Miles Kwok talks about the crisis in Venezuela and how it affects the future of China and Taiwan


In the past few months, I have rejected the invitation of 7-8 mainstream media organizations for interviews. Yesterday was an exception with a popular TV station from France who in the past has done quite a lot for China’s democracy.

Several reporters I met yesterday had the experience of being detained by China police or forced to admit their crimes on China television. They hate the Chinese Communist Party a lot.

Now they have stood by our side firmly and have been very active in the investigation of Wang Jian’s death in France. These reporters came on flights either from France or Los Angeles to meet me for the interview yesterday.

Today many friends are concerned about the situation in Venezuela and they ask for my comments. They say the US government is a bit too awkward this time for their lazy response to the Venezuela crisis. Trump’s administration, apparently under pressure from domestic forces, has not been involved in the situation deep enough to help with the developments.

These American friends have asked me how the Venezuela issue would affect our efforts to counter the Communist Party of China (CCP) and the future of Taiwan. I have expressed completely different views and thus we have furious debates, though these friends are standing firm by my side to act against the CCP.

In my view, Venezuela is the best model that we can learn from; it is the biggest gift presented to us by God. We have learned a lot how different parties are handling the recent crisis of Venezuela.

One of the lessons is that in the future, we shall never rely too much on the United States. If you place your fate fully on the help from the U.S., you are bringing destruction to yourself. Guaido is a smart person but still too young and naive politically.

My conclusion is that we shall never have fantasy about any dictatorship. Not a bit of it. When you are naive with your illusions, you will end in a destruction.

By now, the U.S. has not sent out troops to help Guaido. If the CCP regime was to invade Taiwan, things could be similar as Venezuela if Taiwanese people did not stand up actively against the invasion. They must act violently in their counter-attacks. Otherwise, the U.S. military would never interfere.

In Venezuela, Guaido only called for the people to walk out onto the streets for demonstration. He is scared of military confrontations, hoping that peaceful protests would take down the dictator Maduro. Guaido is dreaming. Shouting slogans can never bring down the dictatorship.

The protests in Venezuela have not been well organized. There is no scale, no determination of mind, and no perseverance on Guaido’s side.

The lesson we have drawn from Guaido’s failure is that if you have decided to fight, you must fight hard, you must fight with determination, and you must cut through the throat by one intense blow. The battle must be ruthless and relentless. You have no time for delay or pity.

When you react violently, the international forces led by the U.S. would come to your front and help you fight. If you are too weak and timid, others won’t join the fight. This is a warning lesson to the Taiwanese.

In case the CCP troops started the attacks with tanks and machine guns, you could not pick up stones on the floor and throw at them. That way, you shall never win the battle.

The same with the situation in Hong Kong: weak demonstrations won’t solve the problem. If the protesters act continuously and violently to captain the Central, the airport, the Stock Exchange, the major channels, and make full preparations to fight to the end, the CCP government would have only two choices: to seal the port or admit defeat. Either way, the Hong Kong people will win.

If a similar situation occur in Taiwan, the CCP regime can never seal up Taiwan as the territory is a self-sufficient island. If the CCP government dared to encircle Taiwan and cause a humanitarian crisis, the international communities must interfere. So Taiwan shall have nothing to fear.

Last time when I was in Washington, I asked some US military officials, “Why haven’t you sent out the military to Venezuela?” The military officials told me, “If the two sides are in severe fighting and the world community is foreseeing a humanitarian crisis, we must react to interfere. Otherwise, we US won’t send out our military.”

All in all, the situation in Venezuela has taught us Chinese people, and people in Taiwan and Hong Kong what road we will take in case China was in a similar situation.

If we have decided to take actions, we must go straight at Zhongnaihai (the official residence of CCP leadership); we must give them a lighting attack so that they could have no time for retaliation. If we started to act, thunder storms, severe floods and hail balls must come all at the same time. The CCP leadership will find no way to confront our attacks as they have become the enemies of the people.

I never spoke highly of the June Fourth Movement in 1989 when the students had their petitions during the demonstrations. As far as I can remember in Chinese history, never have protesters been successful with petitions.

The tragedy of the June Fourth Movement was the result of insufficiency. First, there was not a great and unselfish leader to lead the political movement. Second, there was lack of determination and the students had their fantasies. Third, there was no plan or strategy.

I have admired those heroes in ancient Chinese history who were good at using fire. If we have one million drivers stop their cars on Beijing’s main streets and let the petrol drop onto the floor, the CCP troops will never dare to send their tanks out. When a battle broke out, the whole city of Beijing will be in fire. I don’t think the CCP leadership would dare to start the fight as they also have parents and family members living in the capital city.

Our target is Zhongnanhai. When we have one million people revolt in Beijing and another two million protesting in provinces across the country, the CCP government will collapse. Still we have lots of supporters from overseas countries.

What Guaido is doing in Venezuela has not been violent enough to take down the Maduro regime. Still, I have thoughts that Guaido will achieve his victory in the end as he has the support of the people and the civilized world. But the process takes too long and the Venezuela people have and will continue to suffer too much.

We shall not have a long lasting revolution in China. We must have a surprise blow with a surprise troop. And we must end the battle as quickly as possible. The best game could be that the CCP leaders are eliminated within three seconds when they are attacked while having a Politburo meeting. And the fight is completed instantly. Let’s name this battle “Guo’s three seconds”.

Therefore, we shall never dream that western countries or the U.S. would start the first shot for us. That is impossible. We may need a longer fight in Hong Kong but in Taiwan the battle must be quick and short. Either Taiwan or Hong Kong must do their part to give the world community an excuse to interfere. You must have a reason for others to come and help you out. This is very important.

In conclusion, the Venezuela crisis is a gift for us by God. It has taught us how to act and what to do in China when similar situation occurs. We will fight hard but we must never give the dictatorship any chance to fight back!

Everything is just beginning!

By Miles Kwok
Translated by staff writer


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