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Two days ago US Department of Defense, FBI and office of Attorney General for National Security jointly charged two Chinese citizens of internet crimes. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the US was fabricating facts, adding “the Chinese government has never participated in or supported anyone in stealing trade secrets in any way”.

That is only a case of minor importance in Sino-US relations. Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu have an army of over one million on the internet to target US interests.

If you have read the book Unrestricted War, you can see that the CCP has applied its BGY scheme in many forms in the western world, one of the key missions being hacking US companies and government departments.

The US government cares for the life of every single soldier at war while the Chinese CCP regime would sacrifice the life of any soldier for victory. When this war is fought on the internet, the Chinese government is making good use of high-tech like quantum computing and 5G as their weapons. That’s why we see the story of Zhang Shoucheng, Meng Wanzhou and others. GPS is also a weapon in their hands, and they are building related facilities in Argentina. Besides, spies are sent to the west, to its colleges or universities, to set up Confucius Institutes, like Ms Zhou Tiantian in the case of Wang Jian. She was a secretary from the local Chinese Consulate, used to work in a Confucius Institute, and maintains a good relation with the French organization for corpse identification.

The Americans have woken up now. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman for the Southern District of New York, Director Christopher A. Wray of the FBI, Director Dermot F. O’Reilly of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) of the U.S. Department of Defense, and Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, they are all professionals in the justice system. Their counterparts in China, like Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu, only act in recklessness with their so-called rule of law.

Yesterday we see the US’s regulatory investigation into the 213 Chinese companies listed on Wall Street. None of them, including Jack Ma of Alibaba, will prove their innocence in these investigations. Under CCP’s system, no company is expected to report their true activities. Ask Jack Ma. Did he confess to the US securities regulatory commission of his CCP membership at the time of IPO? Was he honest about the true controller of Alibaba? Who are the fathers of Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie? Why the Chinese state banks were happy to lend them 100 billion yuan?

Those US and European officials were curious why the CCP had levied a fine of about US$ 10 billion on my company and confiscated my assets worth that amount in Dalian and Hong Kong. How can a government be so reckless with their legal system? These US or European officials were shocked when I showed them video evidence of communications with Wu Zheng, Sun Lijun, Liu Yanping and other CCP leaders telling about the reasoning behind their recklessness.

Most Americans have not been aware of the espionage network the CCP has applied in the US land. The story of Huawei and mysterious suicide of Zhang Shoucheng are only two minor examples. The real tigers are hidden within the US government departments. Secrets behind China’s military build-up in the South China Sea, Argentina, Djibouti, and Panama are yet to be revealed.

Chinese vice-president Wang Yang has compared the Sino-US relationship to that of husband and wife when he talked about the WTO. When Wang Qishan last visited the US, he initiated the Sino-US economic dialogues. Every time the CCP makes an empty promise, the US trade deficit increases. Wang Qishan is good at telling lies.

Culturally China and the west have outstanding differences in sex relations. In the west, men or women have lots of sex friends before marriage; after marriage, they tend to be loyal to each other. In China, the love affair is just the opposite. Many men or women are still virgins at marriage; but after marriage, both men and women tend to have many lovers; therefore, they have to cover up things from each other.

In politics, things are similar. In the western society, parties take turns to run the government in terms of 4 or 8 years. Leaders come and go, but the system does not change. In Chinese society, only one party dictates; it runs the government for life. Leaders will always be leaders. In the west, there is the division of power and responsibilities. In China, under the autocracy, the leaders hold the keys to everything.

China and the west have completely different ideologies, different ways of life. How can they get along in a marriage, as husband and wife?

The Americans have been deceived for 70 years in a marriage but have not been aware of the deceptions. Do you see any reasoning in the metaphor?

Last month some US officials have labeled overseas Chinese students as spies, almost falling into traps of the CCP. I have told them not to think that way. Among these innocent kids, there might be the second Sun Yat-sen or China’s George Washington. Chinese are good people, kind hearted, with a long history and fine traditions. Chinese people are not your threats. CCP cannot represent the Chinese people.

The west shall only be “anti-CCP”, not “anti-Chinese or anti-China”. The west should be more open to ordinary Chinese, and be friendly with them. Chinese are inclusive with great patience. Sino-US friendship will be a great gift to the whole world.

With the arrest of Huawei CFO and revelation of Jho Low’s crimes, the Americans seem to understand the truth behind those dramas.

Now the Americans are not happy with the recklessness of the CCP and they are taking the trade war seriously. It will be more than a trade war or economic war. It can also be an unrestricted war.

The Americans and their alliances in the west have no choice but to act against the CCP regime as CCP has started a deadly war.

And this is the best opportunity gifted from god, for us and for our 1.4 billion ordinary Chinese.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok and Staff writer


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