Miles Kwok’s words to the CCP: evil shall be rewarded with evil


China has a bad system, but Chinese are good people, hard working, with wisdom and good ways of doing things.

In 2019, Chinese economy will collapse, and no one can save it from going down, not even the heavens. Real estate has a huge bubble, 4-5 times of GDP value. Its currency cannot be freely exchanged. The country is heavily in debt. The government is printing more and more paper money. The economy relies on foreign trade. China is a copycat, not productive for over two hundred years; its main technologies including quantum computing and 5G are all copying others. With the Huawei case, China is under siege globally.

China and US trade confrontation will finally lead to ideological confrontation. 48 hours ago, President Donald Trump has called for religious freedom in China. He is not going to make concessions on the issue.

As far as I know, the US will do more in this respect. The Trump Administration is not only going to arrange a meeting with his Holiness Dalai Lama, the US government will press China to give Dalai Lama an option to choose and to recognize the reincarnation by Dalai Lama. He is not going to be the last birth of Dalai Lama.

We have all witnessed the confrontation between China and the west, setbacks of the Belt and Road Initiative, economic problems within the country, and fears of its private entrepreneurs. I have given an example. With a gunshot in the forest, all birds flew away in panic, and I was the lucky one to run away to the United Sates.

The running away of private entrepreneurs tells that they have no confidence in the communist system or they are not satisfied with the system. The so-called reform and opening up for 40 years never touches the political system. The CCP officials have never responded to the voices of the people; even worse, they refuse to change and set themselves against the people. With this, the economy will definitely go downwards.

In 2019, Chinese currency Renminbi will lose its value dramatically. Hong Kong dollar will be under severe pressure for existence. More private entrepreneurs will run away overseas; no one would come back to the country. The wealth accumulated in over 40 years will vanish.

This is a punishment from the heavens. In 70 years, the Chinese people have tolerated the cruelty and crimes of the Communist Party who have caused tens of millions of deaths in various political movements, especially the Cultural Revolution and June Fourth Massacre. This is the retribution inflicted on the 1.4 billion Chinese people for their polluting the air, the water and the soil, for their moral deterioration, evil minds, and selfishness.

The Chinese have been printing too much money and showed the world that they have created great wealth. But as a matter of fact, that was fake money. Many Chinese have the world’s best Boeing 787, most luxurious private jets and yachts, drink the best wines from France, and smoke the best cigars. They live the best lives in history. They bought the best houses in Manhattan New York, all close to the Central Park. I am one of them and I feel what they feel. We must be punished by heavens.

What contributions have we Chinese made to the world’s civilization? It is a disgrace for the CCP to say that its greatest contribution to the world is to feed the mouths of 1.3 billion people. It is shameful for CCP to blow it up on CCTV, taking its own ignorance as an achievement.

I am going to say that in 2019, Chinese economy will collapse. Chinese economy will lose blood and suffer losses, being one of the worst in performance in the world’s reshuffle. Shanghai A stocks will lose ground; Hong Kong stocks will run like roller coasters with money laundering. Properties bought by Chinese households will become their burden; they will lose money in the stock markets; their cash in banks or social security accounts will lose value; more will find themselves in debt. More and more people will not afford their medical bills, or even a graveyard in a cemetery. Some people won’t even have the right to choose how to die.

In 2019, China will experience great difficulties, severe social instability, and challenges in social unrest, living environment, economic and trade conflicts, and even a possible war. I am not going to wish you wealthy; I only pray for health and safety of 1.4 billion Chinese. I only wish you can live well.

Collapse of China’s Qing Dynasty came after the persecution of Christianity in 1890 by the Boxer Rebellion forces. In 1927, revolutionary scholars in Peking University like Hu Shih, Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu stood up against Christianity. Under those circumstances, communism was introduced to China. It is a shame that we see today the Communist Party of Chinese act against Christianity.

In Chinese history, when a dynasty started to persecute religions, whether Christianity, Taoism or Buddhism, it was almost time that dynasty was coming to an end.

Resentment or dissatisfaction among people needs a way out in any society. People will seek spiritual refuge when facing worldly disasters. When they have lost faith in material things in their living environment, they start to look for supernatural solutions, like seeking help from God, the Buddha or other spirits. Today we are celebrating the New Year day as it was the birth time of Jesus Christ. This is a time for salvation.

And on another situation, when people become wealthy with prosperity, and they do not have to worry about daily living, they start to pursue spiritual beliefs. This is another extremity.

The widespread beliefs in gods and spirits come along with the collapse or destruction of dynasties and governments. The revised Regulation on Religious Affairs passed by CCP Congress recently is a sign that the CCP regime is to collapse, like the last years of the Qing Dynasty when the Boxer Rebellion persecuted Chinese Christians.

With the persecution of Christianity in China and disappearance of other faiths, an evil sect or the most vicious cult in human history – Communism – came to power and rule over the country after 1949 with the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

Communism has brought about numerous disasters in China. Today, we often see monks dance in colorful clothes, holding the red flags or paying respect to Chairman Mao Zedong. We see Xi Jinping’s books about communism in Buddhist temples. Wang Qishan said as the Buddhist temples are the safest in the country, with best privacy protection, without video cameras monitoring people’s activities, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the CCP Central Committee shall come to temples more often for meetings on legal cases. Wang Qishan even told his prosecutors to stay in temples from time to time.

That’s why I have said demons are dancing in China. CCP’s hands are everywhere. If you go overseas, they can also come for your arrest with Interpol’s “red notice”. They won’t care if you are Meng Hongwei (former Interpol Presient) or not. If you stay in Buddhist temples, they can also come for your arrest. Under CCP rule, no one has the right for religious belief.

CCP is so reckless that they would destroy all gods and spirits in your mind. They would take away your hiding place for the soul as well as the hiding place for your body. They force all people to believe in CCP’s communism alone. This is their aim, but it’s also the reason for their destruction.

The Buddha has said, evil will be rewarded with evil. The recklessness and craziness of the CCP would finally cause its own destruction.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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