Miles’ whistle blows: From “preserve life, protect wealth, avenge” to Seven Principles


When Miles Kwok made his first appearance at an interview with Dr. Chen Xiaoping of Mingjing media on January 26 of 2017, he looked mature, handsome, and gentleman-like. His eloquence and excellence in reasoning instantly captioned the attention of thousands.

Dr. Chen asked his first question, “Many people think you are a mysterious billionaire; tell us about yourself?”

Miles Kwok said humbly, “I am not a mysterious person, nor am I a very rich man. I seldom made my appearance on media; I truly offended some reporters as I refused to be interviewed. Therefore there have been some negative reports about me; they even demonized me. In the past decade or so, I have lived with some sort of defamation and vilification. Actually, that helped me a lot too; I should thank them for doing those things against me.”

Miles said most of the reports westerners read about him came from Ms. Hu Shuli of Caixin Global Media. Hu Shuli got some reporters from The Times. Without any face to face interview with Miles Kwok, they made up stories from the mouth of Ms. Hu, insulting Miles, his family members, and ancestors. They even have former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair involved in his relations.

“All the overseas media who met me said good things about Hu Shuli, saying that Ms. Hu Shuli wants the most to subvert the Communist Party. They said, Miles, you should to be friendly with Hu Shuli. I want to ask the CCP Central Committee, what is the identity of Ms. Hu Shuli? What value does she have for the country to honor her as such? I saw all the silent power in overseas media has good relations with Ms. Hu Shuli. She is an anti-corruption hero domestically in China and an anti-communist hero overseas.”

Miles said, “Hu Shuli was behind the reports of defamation. She was the evil doer. She is a criminal, a whore, and a liar. She has lots of collusion with corrupt CCP leaders. She has been ambitious and experienced in those kinds of dirty stuff. But I have tried not to get into disputes with her.” Miles claimed she maintained an immoral relation with Li You, CEO of Founder Group of Peking University, and Wang Qishan, China’s Vice President.

Miles said, “China has over a billion people and things are complicated there. I am only an ordinary person among them. In that society, it is better to live with a low key, as our ancient traditions have told us. But after I have sent Li You to jail, and Liu Zhihua, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, to jail, I can no longer say that I am not well-known. Some western friends say I am a very important figure in China politics. If I do not admit that, I would become more mysterious.”

In this interview, Miles Kwok mainly accused Fu Zhenghua, Vice Minister of Public Security Ministry, of corruption and other crimes, in addition to the crimes of his former business partner Li You. He said in future he would expose the corruption and sex scandals of other high ranking CCP officials and he surely did.

On 15 May, Miles said, “No supervision on politics is the biggest corruption in China. China needs a systematic change. What I have exposed to the public is actually well-known, only not in so much detail. The Beijing Planning Commission and the Peking University, one representing the material part, one the spiritual part, are both rotten after taking pills made of dead human flesh. The whole city of Beijing is filled with evil and disgusting air!”

With his many years in property development in Beijing, Miles Kwok knows very well about the corruption in the real estate industry. He accused Huan Yan, head of Beijing City Planning Commission who holds the power of approving property projects, of bribery and sex scandals.

Miles said, “Why is Mr. Pan Shiyi’s property in Beijing so profitable? Who gave him the land? He did so many projects. How was the land at the foot of the Great Wall approved? How was the floor area ratio taken? Why others can’t get their projects approved, and only he can? Say the Jianwai SOHO project in the East Second Ring Road, what is the floor area ratio of the Galaxy SOHO? It’s a dozen! For Jianwai SOHO, how many times did Huang Yan participate in the argumentation meetings? Have there been any secret deals behind these arguments? I have to tell people the truth.”

Miles Kwok charged Mr. Pan Shiyi in his whistle blow, “As executive secretary of the Beijing City Planning Commission, Ms. Huang Yan, you have called her a naive girl, Mr. Pan. How dare you say that! She invited you for a meal, just one meal, and your floor ratio went up from 1 to 5. She has given you a great kiss on your face!”

Miles said Wang Qishan was the king behind all these secret deals. The meetings of Pan Shiyi and Huang Yan were mostly arranged by Zhou Liang, secretary of Wang Qishan. With instructions from Wang, Huang Yan approved those floor ratios. Miles said he could show evidence as proof of their crimes.

Miles added, “Ms. Huang Yan’s husband is developing real estate in Beijing; the whole Beijing knows. Her husband’s properties are in tens of millions of square meters, making 10,000 yuan a square meter. How much that in total? Ten billion yuan- I guess. Did you say that the naive Huang Yan’s pure little hands touched your face during the meal and then your floor ratios are increased?”

As Miles Kwok brought up the case of Li You, he attacked the leadership of Peking University of their scandals.

“Peking University is corrupt. The purpose of its education is to raise its business connectors, not for the future benefits of the nation. Who can save the Chinese nation? I have documents of over 3000 pages about their corruption. The stocks of Founder Group and Peking University Pharmaceuticals were given to members of the CCP leadership as gifts, in huge numbers. One of the Politburo members brought his old mother to Li You’s office, asking for ten million shares when Li You offered them only five million. When Peking University is doing such dirty things, do you think there is a way out for the ordinary Chinese?”

His revelations about corruption and scandals within China’s legal system shocked many people. Miles said the purpose of his whistle blow is “to save his own life, to protect his own wealth and to avenge.” This is the first time he made the famous statement “Everything is just beginning”.

“One of the Politburo standing members told me: Wengui, you must have confidence. Chinese people are honest. History is a mirror; one day they will have revenge. This day must come!”

Miles Kwok talked about CCP’s corruption in Hong Kong. He said, “Don’t treat the people as fools, I am fed up. Look at the state traitors, immoral real estate developers, and those people in Hong Kong who take the people as pigs, to be fools.”

Miles gave an example. “There are more than 60 mainland buyers in the Arch of Hong Kong, including the Deputy Minister Ma Jian’s colleagues. Let us not forget that when Ma Jian was the deputy minister, he was in charge of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan affairs. Every time he went to Hong Kong, local police provided security to his activities. For dozens of times we arranged transportation for his activities in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.”

Miles said after Ma Jian was arrested, Chinese police searched his office apartment in the Arch for at least 20 times, opened the safe, and took away the gold and silver jewelry, the documents, including a lot of cash in the room.

He described, “From 2008 to May 2010, I witnessed law enforcement by Chinese police in Hong Kong, for over a thousand times. They went into the banks to seize customer information, or to local government departments to obtain property information. They brutally broke into private houses in Hong Kong, searching the rooms, taking away articles and documents, and transferring the ownership of thousands of properties into the so-called investigation team. “

“They took away truck-loads of antique calligraphy pieces, paintings, jewels, famous wines, diamonds, watches, etc. Does the Hong Kong government know about this? Does the Hong Kong Police know about this? Does this accord to the Basic Law of Hong Kong?”

Miles said CCP officials are reckless in Hong Kong. Once, a man of a wealthy Hong Kong family was caught for a serious crime. A CCP Politburo member made a phone call to the Hong Kong government for his release. That was a big case at that time. Another rich man was arrested in the mainland for storing several kilos of drugs; he was also released by one telephone call from a Politburo member. A Hong Kong billionaire kept a second wife in Shenzhen, and again he was one day out for a virgin. The little girl was almost beaten to death in a group fight. He was arrested together with dozens of his men. A Politburo member called again and he was released. I want to raise this question: what are the relations between those Hong Kong billionaires and high ranking CCP officials.

Miles Kwok said that for a whole decade, the CCP government had the policy for Hong Kong called “control by corruption, control by sex, control by money, and control by confusion”. They want to control Hong Kong’s rich businessmen and officials by documenting their crimes in corruption and their sex scandals as nearly all of them have business transactions and go for fun in the mainland. They confuse public opinions by spreading lots of rumors in Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong’s property prices have risen year by year in the past decades. All Hong Kong’s financial institutions have business transactions in the mainland. Businessmen in these areas have become the targets for kidnapping by the CCP government. This is well-known in media circles. ”

“That was an early policy. The CCP exercises full control on all the bosses and Hong Kong’s economy. That policy is fully implemented in Hong Kong, sealing up your mouth, covering your eyes, and stuffing your ears. This is a policy that everyone knows. Whoever dares to stand up and tell the truth will be punished.”

Miles urged the 7 million people in Hong Kong to wake up. And he warned the present Hong Kong government and its officials, “You know what you have done for Hong Kong these years!”

Miles said before he made up his mind to stand up to reveal the corruption and other scandals of the CCP leadership, he had made preparations for a long time and he had professional teams working in different countries to collect evidence of related scandals.

He said on 6 May 2017 in his “Say Hello” webcast, “Our team in Australia has worked for a full year, collecting DNAs of dozens of people (illegitimate children of CCP officials), with medical verification of legal significance. The team made records of their addresses, financial transactions, social relations, phone call communications, voice records, mails, and DNA documents. Back to the US, his team makes effective legal verification of the evidence, together with detailed bank account records. The persons concerned can never deny facing these facts.”

Miles has revealed to the world audience that he is now an experienced secret agent. He said, “Many years ago, the State Security Ministry and the International Liaison Department have talked to me, asking me to work for them with intelligence. I refused. I only want to be a messenger in international relations. I want to promote the rule of law in China. I dream of traveling across the world with government permission, pure and clear of my body and soul at the time of departures. I don’t want to see China in turmoil”.

Miles Kwok also told about many Ponzi schemes in China, like Fanya scandal, Ezubao P2P scandal, Infant Formula scandal, the Vaccine scandal, etc that have brought about disasters to the Chinese people, and have given rise to social turmoil.

Miles defended his whistle blows, “I want to stress that I will never support anyone who wants to mess up things and drive the country into chaos. If the country is in chaos, the people will suffer and we are all finished. That will be the sorrow of the nation and the tragedy of the country. I reiterate once again that this is not my purpose.”

In a new or so, Miles has targeted over a hundred CCP officials and national celebrities. Tactically, Miles Kwok put forth his Seven Principles at the primary stage of his whistle blows: against governance by corruption, against governance by police, against anti-corruption by evil means, against anti-corruption by corruption; not against the Chinese nation, not against the Chinese people, and not against President Xi.

To stop Miles Kwok from continuous blows, the CCP leadership, in the name of the country, mobilized all forces home and abroad to make him shut his mouth.

They planned to make agreements with small countries that had issued passports to Miles Kwok to extradite him back to China by accusing him of fake crimes.

They used public relations companies, investigation companies, private detectives, hackers, and mafia organizations, trying to get Miles Kwok into trouble. Some of these people came near Miles’ residence in New York, searching for information and trying to force Miles into passive violations. They offered a bounty in the US to get Miles into criminal cases or sex scandals so that the local police would interfere.

They made up documents, fabricated business transaction records, opened fake bank accounts in Miles’ name, and transferred property ownership to his name so that Miles would be charged with economic violations.

They used the national media to defame Miles Kwok, directing public opinion and trying to label him an enemy of the nation.

They offered remarkable deals to foreign governments with huge financial interests in mineral and construction projects so that they could cooperate in helping to get Miles Kwok first to a third country outside the US, and finally get him back to China.

They also have assassination plans to kill Miles Kwok in the US by all means. Miles said, “I am prepared to die, but I have no fear. If my death could bring about a revolution in China, I would be happy to die for it.”

But Wang Qishan and other CCP dictators all failed in their attempts. Miles Kwok was getting tougher and tougher. He was winning more and more supporters daily. In less than three months, his videos received one billion views, nearly half a million views for a single video daily. Only in Hong Kong, over 1.7 million people watched his broadcast every day. In spite of the blockage of the Great Firewall, over 100 million people were watching those broadcast transferred underground from Hong Kong.

Everything that has happened or will happen to Miles Kwok is no longer a personal thing.

By Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by staff writer


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