Miles Kwok talks about the impact of US midterm election results


During these midterm elections, candidates who have been friendly with the Communist government of China were all disposed of by the voters, like Scott Walker who loses to Tony Evers in the State of Wisconsin where Terry Gou has his investment.

From the results, all the states that the CCP of China has helped a lot to win have lost in the elections. We can see that the CCP interference in US midterm elections has brought about anger from both parties, a problem that both the Senate and House of Representatives will still have to address seriously in the future.

Why do I say that both the American people and Chinese people have won in this election? To speak my mind, when two lawyers in my team asked me yesterday which side shall win in my favor, I would like Donald Trump to win, to make another miracle. But when I think deeper, the best result is a balance that in the long run serves the interests of both peoples best.

That may not be in the best interest of either party, or in the best interest of Donald Trump, but the essence of democracy is a balance. If this balance is broken, it may not be in the best interests of either the American people or Chinese people.

Let’s say, for instance, someday, Donald Trump, not in good mood, throws his toilet rubbish away recklessly. We would be pleased to see if his rubbish hits the CCP or Zhongnanhai (its official residence), but if it hits China, the ordinary Chinese will be hurt, and the American people too.

Historically, the American people and Chinese people bear no hatred to each other. Many Americans told me that they like Chinese more than Japanese, saying they are good neighbors, friendly, with a sense of humor, and more talkative. Especially officials of both the Senate and House of Representatives that I have met. But they have a problem, they have not differentiated the ordinary Chinese from the CCP government. The CCP cannot represent China.

I have told them that the CCP is an alien in China, its government a vicious regime, and a regime of robbers. These robbers hijacked our country 70 years ago; they have raped and seized our nation for 70 years. They are not worthy of ruling the country or representing its people.

I have advised Donald Trump and other US officials to change their anti-China policies into anti-CCP policies. Steven Bannon said at a Bloomberg Forum, “We are working to overthrow its system, change the system of the CCP, and give back freedom, democracy, and the rule of law to the Chinese people.” Now Donald Trump is doing the same: differentiate China from CCP. This standpoint will be the consensus of the Senate and House of Representatives in politics, and will be standardized by them as well.

Therefore a balance between the House and the Senate will set an example for the Chinese to keep away from being implicated or persecuted as a result of extreme policies. That is why I say it is a victory for the Chinese, in addition to the Americans.

The Americans have not been disappointed with their democracy and rule of law. They have in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi who can play a good role in US relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong. The House and Donald Trump would have total consensus on the question of Taiwan and Hong Kong, 100% anti-CCP. It is totally good news to our whistle-blowing revolution.

In some sense, Donald Trump is also a winner. He has created miracles. Look at the enthusiasm in the US society, so many people come out to vote, people across the globe pay their attention. Look at the strength in Trump administration. This is populism, the power in the hands of the people. Everyone has his voice; no one is above the law. This reflects the fundamental values in a democracy.

That’s why I say it is a victory for the American people. There will not be any state policies of extremism, specially against new immigrants. This is good news. Now the Democrats and Republicans must try to work together. They must work together to counter the CCP. In the past year, both parties has reached complete agreement in fighting communism.

I was very excited yesterday to say those CCP friendly candidates leaving the stage of history. I was deeply moved to see many candidates who have supported Taiwan and Hong Kong got elected. I have great hope and expectations for them.

So yesterday we have come to a grand classroom for a lesson of freedom and democracy. It was the best make of heavens. What has happened has the natural reasoning behind it. God has made his best arrangements. This election will have a great positive impact on our whistle-blowing revolution.

What follows in our plan with full efforts is the press conference on the 19th of this month in the hotel next to my residence. The press conference to reveal the truth of Wang Jian’s death is our goal. God has opened the door of hope for us, one after another.

The midterm elections yesterday have given me more confidence that this world will not just end like this. This world will not end in extremism. This world will no longer be controlled by the CCP. Our revolution will not be influenced by any party, group of interests , or regime of extremism lured by the CCP in vicious collaboration.

We will work harder for a better dream and brighter future in real life, for a better world where the populace has their say in society. Dear friends, think of the prisoners in China, the death of Wang Jian, the entrepreneurs like Anbang’s chairman, the re-education camps in Xinjiang, those who burnt themselves in Tibet, those officials jailed in the so-called anti-corruption campaign and their family members, we shall be grateful for what has happened yesterday.

Let’s pray for peace and future happiness of the 1.4 billion Chinese, the world’s population, and for the success of our whistle blowing revolution!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff writer


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