Miles Kwok outlines the basic principles for a new government after the overthrow of CCP regime


Dear brothers and sisters! These two days, the Americans have lifted the stones to have their own toes squashed. The result is that the Chinese stock markets made a loss of 3 trillion yuan. I have heard yesterday the Chinese Communist Party leadership was summoned for an emergency meeting. They have almost picked up a gun in their call to discourage stock sales, saying this is a financial war and the whole nation must fight to the end.

CCP has called for the banks to be on duty 24 hours daily, monitoring every citizen with their banking activities, discouraging any deposits or withdrawals or sales of stocks. Ha..ha..! Is this a healthy economy? Or is it an economic society at all?

We have seen these days the United States has stretched out their hands in a combination of blows to beat the CCP. Next, we are going to see more dramas, good dramas. As far as I know, this is just the beginning of a series of wars: trade war, technology war, finance war, internet war, and as I have said before, cultural war. Those Confucius institutes are closing down. The military has interfered in the investigation. Last and most importantly there are the wars in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is the last opportunity for Taiwan and Hong Kong that their people must hold onto.

Hong Kong has wasted a dozen years. Street protests are of no use if even you have 130 thousand or 1.3 million people out for demonstration. They won’t care. There are two results. First they seal the port; second Hong Kong becomes paralyzed. Either way, Hong Kong returns to the world community.

I don’t support Hong Kong’s independence. Hong Kong shall be an autonomous region, its sovereignty in the hands of the Chinese people but with autonomy in the hands of Hong Kong people. The same with Taiwan, I am opposed to Taiwan independence, but Taiwan needs an autonomy too. Its sovereignty belongs to China, but Taiwan people have their own rights.

With my Seven Principles, we are eliminating the CCP, but we are not against the Chinese people or President Xi. After the elimination of CCP, Chinese people can have freedom, the rule of law and religious beliefs. If we act against President Xi, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun will be very happy. They want us to act against President Xi so that they can make things complicated and drive the country into chaos. In a chaotic situation, Wang Qishan could claim his presidency and steal the country.

They want to do the same with Taiwan and Hong Kong. We won’t let that happen. No independence there, but Taiwan and Hong Kong need an autonomy. They have the permanent rights to autonomy, the right to taxation, private ownership, the military, the currency and foreign affairs.

Those CCP leaders pretend to be serious about these issues, calling them the bottom lines, the fundamental legacy from the ancestors. They don’t even look at the common people as humans. What the fuck are the bottom lines? Historically, Chinese culture was centered around Henan province. What rights are the most important? Human rights! Even the ancient emperors knew that the people are the heavens. And they were the sons of the heavens. They have come to the earth to deliver the wishes of the heavens.

The people are the heavens; they are your parents, not servants of CCP’s Zhongnanhai. Don’t talk high about territorial integrity. Much of China’s territory has been ceded to Russia; why didn’t you have it back? Historically, Tibet and Xinjiang were independent states, even Heilongjiang was not part of China. Why don’t you give them away?

Don’t reason with me. CCP has never been rational. It has deceived the Chinese people. It has deprived the Chinese people of their basic rights. When the CCP regime is eliminated, we must first ensure the common Chinese have the following nine rights:

First, Chinese people must have the permanent right to land ownership.

Second, Chinese people must have the right for religious freedom.

Third, Chinese people must have the right to judicial independence.

Fourth, Chinese people must have the right to free press and freedom of speech.

Fifth, we proclaim Taiwan is an autonomous region.

Sixth, we proclaim Hong Kong is an autonomous region.

Seventh, we proclaim Xinjiang shall be independent with autonomy.

Eighth, we proclaim Tibet shall be independent with autonomy.

Ninth, we proclaim Guangdong province shall be an autonomous region.

These are what I am going to do. Brothers and sisters, you may say China is thus divided. I say the opposite. Only in a modern federation with Chinese characteristics can China have long lasting peace. After the elimination of the CCP, all prisoners shall be released. All prisoners shall go home. All false and wrong cases must be rectified and the wrongly accused are compensated. China can be poor for another one thousand years, but we shall never have people wrongly accused.

We must immediately abolish the currency and produce a federal currency with new heroic head images.

We must immediately announce peaceful co-existence with the world’s nations. There are many ways to be friendly with other peoples. China shall never seek hegemony. We must have fair trade with other countries. We must let the Chinese people be welcomed and respected by the whole world.

We must have free education for all, free medical care for all. The hard working Chinese people deserve all these.

Now please join me in praying for the health and peace of 1.4 billion Chinese and for the elimination of the Chinese Communist Party.


By Miles Kwok
Translated and edited by staff


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