Miles Kwok talks about Donald Trump’s tariff increase and hope for the Chinese people


Dear friends, this time, there are three core reasons why President Trump made his decision to raise tariffs. The Belt and Road Forum in Beijing several days ago and the military parade in Qingdao have told us one of the reasons. It shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is running crazily onto the road of self-destruction. Some American friends who went for the events came back with what they saw and felt about the military parade, the official arrangement behind the scene, the 70 heads of state worshiping the CCP, and the arrogance of President Xi’s speech. Even President Vladimir Putin behaved humbly in front of Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping.

When the Americans saw all these, they had an understanding that the Communist Regime wants no cooperation with the United States; what it wants is to lead the world. There is no need for a trade deal between the two countries. That’s why I said the CCP leadership is running on the road of self-destruction. They want to challenge US and the US dollar and become a world leader by planning the Belt and Road Initiative. They are having a day dream.

It is common understanding that none of those attending countries dare to challenge America’s leadership. Ludepress has made a good point about this a moment ago in his live-broadcast, but he did not point out these three key factors. I tweeted two days ago that the CCP regime is going towards the direction we have planned for it. This is the key point.

The second key point is that the Belt and Road Initiative is nothing but a joke. The reason is simple. According to my intelligence, Wang Qishan has an 11-point strategy for the Sino-US trade talks. His tactic is delay. They want the two sides to carry on the talks until the second half of the year so that disagreements would come out from within the US government. In the end, Wang Qishan wants to cancel the present deal and re-negotiate a new deal. He wants to play with Trump with the time as Donald Trump has only 200 days in office this term.

Donald Trump is a sensitive person and honors friendship. When he finds out that he has been deceived, he will become very upset. President Xi said to him that China and the US have one thousand reasons to become friendly, but the delaying 100 days have passed without President Xi showing any sincerity of friendship. Donald Trump is furious. Thus he took the tariffs up to 25%.

Mr. Steven Bannon was one of the organizers and participators in the trade talks; and I have learned something from him. The 90-days delay decided at the G20 Summit was the key.

Thirdly and more importantly, the Belt and Road Initiative starts the collapsing process of the CCP regime like a Dominoes, as I have said before, and anyone with some knowledge about economics would question CCP’s show-off with an extravagant forum and a military parade while the national economy is at a growth rate of less than 3.5%.

The CCP government evacuated Qingdao for the event. They asked the local Qingdao residents to leave the city while calling in many prostitutes from outside provinces. That was ridiculous. Schools were closed and kids were unable to go to school. That’s a waste of money! I say they are crazy people – those CCP officials. At the forum, CCP officials told the attending heads of state to exchange their loan liability for the rights to management and operations. Even the stupidest people would know their tricks: I am coming to your home, let you some money and sleep with your wife and eat your meals.

Who would believe in the words of Xi Jinping? When he comes with the Belt and Road Initiative, he is not going to leave. And he is going to sleep with your wife. He is going to teach them corruption, bring BGY to them. In the end, they want to put the Chinese assets into Wang Qishan’s pocket, into Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie’s pockets, like they did with the HNA Group. They are taking the whole world as fools. That is impossible.

The Americans are now coming to their sense. They have come to understand that the Belt and Road Initiative is challenging the United States. With that, the CCP leadership first deceives the Chinese people, then threatens Africa, and finally challenges America by stealing its money. President Donald Trump won’t make such political mistakes as to be fooled around by the CCP leadership. Trump is also a good hand in playing Taiji; he is also playing a game with CCP. And this is core. We are now at a historic era.

Mr. Bannon told me a moment ago that someone wants to donate one billion US dollars to the Rule of Law Fund, with a message that “if the CCP government is taken down within two years, this one billion will be yours; otherwise, I shall have my money back.” Mr. Bannon said he would go for the bet. I said to him, “Two years is too long. We can achieve that in one year, by 2020.” 2020 is the time I set for CCP’s collapse. What’s going to happen, friends? It can be amazing. I know what Wang Qishan is thinking now; I know what the CCP government will do in their next steps.

I want to repeat: ninety-nine percent of CCP members want to see the end of Wang Qishan and other traitors. These 99% of CCP members know that if the Belt and Road Initiative is to continue, they will not be able to receive their salaries next month.

Here I want to expose another secret: the CCP government is ready to change its paper currency into new designs. They have a plan to abolish paper money, like India. If that is the case, the cash stored in the houses of many corrupt officials would become funeral paper; even their cash deposits in banks would be useless. After that, property levy will be imposed and many properties under the ownership of corrupt officials will become their burden. These officials will not be able to afford the property tax. The same situation will be with their cars.

I want to repeat the same words: to counter the CCP regime, I shall not rely on others. We must make use of the CCP itself to counter CCP; we must arouse the people to counter CCP. And we are leading the way. US politics will have a great impact on the process as this outside force will put great pressure on the dictatorship. What we are doing will also very a great impact on China US relations.

The present US government has trust in us. Most CCP members and Chinese citizens have hopes for the US to help taking down the CCP. And we have a stronger belief time and time over that this day will come soon.

Revolts will occur in the Chinese society when people are suppressed by the CCP government. This is our hope to win. Now please join me to pray for the future and well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese people, and for the elimination of those traitors.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translated by staff


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