Miles Kwok talks about CCP’s religious persecution in China


From the live broadcast, you have known that Mr. Steven Bannon is now in Vatican of Europe. This time, he is going to visit a few countries for mainly three purposes.

First is to find out the details of the secret deal between Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), signed in September 2018; and why, after the signing of the agreement, the Catholic church in China has undergone profound changes, affecting millions, including the archbishop Mr. Jin Lugang from Henan province,Cardinal Joseph Zen and acting Cardinal Tong Hon of Hong Kong.

The crackdown is devastating. Now Catholicism is a patriotic belief in the country. What is the nature of any religion? Everybody knows, I guess. And bishops are selected on merits of holiness.

Nowadays in China, the bishops must first love the country and the party. And they must be politically trust-worthy. This is ridiculous.

The secret deal between Vatican and the CCP is not made public. Why they have kept it a secret? What are their secrets? These are the key things we need to find out. That’s Bannon’s main purpose.

In the following week or so, President Xi Jinping is going to visit Vatican. What is he going to do there? How shall we protect the underground churches in China? As a person of faith, I also raise the question to Vatican. We must ensure all religious followers in China, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims or others, have the right to be interviewed, to be protected by Vatican. Vatican must take the responsibilities to protect its fellow brothers and sisters. Otherwise, the deal shall be an unlawful one.

Secondly, who are the black hands in Vatican that have pushed ahead for the deal to be signed? What was the process? Why they have kept it a secret? Many people in the world have paid attention to this. Why Pope Benedictus 16th resigned? I was told that many within the Vatican Supreme Court have raised their questions too? We need to find out Vatican’s relations with the CCP behind these events in the past years.

Thirdly, Mr. Steven is to discuss with Vatican and European nations on how to protect Chinese religious followers under CCP persecution, especially those Muslims in Xinjiang re-education camps and Buddhists or Dalai Lama’s followers under oppression in Tibet, and Catholics and Christians in underground churches. They shall discuss how to give these people protection economically, legally, and politically.

These are the three purposes of Mr. Bannon’s trip to Europe. And he is going to visit many European countries. Let’s wait and see what Mr. Bannon would bring us.

I just mentioned the No Jesus Movement in Peking University in 1922 initiated by Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Wushi and other CCP fore-runners. In Chinese history, there were totally four times of crackdown on Buddhist temples and believers, during the reigns of Emperor Wudi of Northern Wei Dynasty, Emperor Wudi of Northern Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wuzong of Tang Dynasty, and Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou Dynasty. All these four emperors ended in disasters when the country was brought to destruction.

When the CCP’s Red Army was forced to walk the Long March from 1934-35, they robbed and destroyed all the churches and temples along the way. Ironically, in CCP’s history, many CCP members were rescued by religious organizations. Especially in Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces in the south, including Shanghai, Buddhist temples, Christian and Catholic churches provided shelter and protection for many CCP members.

When the CCP government came to power after 1949, they started widespread crackdown on all religions, demolishing temples and churches, persecuting religious followers, and CCP officials seized the treasures and valuable articles from these establishments as their own wealth.

In Chinese history, dynasties prospered when religious beliefs were respected and protected; at times of religious crackdown, the country was mostly in chaos and destruction. Everyone can make this conclusion when he reads Chinese history.

Today, Vatican and the CCP signed a secret deal. Why make it secret? And the CCP wants to make changes to the Ten Commandments, taking away the first commandment “I am the Lord thy God”, and asking people to worship the CCP as the only God. Only the vicious CCP does such stupid things.

Under CCP rule for over 70 years, Buddhism in Tibet and Muslims in Xinjiang have been alienated, vilified and thus persecuted. They have defamed religious beliefs as feudal and superstitious, and thus destroyed nearly all the religious, cultural and traditional legacies left behind by Chinese ancestors. Of course, the most valuable calligraphy, paintings and drawings were collected and stored away by top CCP officials.

Today all religions are forced to keep in line with the communist ideology of the CCP; they are patriotized, and forced to run as party branches. Politics interferes in religious affairs; It has nothing to do with the rule of law. CCP’s religious crackdown in Xinjiang and Tibet strongly violate basic human rights, and acts against the trends of humanity of modern civilizations.

The United States is a country inclusive of over ten thousand religious beliefs; it attracts and accommodates all the talents and wealth from hundreds of other countries. The CCP has warned me not to give lectures advocating America-style of religious freedom. But this country is great because of this. It remains young and is full of vitality because of religious freedom. It is great because there is the rule of law here.

The US has the best system on earth. Any nation or government who dares to challenge the US will end in disasters. Look at Germany and Japan during the Second World War; see what these two countries have suffered during the war and after the war. Look at the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, and the communist nation of China, Iraq, Libya, North Korea. See how these countries and peoples live under socialism and communism?

All top CCP officials have sent their kids to the US and kept their wealth here, same as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Why haven’t they kept them in Iran or North Korea? Because they have made their best choice. Many people including some veterans in China have come out to protest against western democracy, in favor of the CCP. But has the CCP done any good for these people? They don’t have enough to eat; they cannot afford their medical expenses. The taxes the CCP government have collected are either transferred overseas as personal assets or spent against them, to maintain the so-called domestic instability.

So we must be clear about the nature of the CCP and the crimes it has committed against the Chinese nation and religions in the country, in addition to its threats to humanity of the world. We must stand up and say NO to CCP. And that’s our mission.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff


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