Miles Kwok tells about Communist China’s intelligence and its overseas networks

Miles Kwok's yacht -Lady May, Hudson River, New York

After Liu Zhihua, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, was jailed for corruption, a high-ranking CCP leader arranged a private meeting with me. I was told to change several cars in order to see him.

When he saw me, the leader asked, “Are you scared?” I said no. He asked, “Were you nervous?” I admitted I was nervous at the time of his arrest, worrying about the safety of my family.

The leader said to me, “Don’t worry. When the tree falls, the monkeys will scatter. These evil people deserve a bad ending”. I asked him, “If you happen to be in trouble, will the monkeys below you scatter as well?” He made no answer.

I accepted reality. When Liu collapsed, his followers were like the monkeys, but not all of them.

As you have seen, Liu’s team, including his family, attacked me over and over. I had full confidence that they must end in disasters.

After the case, the Central government made a decision to take my personal security an official affair. Ling Jihua, Secretary of the Central CPC committee, Wu Guanzheng, Secretary of the Central Commission of Discipline Inspection (CCDI), and Ma Jian, Deputy Minister of the State Security Ministry, were responsible for my security. Nearly one hundred armed policemen with guns and a dozen vehicles were assigned to protect me 24 hours daily.

Once I was out on a business trip to Guangzhou and stayed at the White Swan Hotel. The security guards sealed the whole first floor for my security. Local Guangzhou city police were also at service, treating me like a standing member of the Politburo. I had asked them to release the protection because I took it the same as sending me to prison.

General Xiong Guangkai was Deputy Director and later Director of the PLA’s General Staff Intelligence Department. I did not know him personally but I kept a close relationship with his department and the 3rd courtyard of his residence.

Ji Shengde was my leader in the intelligence department. He was an easy going person. One day in 1998, I saw him arguing with Xiong Guangkai at the State Guest House. He charged the general, “If you are that able, you can arrest me!” In the end, Ji Shengde was truly arrested.

Ji Shengde was a man of tastes, but he was executed for a case of only US$ 300 thousand. Before his arrest, China’s president had sent out a message in Malaysia. I received a phone call in Beijing and immediately left the country from the airport. Two hours later, an order for tightening border security was issued.

They are no match for me in respect of intelligence.

Intelligence, information, and assassination shall not be the force in a civilized society. The real soft power that can win respect is economic development and happiness of the people.

Years ago, the State Security Ministry and International Liaison Ministry contacted me for talks. They asked me to engage in their intelligence but were refused. I only want to be a messenger in international relations.

The precious stones kept by Xiong Guangkai were valued at 30 billion yuan. He used warships to carry his wood carvings, precious stones and ivory carvings home. Army officials at lower levels liked to send precious stones to Xiong as gifts. His corruption was ten times more serious than Xu Caihou, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

I have been grateful to Deputy Minister Ma Jian. At that time an official from the CCDI said to Ma Jian, “Please do not use Guo Wengui, and do not trust him. He has international contacts, background in intelligence.” Ma Jian defended me, arguing, “If CCDI has said Guo is an information agent, this would be my fault instead of his. I am in charge of anti-espionage and I am fully aware of his background. I know your sources. Guo Wengui looks a clever guy, but in fact, he is kind of naive.” Ma Jian was right that I was naive. I was truly an amateur intelligence agent; my information has nothing to do with politics.

I want to mention Mr. Ling Qiang, an employee of my company.

Mr. Ling Qiang used to be the first department chief of the State Police Ministry. He was closest to its minister Tao Siju. Today, Sun Lijun took his place. The First Department is responsible for international intelligence and investigations, including the work in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. These agents have great power.

His elder brother Ling Di was also an intelligence officer, chief of the fifth department of the State Security Ministry. Their parents were both from the intelligence network of the Red Army. His father killed himself in prison with his own belt; that was a heroic story.

Premier Zhou Enlai assigned the brothers to work in the intelligence departments respectively of the Police Ministry and Security Ministry. After Ling Qiang retired, a Politburo member recommended him to me twenty years ago. That’s why he became my employee.

Mr. Ling Qiang offended a present standing member of the Politburo because he kept evidence of his corruption and illegitimate children. He kept records of his crime in buying prostitution and taking bribery. In March 2015, Mr. Ling was taken away by armed forces at the gate of my Pangu Plaza.

I have kept a video for his arrest and how he was beaten at Pangu Plaza. I have watched this video over and over many times. Mr. Ling was a high ranking intelligence official and his family has done a lot for the country. But they ended in disasters.

In recent days, a US senator has summoned 72 other senators for a hearing and asked me to give a testament for things mentioned in my whistle blows, including the interrupted interview with VOA. I want to propose a “Thank-you America Day” because America has provided many Chinese people security.

I have told Hong Kong people repeatedly that I love Hong Kong, I love America. I first went overseas at a fairly young age; Japan was my first destination, then Hong Kong, then America. America has provided me protection for several times.

Beijing sent many officials to work in Hong Kong. There was a team of special agents under the leadership of Deputy Minister Ma Jian to follow these officials along, respectively for three to four years. Hong Kong officials have fears in taking bribes but they are greedy for sex. These special agents recorded their sex scandals -how they went for prostitution-and used these video to threaten the officials in traps. Still, the Central government arranged these scandalous officials to higher positions. These corrupt Hong Kong officials thus had no choice but to cooperate with the Central government to commit more crimes in Hong Kong. The CCP leadership forced them to obtain personal information and their transactions in local banks.

Regardless of the basic law in Hong Kong, police from mainland China recklessly kidnapped Hong Kong residents and took them to the mainland. This is a devastating blow to Hong Kong’s legal system.

I have told you in my last whistle blow that a public relation company in Malaysia tried to lobby American officials for my extradition to China. The Chinese government also colluded with Abu Dhabi, Iran, and other Middle East countries, trying to get me back. They have tried for three to four years without any legal procedure or concrete evidence. Chinese state traitors promised that these foreign countries be exempted from their debts for helping with my extradition.

You must have learned about Jho Low and 1YMD of the corrupt Malaysia government. Jho Low was on the wanted list in America while the Chinese government did its best for his protection.

The overseas intelligence network is the core asset of Wang Qishan and other state traitors. Besides South East Asia, they have bought the best properties in Europe and America. Now CIA and FBI have known about their intelligence networks in Europe and America, but they have not been able to find out who is who over there.

Their scandals in Hong Kong have not been revealed yet. Are there any black houses in Hong Kong? How many policemen and secret agents were sent from the mainland to Hong Kong permanently? Did the Hong Kong police cooperate with these Chinese policemen? Are Hong Kong governmental officials under threats from the Central government? Do CCP officials launder money in Hong Kong? Does the Hong Kong government know about the crimes of CCP officials in the territory? According to my intelligence, huge amount of money is laundered into Australia and other countries through Hong Kong. CCP officials have cooperated with local criminal organizations in these transactions.

Of all CCP officials, only Wang Qishan and two to three other officials in the Political and Legal Commission know about the channels for laundering huge amount of money out of the country and the receivers in foreign countries. China won’t allow the registration of these entities. The transactions were made person to person. So only these key officials learn about the individual dealers. These individuals pose a great threat to western civilizations, worse than nuclear weapons.

That is why the Chinese government has never taken any action to check the bank accounts of Wang Jian, Sun Yao, Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie and Yao Mingshan. With their intelligence network, all financial institutions in the west are under their control. They won’t leave any records that can be traced with their transactions. Nobody would find that out; not even the US CIA. Although those are criminal acts, they are done in the name of a sovereign nation. Only countries like China and North Korea in the world have committed such violations.

At the same time, we have seen such traitors as Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu use state powers to implement censorship on the Party’s 90 million members. They have the media control, the Grand Overseas Propaganda Campaign, the BGY schemes and 3F Plan against the United States. They have done all these to protect their unlawful assets and illegitimate children. They have violated the Party’s disciplines with respect to the fact that their family members hold foreign citizenship, foreign passports, and shares in foreign companies. CCP’s 3F Plan and BGY schemes will cause disasters to security to countries beyond the United States.

With its BGY schemes, CCP has set up a strong intelligence network in the US. In our communication, Bruno Wu has clearly told me that Li Dong from Beijing Security bureau is his brother brought up by his training. They have worked together in intelligence for many years. I will soon provide my intelligence about Bruno Wu to the US FBI. Bruno Wu has made all the arrangements of lawsuits against me in the US. They have trained the silent forces in the US, including Zhang Jing working for the Voice of America. A CCP leader from Beijing has made it clear to me that Zhang Jing is their agent.

And Bruno Wu’s wife Yang Lan is also an agent in his plan. They work together to defame Miles Kwok, to interfere with my live interview with VOA besides other scandals. They also organized hackers to attack our computers. They have caused serious damage to the base of freedom in the US.

Everybody has known about the sex scandals of Yang Lan with Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun. You can check the Phoenix TV for the relation of its chairman Liu Changle and the two CCP officials. The TV station was always the most active in broadcasting the news about the Police Ministry and Meng Jianzhu’s overseas visits. When Liu Changle was diagnosed with cancer, Meng Jianzhu was the first to see him in the hospital. There are thousands of enterprises under the administration of the State Security Ministry. Not only is Phoenix TV an enterprise under its administration and the director a secret agent, but Meng Jianzhu has a beautiful lover in the TV station who is a host. Meng Jianzhu spent millions to buy her a big house and a luxurious yacht in Hong Kong and whoever dares to offend her there would be arrested by Meng.

In 2007, Wang Chen from Xinhua News Agency wrote a report about Phoenix TV for Vice President Xi Jinping. According to his report, the State Security Ministry holds 80% shares of the television station, leaving the other 20% for Liu Changle and others. Ma Jian was then in charge. He had warned Liu Changle of his corruption. Liu Changle was so scared of persecution with his messy accounts of countless cash that he fell onto the floor with the warning.

The CCP intelligence network in the US used “black” military technology to control my yacht in New York and almost caused a disaster. They set a nearby vessel in a fire! When I shared the evidence to US officials, they said that was unbelievable. They were able to control my Lady May in New York Harbor. Do you think they could not control the Malaysia Airlines MH370?

These are the same words I am going to tell at the hearings. Years ago I asked a PLA leader, “At what level is China’s black technology used in the military?” His answer was simple and direct, “We can control the space docking of satellites. We are now able to control the launch of missiles from an enemy’s base and change their directions.” Now they have targeted my yacht at Hudson River. Do you think they are not able to start an internet war with the US?

That’s the work with Jack Ma’s help, besides others. Jack Ma of Alibaba has spent a lot of money to bribe the overseas Chinese media and thus joined the CCP’s overseas Grand Propaganda Campaign. He organized hackers to attack our computers and cell phones. Jack Ma has collaborated with the state traitors with his big data and huge amounts of cash. On October 4, I was invited to give a speech to US politicians in Washington about the financial threats from these CCP supporters.

For over 28 years, Chinese overseas democratic activists or Chinese media were threatened, suppressed, or bought in part by these financiers. Many of these activists have become CCP supporters in the west. There is now an interesting phenomenon overseas that Chinese spies are everywhere. They have covered up many scandals of CCP officials and their illegitimate children overseas. In Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Australia, there are suburbs called “Lovers Villages” or “Illegitimate Children Villages” of corrupt CCP officials. Most of these people have millions or even billions of cash in their bank accounts by corruption. These suburbs have widespread crimes of deception and money laundering. They are doing harm to the local rule of law and also a threat to modern democracy.

When Secretary Liu Yanping visited my apartment on the 21-23st of May in 2017, he was with three other information agents from the State Security Ministry. Many people thought I have recorded our conversation. Actually not! It was not done by me. When a hearing is held at New York Eastern Court, you will know who has done the job. CIA or FBI?

Why do Chinese state traitors like to store their money in Europe or the US? That way, they can easily satisfy their needs, murder their enemies, keep their power, and obtain the information they need.

They even have a plan to control President Xi Jinping. President Xi, please go and ask your wife Peng Liyuan and check with the Beijing Traffic Authorities. Or ask her younger brother Peng Lei to check the electric maps of his car with the monitoring equipment at the traffic control center of Beijing City under the Police Ministry. They won’t destroy all the evidence of how they control every movement of your family in Beijing.

Or go to Peking Union Medical College Hospital and check your medical records, President Xi. Let your secretaries Li Zhanshu or Ding Xuexiang go and check things out. See how your medical information is 100% sent to Jiang Mianheng in Shanghai for the first moment. That was the job of Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun.

And President Xi, all your decisions on key issues, how you think or plan, who you want to arrest – all information is sent to Jiang Mianheng in Shanghai who later communicates with Wang Qishan before taking actions. Copies of all your important documents are kept in Shanghai.

I have intelligence from the mainland that recently the police departments in all provinces check the backgrounds of Twitter accounts of overseas Chinese. They have listed about 60 thousand names as their targets. The United Front of the State Security Ministry has sent secret agents to countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Each team has several hundred members for intelligence purpose.

These people are sent overseas also to implement their BGY schemes.

Once I had a meal with the military officials from the Liaison Department of the Central Military Commission at the West Mountain in Beijing. That was the time when Chen Shuibian and Lian Zhan were competing for the presidency in Taiwan.

I asked them, “Who will win?” They said, “Lian Zhan.” I asked why? In spite of their many reasons, Chen Shuibian won.

After the election, we met again for another meal. Very disappointed, they said, “Chen Shuibian is playing tricks, dirty tricks.”

I asked what dirty tricks. One of the leaders said to me privately, “We also play tricks. But this time we lose.” Years later Ma Ying-jeou came to the front to run and won over Chen Shuibian.

The same leader said to me, “This time we are in control. Ma Ying-jeou has no problem. He would listen to us 100 percent.” I asked what he would do next.

The leader said while his colleagues were laughing, “Ma Ying-jeou will define the 1992 consensus as we have told him. Economic ties across the Taiwan Strait will become closer and he will put Chen Shuibian to jail! Our big carrot policy will work.”

I asked why. This leader told me privately, “Miles, we have controlled Ma’s private life for many years. All his movements are within our eyesight. The movements of his two daughters are also within our eyesight.” When he told me the details, I was totally convinced that Ma Ying-jeou has no escape!

I shall talk about Hong Kong too. Years ago I had a meal with a CCP leader in Shenzhen. During meal time, he dragged me away from the table to the courtyard and warned me, “Don’t contact Donald Tsang when you go to Hong Kong.” I asked why. He said that Donald Tsang must resign in a few months and he would be in trouble.

I asked why they were going to do harm to Tsang? This leader said, “Tsang is still a British in his blood. He does not listen to us. He acts against us with his soft policies. Our policies cannot be implemented in Hong Kong”.

The CCP leader said they want 100% agreement from Donald Tsang, not 95% or 90%. Later we truly saw lawsuits against him. Tsang was taken down, humiliated and charged of violations.

Mr. Tung Chee-hwa once said, “The most stupid thing at the time was to ask the British intelligence agencies to leave. There is no intelligence agency in Hong Kong.” Today, no intelligence agent like Snowden could be found in Hong Kong.

Later, President Jiang Zemin, President Hu Jintao, Minister of Security Ministry Yan Huichang, Deputy Minister Xu Yongyue, Deputy Minister Ma Jian, and General Yang from the military met together and said, “We no longer have that because General Secretary Jiang Zemin had asked the British to withdraw all the intelligence agencies.”

At the meeting, there was a decision to dispatch 3,000 intelligence agents to Hong Kong immediately. Later, they sent another 6,000 and the total number went up to 9,000. So from that day on, Hong Kong had 9,000 law enforcement forces and intelligence agents from the mainland. From that day on, there has not been any “one country two systems” in Hong Kong. First, it was a government policy; later it became the ambition of the state traitors. After deploying their own people in Hong Kong, they manipulate with their power in secret business and financial deals, control the rich people in Hong Kong and conduct money laundering.

They control Hong Kong’s best assets, including Hong Kong people’s insurances and futures, banking, pension funds, and securities. All the core assets of Hong Kong are now under the control of these traitors from the mainland. Article 23 legislation is to deprive the local people of their security and basic human rights. They have fully controlled Hong Kong people’s livelihood, their future, and amenities for survival. Their future policy is to use Hong Kong people to control the Hong Kong people and let Hong Kong people fight Hong Kong people. We must not forget that the greatest strategy of communism is to provoke infighting, hatred among people, to use the contradictions of ethnic groups for stirring up troubles and turmoil, so as to achieve their goal of control.

From taking videos of Ma Ying-jeou’s private sex life to punishing Donald Tsang of his alleged violations, the radical CCP group has safeguarded their interests in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are not working for the interests of the nation or for reunification. They are working for their group interests in the name of the country.

By Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by Cloudy Seagail


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