Miles Kwok on movement updates of Jho Low


Yesterday Shanghai TV Station broadcasts the so-called disappearance of the scandalous Jho Low in Shanghai, raising concerns that Jiang Zemin’s family is openly at war with President Xi Jinping.

Miles Kwok has a different view.

“Shanghai TV Station is under the control of Meng Jianzhu. The so-called disappearance of Jho Low is his work, surely with consent from Jiang’s family. Please think, if Jho Low was murdered, Shanghai TV shall not be the first to speak out. It must be social media, especially the overseas Boxun, Dwnews or Mingjingnews, who would be the first to tell the news. And if President Xi and Jiang family are at war, there shall be no place for Shanghai TV to have the honor for related story.”

“But from their tricks, we can be sure that Meng Jianzhu is out again on stage. Through Shanghai TV, Meng is sending a message that Jho Low is no longer in Shanghai. He has left. Where about then? He might have gone to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East who can give him the second best protection.”

“Jho Low has no other choices. Surely not Malaysia. If he goes to Japan, Europe, or other South East Asian countries, he would face arrests. He has only two places to go: Abu Dhabi and Russia. Russia might help give him some shelter. But he won’t choose to go for Russia, as too many people from both the mafia of gangsters or the legal force there would take him to hell. So Abu Dhabi might be the only place for him to hide.”

“In the past 5-6 years, the bodies of the Police, the Procuratorate, the People’s Court and the Discipline Inspection Commission were controlled by Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Fu Zhenghua, and Sun Lijun who had their cruelty of crimes. They have made the whole country their privately owned company, these bodies as different departments of the company.”

“I have met many American officials, who know Jho Low has committed many crimes in the US. We want to see the person if he is alive, and see his body if he is dead, they said. Jho Low not only offered bribes to US businessmen for the deportation of Miles Kwok, he also gave bribes to officials of the US government, including the Justice Department.”

“In American history, we have seen corruption in the House or Senate, in the FBI and the White House, we have never seen any officials from the Justice Department accused of corruption. This is the first time, and it is done by Jho Low. And this Justice official has admitted his crime.”

“It is a disgrace that Jho Low is honored by the Chinese government a national hero, a contributor to Chinese state security, as his bribes have helped with CCP’s espionage expansion and the possible arrest of Miles Kwok.”

“Dear friends, do you know that the Chinese government would pay any price for Jho Low’s protection, the same price for the deportation of Miles Kwok? They want to make a deal with the US government that they would release as many US intelligence agents detained in China as the US government would wish in exchange for the freedom of Jho Low. This is a humiliation to US people. The CCP government is no better than a mafia of organized crimes.”

“CCP actually has detained many US citizens. In one case, the US has requested many times for the release of one American detained in Tianjin for year. The US Embassy in Beijing has tried to coordinate many times, but they refused with all sorts of reasons. This time they agree, with the condition that the case of Jho Low shall be settled peacefully.”

“This is even more humiliating to the Americans. The communist state has assisted Jho Low to bring corruption into the US, and Jho Low was reckless with his sex and financial scandals in the US and across the world. He deserves execution by the judgment of justice. Why the Chinese government has done its utmost for the protection of such a criminal? Who has paid the price? The Chinese people. Chinese state-owned banks have paid for the fiance of Jho Low by corruption in billions”.

“Jho Low was made a national hero by CCP as he has contributed to bring down the Najib government, taking control of the Malaysian legal departments, besides winning the Malaysia High-train project, the Forest City and other projects.”

“When the US government was hunting for Jho Low, the former Malaysian government under Najib did their best to protect him, together with the Chinese government. Jho Low has moved about in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. Most of the time he would stay in the local government house or official residence of the CCP representative offices, under strict protection of the police. That’s why the US intelligence agents have failed to track him down.”

“When we hear of the news of his whereabouts by Shanghai TV station, I am fully aware that it is an arrangement by Meng Jianzhu and Jiang Zemin’s family. Sometimes, Jho Low has leisure with girls from Shanghai TV station but most of the times he has other hobbies. The reason they have sent out the message of his disappearance from Shanghai is to deceive the Americans. To many Americans, Meng has been quite a mysterious figure, but now they have come to realize the real face of his with my whistle blows. He has done a lot of crimes to the Americans with his international spy network”.

“The desperate CCP is giving dying kicks. The case of Jho Low is a drama. He will soon end up in disasters”.

By Miles Kwok and staff writer


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