Miles Kwok tells about Wang Qishan’s meeting with Wall Street bankers


These days, I have met some friends, and talked, interestingly, about the arrangement for a meeting between Wang Qishan on September 16th with all the Wall Street giants from the United States like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, and others. John Thornton, and nearly all the important bankers on Wall Street, went for the meeting on Sunday.

One of them, former US assistant Secretary of State in charge of Asia affairs, well dressed in business suit and tie, sat there waiting. There came the assistant of Wang Qishan, telling him, “Take off your suit and tie!” This gentleman, together with other guests from the US, said, “We all have come formally dressed; shall we just keep ourselves this way?”

The Chinese assistant stepped forward and directly had his hands out to take this brother’s suit and tie off. The American was angry, saying, “Step behind! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

Anyone with common sense would know that, in the western world, it is absolutely not polite to touch a person’s body that way and even forcedly take his clothes off. The American says, “My whole life, nobody has ever tried to untie me this way. Keep away from me! I shall do it myself.”

This Wall Street giant thought that he “has the face” to make a financial deal with China. Out of his expectation, Wang Qishan has welcomed them with this manner. We all know, as I have told you before, Wang Qishan made his appearance in pajamas.

The Chairman of Goldman Sachs, Chairman of JPMorgan, chairman of Morgan Stanley, former US assistant Secretary of State, presidents of six important funds, ten most important bankers from the US, were invited to the meeting, for a dialogue with Wang Qishan.

Wang Qishan requested Zhou Xiaochuan to do a presentation first, in which there were three key points: first, we Chinese have never thought of making America an enemy. And we never have an intention to challenge the US or the US dollar in our economic policies. Then in his presentation, Zhou Xiaochuan talked about China’s economic and financial policies.

After that Fang Xinghai, president of China Securities Regulatory Commission, stood out and said, we Chinese have never exercised expansion into foreign land in the 5000 years of history. And we have maintained very good relations with the US, so on and so forth.

Then president of China’s Central Bank talked further about the policies.

Hearing these, the Americans felt fully convinced in their China talks “we have no intention to challenge you, but your President Donald Trump is a crazy man, and John Bolton of the US Administration is a crazy man. They are merely politicians, aliens from the Mars. Don’t listen to them; they will take you nowhere. You shall follow what we have told you to do.”

When they finished these words, Wang Qishan in his pajamas walked out.

He said, “Brothers, tell me what you want. I can give you everything. You have come here to invest for so many years. Has anyone of you ever lost a dollar here? Other people might have made a loss, but you, all of you, have made your money. We have opened the banking sector for you, give you shares, and you have made huge amount of cash. In future, you are going to make more money. Only one nation, one government – we the CCP would give you the guarantee to make such money, and more. I’ll let you make more billions, tens of billions, hundreds of billions.”

These are the original words from the mouth of Wang Qishan. See, how crazy and arrogant this bastard is! He went on to say that “we not only promise your making money this life, but also promise that your future generations will make lots of money cooperating with us. Do you think you can do well with an ‘anti-China’ mind?”

Then he went on to say how good the Chinese economy is performing, adding, “The Chinese people would survive well for a few years even though they only eat grass daily, but you cannot live your lives this way. Right? You Americans, if you don’t take a bath, or use the iphone, or drive a car, or take a flight in your private jet, can you survive well? Our ordinary people will have no problem at all with that. But can you live on grass as well?”

“Don’t get your hands into Hong Kong or Taiwan, I’ll tell you. Hong Kong has returned to us for 20 to 30 years; even if we don’t do anything, it will be us in fifty years. In the past, the GDP of Hong Kong made up 25% of China’s total, but now 1.5%. At its prime time, Hong Kong’s goods transportation volume made up 45% of the world’s total. That was because of the mainland. Now how much? We have moved them all up to Hetian, Shanghai and Shenzhen. How much now? Only 5%. So do you have a future to play with Hong Kong or Taiwan? Terry Gou of Taiwan also came to the mainland for business. 70% of Taiwan’s high-tech companies have business in the mainland. What do you want to do? We can compete with you by eating grass. But you need to eat steak and fly in private jets. We have nothing to be afraid of. So don’t talk about bullshit. Just follow my words and make your money. I guarantee that.”

“What you need to do is try to win the midterm elections. Do not let this crazy man Donald Trump control the US. “

In private, Wang Qishan told the same words to the Americans. To be honest, more US people are greedy. Many of them would also sell off their ancestors to make money for themselves.

These American friends took his words seriously. But what happened next surprised them all. The Chinese government announced measures to cut the reserve requirement ratio (RRR). With this cut, these US bankers were all shocked.

They felt not happy when Wang Qishan met them in pajamas; they did not feel happy when asked to take their ties off; they did not feel happy either when asked to take their clothes off. The tone of Wang Qishan, his attitude towards the ordinary people, taking them as pigs and dogs, also made them uneasy. They felt not happy further when Wang Qishan threatened US companies investing in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland. But still they awaited some sort of hope: make more money.

They never dreamed that the Chinese government would have cut the RRR. Why? All these Wall Street bankers, back to the US after this meeting, have talked high in their reports to the US Administration about the CCP.

They said the meeting has sent two strong messages: one, the Chinese government wants a deal. They ask we don’t know what you ask from us. During the meeting, seriously, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Liu He in particular with the arrangement, and Wang Qishan all asked, “What you US want from us? Tell us. We will give you whatever you ask for. You want us to open the financial market. See, we did that; you can come in with $5 billion investment in our banking and securities. And the trade war, we also say yes to your requests. But your president Donald Trump has betrayed his promise, accusing us of no rule of law! Our open door policy means our rule of the law. He says we do not have democracy or freedom. We are the greatest supporter of the UN Human Rights Council. We have human rights, we have the rule of law, and we have opened our markets. He says we have threatened Taiwan. See how well we have treated Taiwan. We have stuck the red flags all over Taiwan, including their Buddhist temples. Go and have a look at the streets in Taiwan; how many Taiwanese now believe in their Democratic Party or Kuomingtang; they all believe in our Communist Party. You US people, do you have some conscience? We are helping you cleaning up the mess! Go and ask the people on Hong Kong streets; they all thank our Communist Party.”

What a shame! What a liar! …(these communist bastards)!

It’s a big thing to cut the RRR, and that will hit the Wall Street hard and have a great impact on their investments. When we talked, they told me, “These bastards Wang Qishan, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Liu He have shamed us all! We have been lobbying for them in Wall Street and the US land, telling people ‘They only want a deal’. Now all these people scolded us! “

All these bankers felt cheated and they are furious!

When I heard of this, I felt very good. And I said to these stupid bankers, “Now you have known the nature of Wang Qishan, and you have seen through the nature of the CCP. They are liars. They will cheat you, without consulting you at all!”

By Miles Kwok
Translation by Staff editor


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