Miles Kwok on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet and what follows by US government


In his whistle-blow earlier this week, Chinese tycoon Miles Kwok talks about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, and his preparation for the upcoming Press Conference in New York.

“In the near future, the US will do more to protect Taiwan; what they do will outpace Taiwanese expectations. Taiwan’s economy will have more engagement with the US.”

“I love Taiwan. I have told some of my friends in Washington, about Taiwan’s social security, health care for the elders, freedom of religion, political freedom, freedom of speech and of the media; I gave them some figures and they were amazed by that. ”

“I told them that Taiwan’s democracy is a model for Asia. It is not perfect. Just because it is not perfect, it can be a model. To speak the truth, no system is perfect.”

“The Taiwanese people deserve the respect; they deserve security; they deserve more respect and protection from the power of righteousness in the international community.”

“You know US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Steven Bannon have been the key officials who supported political refuge for me in the US. They are not crazy people; they are the people who have known me well.”

“I gave them lots of suggestions on the questions of Taiwan, telling that the US must take on its responsibility and sense of righteousness in protecting Taiwan, and on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.”

Miles Kwok has criticized the Hong Kong government, saying that “Hong Kong dollar is dead; One country two system by Deng Xiaoping is dead”; and China is making Hong Kong a communist land while its people are now suffering. “Taiwan is going to be the same as Hong Kong under CCP rule”, Miles said.

“I have told them to be more proactive in South China Sea, even with extreme measures. We need to see actions and results, I have said to them. On the issue of Taiwan, empty talks of diplomacy are useless. We also need to see actions in Xinjiang and Tibet to protect the people there. ”

“I have strongly proposed that the US should arrange a visit by Dalai Lama meeting US officials at the highest level. The US legislation must act against the re-education camps in Xinjiang. They must enact a law to punish the CCP, making it the strictest chapter in its legal history. “

“As to Taiwan, put aside the 3 or 5 joint declarations. Instead, the US should stand up with its military for Taiwan on any possible case of confrontation. Make it a law as well.”

Miles Kwok said on Monday that he already had 47 meetings with Steven Bannon, mostly on China issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet. He praises highly of Bannon who has now become the best friend of the Chinese people.

On Tuesday, appearing at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit: America’s Financial Future, Bannon hinted at upcoming changes in President Donald Trump’s administration, with a focus on China issues.

“We have depended upon China’s kind of goodwill for too long.” Bannon says, “You can’t do words. We have to have actions… China is not an existential threat to the United States. I think if you look at– and this is not the Chinese people. I think the American people– I’ve spent a lot of time in China. I actually lived in China for a little while.”

“When I was in the Pacific fleet, we were all around China. The Chinese people and, I think, the American people are very close. It is the Chinese Communist Party. You have a reckless totalitarian regime there. And they’ve been particularly reckless.”

US legislators will introduce legislation on Wednesday urging the Trump administration to respond more strongly to China’s crackdown on Uighur Muslims, including possible sanctions, according to Aljareeza.

The Trump administration for several months has been considering targeted sanctions against Chinese senior officials and companies linked to the crackdown.

The legislators want the government to consider human rights-related sanctions against Xinjiang Party Secretary Chen Quanguo, who is also a member of the powerful politburo, and other officials “credibly alleged to be responsible” for the security crackdown.

“Chinese government officials should be held accountable for their complicity in this evil, and US businesses should be barred from helping China create a hi-tech police state in Xinjiang,” said Chris Smith, a Republican representative and one of the sponsors of the bipartisan legislation that will be presented in both the upper and lower houses of Congress.

In a report to be delivered to the US Congress on Wednesday, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said China could already contest US operations in the ground, air, maritime and information domains within the “second island chain”, according to South China Morning Post.

Vox reported yesterday, “Chinese President Xi Jinping wants his military to be as powerful as America’s by 2050 — and his control of major economic and military institutions in his country could help him do just that.”

In case a war breaks out between China and the US, the world will see, within 48 hours, most of the PLA army would turn their backs and shoot their bullets towards Beijing.

Few people understand the problems President Xi is facing. Many have underestimated the domestic forces within the country to counter the CCP and its corrupt government. Although President Xi has grasped supreme power in the party and is even trying to put himself at the top of late Deng Xiaoping at the 40 years anniversary of reforms and opening up, he has no confidence at all in the legitimacy of communist rule in China.

What the CCP is most scared of is the upcoming Press Conference hosted by Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon in New York next week.

Miles says he has been very busy these days working with Bannon and his legal team in the preparations. They often sit together until mid night in discussions, with very little sleep. “We care about the health of Bannon, and too many Chinese friends want to wish Bannon a long life,” Miles said.

“The reception is ready to welcome journalists and other guests at 8:30 in the morning of November 19, and the Press Conference shall start at 10:00am. We have at the scene only one bunch of flowers which costs ten thousand dollars,” says Miles Kwok, “we will leave the security in the hands of the New York police and Trump’s administration.”


By Cloudy Seagail
Translation by Staff editor



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