Miles Kwok talks about the corruption and scandals of former CCDI Secretary Wang Qishan

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In recent days, never before, some giant financiers from the west – you must have known by their names- made secret appointments with me, not in my house, but outside. They all asked me one big question.

Let me count, five or six of them, all supermen, including a former head of state. This former head of state came for a meal in my house and asked the same question.

What is it? “How Mr. Wang Qishan has offended you? When did you become an enemy of him?”

Yesterday when I came home, I sorted things out and made this conclusion: there is no hatred between me and Secretary Wang Qishan; he was not my enemy.

“But why you expose his affairs as such?” They questioned me.

I explained, “There has been a misunderstanding here. It started from Mr. Liu Zhihua, Deputy Mayor of Beijing. In the investigation of his case, Ma Jian, Deputy Minister of State Security Ministry, Meng Huiqing, Ma Wen, Minister of Supervisory Ministry, and department chiefs Gao Hui and Man Yongping – these officials were all participators. When they looked into the case of Liu Zhihua, they found corruption evidence of Wang Qishan, then mayor of Beijing. After Liu Zhihui was convicted, Wang Qishan thought I had also participated in the investigations”.

I said, “I really did not take part in the investigations”. There was a misunderstanding there.

After Wang Qishan was promoted to General Secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission (CCDI), he ordered the arrest of all the above participators. Wang found that many of these officials had kept devastating evidence about his corruption and scandals. It was said that Meng Huiqing kept 18 videos and 21 USBs, and Ma Jian also kept many videos about Wang’s scandals. Before Gao Hui was executed, he told me about the information he had obtained. This is why I was involved in his case. As a result, Wang Qishan arrested all my family members and froze all my assets in China. In the name of the country, Wang Qishan attacked my whole family. Thus he became my enemy now.

These people have all come for my favor, saying “Miles, could you reconcile with Mr. Wang Qishan? Do you need our help in this regard?”

One of these people, a foreign government leader who just arrived in Beijing yesterday asked me before his departure, “Miles, I can bring a message for Wang Qishan if you want”.

I instantly refused, no need. I have learned too much about Wang Qishan, his personalities. All his promises are just delaying tactics.

In August 2015, Hu Shuli wrote a negative news report about me. After that, Boxun Media wrote a follow-up report telling “According to Miles Kwok, Wang Qishan and Hu Shuli had an illegitimate child.” I had said they have an immoral relation; I never said they have an illegitimate child.

After this report was out, Wang Qishan contacted Zhang Mao, Director of State Industrial and Commercial Administration and an old friend of Wang’s family.

Zhang Mao sent out a message, “Wang contacted me. He said Miles Kwok is the son of a bitch, spreading rumors about his sexual relationship with Hu Shuli. I have talked to Police Minister Guo Shengkun, asking him to get that son of a bitch back. Tell him to shut up and never tell about Wang again!”

When I heard of this, I fought back with these words, “I have never said that Mr. Wang Qishan and Ms. Hu Shuli have an illegitimate child. He told Minister Guo Shengkun to get me back. Do come! Wang Qishan has never stopped his evils!”

I am going to tell that the relation between Wang and Hu is “use and being used”. Ms. Hu Shuli has an evil heart, worse than any woman in the world. With many years of experience, I have found that although China is a great country, all its leaders are fighting each other daily. Many may have thought of the state administration to be great, powerful, and capable with some sort of holiness. But when you come closer, you will find within that system endless internal strife, wrangling, mutual suspicion, and contradiction. This is also one of the reasons for political struggle within the communist party. They shall never achieve any great mission.

Take the example of Hu Shuli. Because she is a good friend of Wang Qishan, no one dares to speak loud in front of her. There are too many lackeys in China, especially in the political circle. Most of CCP officials are lackeys. No one dares to tell the truth. That also brings disasters to Secretary Wang Qishan.

Wang Qishan is a person with great ambitions. He is not just working for money; he has political ambitions. Because of him, the country is in great danger.

Because Wang Qishan and other state traitors are kidnapping the nation, they need stronger firewalls; they need more policemen. China is ruled by evil police; it is ruled by a dictatorship. With the eunuchs and traitors running the administration, the future of the younger generations of ordinary Chinese has been tied up to a battle vehicle driven into an era of darkness. For grass root Chinese, there is no future; tomorrow’s sun will not rise for them.

When we look back – since I started my first whistle blow, who was the first to defame me? They were Hu Shuli, Pan Shiyi, Huangyan, Yue Wenhai, and the police. Chinese hackers attacked the US. They hacked my networks, my cell phones, my Twitter accounts, etc. They did everything they could to defame me. They have used state powers to attack a single individual. Who is the boss behind these attacks?

Days ago Reuters publicized another report about my relation with Tony Blair, citing the words of Hu Shuli. I want to ask all Chinese: in the past five years, many people have scolded President Xi Jinping in the dirtiest words; have you ever heard of anyone scolding Secretary Wang Qishan? Never!

Is Mr. Wang Qishan really a great man? Isn’t he a corrupt official? Is he a sage without any dust? Does he have any sex scandals? Is he the only pure clean man while others are all rapists? Is he a virgin? The whole nation knows he is childless; does that mean he lost his productive ability since youth? Do you think he is not corrupt because he is childless?

Just think, why no person has scolded Wang Qishan? Why the scolds all go to President Xi? Even in the United States of America, the country on earth with the most freedom, no one has ever scolded Wang Qishan. In 2015, Wang Qishan said publicly, “I Wang Qishan has never put any official into jail. None! What the hell has anything to do with me?

Who did that, please? It was President Xi or Secretary Meng Jianzhu. The whole nation, the whole world, the universe, even China’s satellites in space – know that Wang Qishan is a sage, dustless, purified. He is the Buddha reborn. He has no sons, no daughters, and no women. He is a great firefighter.

If we look back five years, or ten, we shall see who have directed the drama to make Wang Qishan into a God and thus have deceived the whole world.

Wang’s media network is global, 7/24. Many Americans asked me, many British asked me, how could he be so resourceful to make the world’s main streammedia speak in his favor? That never happens in human history. Anyone in his position would be accused a hundred times of scandals or at least 50% of the population. He has none, no scandals at all. How he has built such a reputation!

All reporters I met have asked me the same question, “Why Wang Qishan is recognized by the global media as the cleanest official in China?” I said that’s simple. He has Ms. Hu Shuli, numerous interests groups in the world, and western politicians as his close friends. They have secret deals under the table. The only securities company in Hainan province is named Goldman Sachs Gaohua, its president being Wang Qishan’s family member. When he was in charge of the financial sector, Wang gave the financial license to those western financiers. Wang made secret deals with them and maintains a complicated relationship with the west.

I want to charge Secretary Wang Qishan, “How many illegitimate children have you got? Dare you stand out in a face to face talk with me? Dare you have a DNA test in front of the Chinese people?”

In one of my tweets, I said these words, “Wang Qishan, if I was not able to check down your corruption of no less than two trillion yuan, I Guo Wengui would jump off the building here!”

Because of this, Wang Qishan and his people are doing all they can to get me and arrest people who have a relationship with me.

Wang has people in the American government lobbying for my extradition by way of United Arab Emirates. They have planned how to tie me to a cargo ship and then transport me to China. They have planned to get some woman to run into me in New York Streets so that she could charge me of sexual harassment. They even have colluded with local police in order to shut me up. They have planned to place drugs in my house so that I could be charged of a similar offense.

In diplomacy, they want to make a deal with the Trump Administration. Before the Trump-Xi summit, six work teams from China have visited the US for trade negotiation and other cooperation. The teams all raised the question of my extradition during their visits to Washington. Some US officials also tried to fool them around with conditions. The CCP offered a huge price for my extradition; they would sell the whole country to get me back.

Many US officials have told me the secret deals the CCP officials wanted to make with Washington. I would disclose some of the details in the future.

China’s financial assets amount to 180 trillion yuan, mostly under the control of Wang Qishan. I am not telling that he owns those assets. He has the power to control and influence the use of those assets. How much is actually owned by Wang Qishan and his family besides the two trillion under HNA Group? I can help you to check that out. The two trillion yuan of loan for HNA Group will finally become non-performing assets that go into JIC Group under Wang’s absolute control. JIC will then transfer the assets to HNA and thus take the cash away. In the past twenty years, JIC has managed 50 trillion yuan of non-performing assets. The country’s non-performing assets are all managed by a black-box operation, following instructions from Wang Qishan. Two years ago, Wang Qishan changed JIC into a privately owned enterprise, naming his family member Yao Qing as the shareholder. The company was registered in May 2016.

Why Wang Qishan needs so much money? As far as I know, the illegitimate children of Wang Qishan are all very young and outstanding in their professions. Wang’s family has over one hundred properties in western countries. Compared to Bo Xilai, Wang Qishan should have been sentenced to life imprisonment a hundred times. Wang needs this wealth as all his illegitimate children are so young and well-educated.

Not only does Wang Qishan want to control that much wealth, but he wants to control the world’s media too. He has the world-class political elites behind him, including the Freemasonry in the US and the Skull and Bones at Yale University. He has a media network out of the CCP leadership’s control, a world-class network.

So he has a strong political network, a strong media network, a strong economic alliance, and strong mafia-like secret forces. They have formed into a group of mutual interests with assets of trillions of dollars. And he has that many illegitimate children to manage that in the future. Why is he so ambitious? What are their goals?

The 1.4 billion Chinese people have been forced to shut their mouths, close their eyes, and stuff their ears while waiting for your raping and kidnapping. They won’t always be like this. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education have changed our young children into stupid people and into flunkeys fed by your meatballs made of human flesh. China’s Foreign Ministry has become a treasonous department only good at deceiving ordinary people. China’s police, procuratorate, and people’s courts are all holding their guns, forcing the ordinary to kneel down. Can this situation go on forever?

As the key leader in the anti-corruption campaign, Mr. Wang Qishan makes it a criminal offense if a party member is invited for a meal. He makes it an offense for an ordinary farmer to sell his small amount of noodles on the streets. Tens of thousands of party members were punished with discipline inspection. Over 9.6 million people were persecuted by Wang Qishan, leaving behind their broken families. But what is the nationality of Wang Qishan’s wife? Wang has made his wife Yao Mingshan an American citizen. Mr. Wang Qishan, dare you to say that your wife is not an American citizen? If you say NO, I will stop my whistle blows right from here today!

Only because of the fact that Wang’s wife is an American citizen, he should not have been promoted as General Secretary of the Central Commission of Discipline Inspection or he should not be a member of the central leadership. Wang’s family holds assets of nearly one trillion yuan. For this reason, he should have been sentenced to imprisonment. He has deceived the CCP by having several illegitimate children. He has engaged in financial frauds by transferring trillions of state-owned non-performing assets into private accounts. He has made profits for his family by making use of his official positions. For these reasons, he should have been jailed.

Wang Qishan must face jail terms. Otherwise, 1.4 billion Chinese people and even the Chinese Communist Party would one day bring him to justice.

I want to reveal another scandal of Wang Qishan.

Do you know the Boeing 787 airplane owned by HNA Group? HNA bought that for Wang Qishan’s family alone. After I exposed this last time, they said it was a commercial flight for lease. They have once again fooled the whole people around. That airplane costs 300-400 million US dollars, the travel cost per hour is 60 thousand US dollars. Who could afford that? Who dares to lease that airplane? After one flight, he might be put into jail instantly by Wang Qishan.

They said that is a charter flight for private hire. That might be an idea by some leader in Beijing. Or it may be just Wang Qishan’s own idea. 60 thousand US dollars for private hire from Hong Kong to Sanya, with a hotel voucher for three nights. I have checked their flight records – those records can never be changed. They are insulting our IQ, twitter friends, you know? They said it is for private hire. But who are the customers? What are their advertisements? Do you have a contact telephone number or a website for public bookings?

Let me tell you. That Boeing 787 is the only one of its type in the world. The purchase of this Boeing 787 coincided with the promotion of Wang Qishan to the post of General Secretary of CCDI, inconsistent with the period when HNA’s assets increased by 20 trillion times. And I am showing you the documents here as evidence.

Information about this Boeing 787 can be checked on the internet. A US company has provided me all the technical information and related evidence that Boeing had built this airplane for HNA. Internal decoration was completed by this company which I have a business contact for 18 years. The company also furnished my private jets. I have followed the whole process of furnishing of this Boeing 787 since it was taken out from Boeing’s production factory.

The interior design of this aircraft is unique. One of the very special features is a place particularly designed for Yao Mingshan’s smoking. It has a special exhaust system because Ms. Yao Mingshan is a heavy smoker, same as her husband Wang Qishan. There are super-class bedrooms respectively for Yao Qing, Yao Mingshan, and Wang Qishan, first-class bedrooms for Chen Feng and other HNA executives, and then other bedrooms for flight attendants. A private toilet was designed for Wang Qishan and Yao Mingshan, together with private sofa seats and a huge TV. Even the beddings and kitchen utensils were selected by Ms. Yao Mingshan. With these special designs and features, it makes no sense to say that the aircraft is for commercial hire.

And do you know that lots of scandalous things happened onboard the Boeing 787? I am telling you one example. Several men slept with a girl model here. The girl model was hospitalized for months with obstructive shock during the sexual intercourse with these men. Another time, a girl was raped in the aircraft. They gave her one million yuan, but the middle man took away 400 thousand.

Of Wang’s scandals, we have a focus on his relationship with HNA Group. Who factually owns HNA Group? Why during Wang’s administration HNA’s wealth has grown from 10 million yuan to one billion, and then to 20 trillion? Could you tell your relation with the Boeing 787? Who is the shareholder Guan Jun? And who is Yao Qing, Liu Chengjie, and Sun Yao?

Judged by John Locke’s theory, the Chinese people should stand up for revolution as their government has a corrupt official like Wang Qishan. The cowardice, persistence, and gratitude of the Chinese people have been used by the traitors as their weapons.

Inside the CCP leadership, how many corrupt officials are there like Wang Qishan? How many in each provincial government? How many in every city, every town? Chinese people have hated the “chengguan” (City administration officers) a lot, but these minor officers could never take bribery in such huge amounts. Who have bought all the luxurious properties in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, or Hong Kong? Are they ordinary Chinese? Are they Chinese taxi drivers or construction workers? They are the state traitors and corrupt CCP officials. In China, they have pushed the property prices sky-high, like in the case of city planning official Ms. Huang Yan and real estate developer Mr. Pan Shiyi. They steal people’s money and take the money out of the country. If you are private entrepreneurs with some money, they would try to catch you and take your money by all kinds of charges. How can the ordinary Chinese people live under their corrupt governance?

Ordinary Chinese people are not safe overseas either. The CCP dictatorship would grab you home with the Interpol “red notice”. If you are in Hong Kong, they would kidnap you and take your assets, like in my case. They not only deal with you; they would deal with your whole family, in the name of the people, in the name of the law. CCP is a terrorist organization, worse than ISIS. And Wang Qishan is the leader.

Mr. Wang Qishan, with your so-called bureaucratic arrogance and arrogance with power, you have looked down upon the ordinary Chinese people as pigs. You have claimed, “Even in another hundred years, the ordinary Chinese people won’t be enlightened. They must be ruled with propaganda and whips. Are these your original words, Mr. Wang?”

Yesterday I watched the video again about Wang Qishan caring about poverty alleviation. That was ridiculous. Mr. Wang Qishan, with the money paid for the petrol use in your Boeing 787 for one single hour, you can save half of China from poverty. China has about 20 million people living under the poverty line; 50 billion is enough to help them out of poverty. That is only a small amount of HNA’s assets, or Great Wall Capital, or JIC Investment, or Xinhua Insurance. Your family member Yao Qing has dozens of cash accounts in the Bank of China. A small portion of his cash is enough to save the whole China out of poverty.

With your discipline inspection, none of the other CCP members dares to eat outside or send gifts to friends, but you have taken away all the cash in Chinese banks. You have prohibited all Party members and Chinese nationals from travelling freely overseas, but all your family members hold foreign passports. You have restricted car purchase for all CCP departments, but you have bought a Boeing 787 for yourself.

And about your sex life, Mr. Qang Qishan – in the past decades, you have slept other people’s wives, wives of many of your friends, movie stars, and women of all ages. Putting aside your sex scandals, you have charged all members of the CCP party of prostitution and whoring.

A former top military advisor said, “Wang Qishan was sent by God to punish the CCP!” I completely changed my negative view about him after hearing these words. This military advisor was right. But I want to add that “Wang Qishan was sent by demons to suck the people’s blood”.

By Miles Kwok
Edited and translated by Cloudy Seagail


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