raised them with faith and kindness. We believe that Mr. Kwok embodies Mother Kwok’s grace and spirit. We are all so grateful that she came in this critical moment in Chinese history. It is not a coincidence that I think of Ruth, that most beautiful and God-loving lady, whose journey of faith led to the blessing of God in her great great great grandson King David, through whom all the Israelites are blessed. Even in her last hours, Mother Kwok poured out her unceasing love for her sons in her tears… a mother’s ultimate selfless act! Love is Mom. Mom is Love. And Love conquers all evil. May Mother Kwok rest in peace! May her memory give all of us solace and strengths in our journeys of faith, alongside her beloved son Mr. Miles Kwok! God bless!!”

By Cloudy Seagail and staff


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