Miles Kwok on the reasoning behind Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks against China


Exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok details on the reasoning of the most recent US policies towards China as outlined by vice president Mike Pence at Hudson Institute on Thursday.

“Pence has made a revolutionary, historical and game-changing speech on the latest US strategy targeting the Communist regime in China, which will definitely shake the world”, said Miles Kwok, “This speech will help shape a new era of humanity, another historical event after Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly.”

The significance of this event is far beyond what language can describe. In the past 70 years, on this globe, no president or vice president in American history has ever delivered such a daring speech. Nobody on earth, even those whose parents or ancestors were tortured or murdered by the CCP, dares to speak out such words to the Communist Party of China. Even at the time of massacres with millions of deaths during the Cultural Revolution and the June 4th Movement, no country on earth has ever made such an audacious speech. That was a disgrace of mankind.

“These were the darkest days in US justice history. If you are not going to Hudson Institute or the law firm to make that speech, no place on US land is suitable for that speech,” Miles Kwok proposed to the legal team of the US Administration.

Less than two weeks ago, we witnessed the courage and spirit for justice of the US president, significant not only to the US, but to the whole world. “My speech at the Hudson Institute last year was canceled because of CCP pressure from Beijing. Yesterday vice President Pence, taking my suggestion, delivered his speech at the same place. This ends the darkest days in Hudson’s history.” Miles Kwok remarks.

Last year, top ranking officials from Beijing came to the US to “take legal actions”against Miles Kwok. They threatened Hudson Institute not to give the stage to Miles Kwok and even hacked all 500 computers of the law firm who was helping Miles in his legal procedures. The site of their crimes was only one thousand meters from the White House in Washington.

Some evidence in Pence’s speech was provided by Miles Kwok to the US government. Miles says he has a lot more in his Pandora’s box not yet open. He has told the US government why the CCP had a meeting in Beijing with overseas Chinese representatives last month, what the CCP wants to do with its overseas propaganda campaigns in the coming months, and how vice president Wang Qishan met and talked with Wall Street giants in his office last week.

Miles made his predictions in front of US officials two months ahead of time, and now all these things happened as predicted. Miles says this is not his foresight or the intelligence of the US government, but of the fact that 99% of Chinese officials in Beijing want the collapse of the CCP and they had sent him those messages. Miles Kwok is now well-informed of nearly all movements within the official abode of imperial Zhongnanhai.

Miles Kwok is the first and only one who has provided the most accurate information about the CCP to the US government and accurately foreseen related undertakings. The US government now has full confidence and trust on Miles Kwok and his information after detailed investigations for a full year.

Miles Kwok told US officials one week ahead of time about President Xi Jinping’s visit to the three north east provinces last week, down to very tiny details of his itinerary. They all proved to be correct.

Miles says this is all due to a strong force of revolt within the Chinese government that too many people have lived in panic under CCP oppression and censorship. They don’t want to be the next HNA Chairman Wang Jian, or Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, or Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui, or others who have died or been persecuted under CCP cruelty.

In recent months, we don’t see the collective governance by the CCP standing committee; we only see the power arrogance of the National Supervisory Commission. In recent months, no one has an idea where the money of China Development Bank goes. In recent months, we have not seen the government publicize any figures about the foreign currency reserves or the earnings from foreign trade, besides others. This shows that the state traitors like Wang Qishan have become so restless that they have plundered the national wealth regardless of shame or rule of law.

There is panic across the country; nobody feels safe there. First, people are ripped of their hard-earned wealth; second they don’t feel safe. That’s why there is P2P, Fanya and other Ponzi scandals. Everyone wants to grasp something and then run away. So the CCP has no future.

Miles Kwok holds Trump’s trade and military sanctions won’t work that fast as the CCP has been so skillful in lying and deception, and the ordinary Chinese are so easy to get into their traps. CCP holds three secret weapons. First it makes good use of intelligence and lets people spy on each other. Then its policy of obscurantism and materialized allure let the people lose their individual dignity and integrity. That’s why today’s ordinary Chinese are so deplorable and miserable.

What will happen next is out of everyone’s expectations, including the top CCP leaders. No bureaucratic system in Beijing, no matter how sophisticated it will be, can stop this from happening.

Miles says, “But I want to assure you that what is going to happen in the coming weeks or so, in Hong Kong and Taiwan in particular, will shock you, friends! Those corrupt officials of the Hong Kong government and their family members, many of them will spend the rest of their lives in US prisons; the Hong Kong currency will be worthless; the CCP red flags will disappear in Taiwan. Taiwan is no longer isolated politically. The CCP officials in Beijing will beg for the return of Taiwan businesses. Former President Chen Shuibian and his allies will return to politics.”

Internationally, the US and its allies in Europe will join forces to counter communist China. The South China Sea and islands will definitely be the battle ground. What will happen there will also be beyond everyone’s expectations.

“If we do not expel or eliminate the force of the CCP in the west, expel or destroy the illegitimate children of corrupt CCP officials and their hidden wealth, as well as the espionage networks built by them, the west would not have a single day of peace”, said Miles, “If the CCP is not eliminated from the earth, the Chinese would forever live under hell.”

Miles Kwok has urged the US government to expel the CCP’s representatives in the US, regardless of the fact that they have obtained US citizenship. He has pledged to help the US government in its investigations, to finally confiscate all the wealth of family members of corrupt CCP officials and expel them from the US and other western countries. And in the religious circle, important things will happen soon, starting from a change in the Vatican. Chinese with faith will have a brighter future, particularly those in Xinjiang and Tibet.

And We will see dramatic disturbances in China’s financial system. In the next two to three weeks, we will see a plunge of Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets.

“Spread the words,”says Miles, “A fire has been lit and will be burning violently. A new sun has risen. The end of the CCP will soon come. Evils will be destroyed and righteousness will prevail.”

Everything is just beginning!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by Staff editor


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