Miles Kwok: Mr. Steve Bannon is the best friend of the Chinese people


To celebrate Mr. Bannon’s triumphant return, Miles Kwok has sat with Bannon for a special live streaming today sharing countless messages of gratitude from common Chinese before Bannon tells about his Europe trip.

Miles Kwok said with great pleasure that Mr. Steve Bannon is a hero and the best friend of the Chinese people. “We love Bannon! We love Bannon … so many messages of love to Mr. Bannon. He is the only one who has won so much love from the Chinese. This is unprecedented in Chinese history and also in U.S. history,” said Miles Kwok.

Today, Mr. Bannon is in a brotherhood with Miles Kwok, determined to destroy the Communist Party in China and communism in the world. He is traveling across the world, in full efforts to spread the message and win global support.

Let’s recall some of Bannon’s remarks during his trip to Central Asia and Europe.

Abstract of Mr. Bannon’s speech in Oslo Norway:

We are actually live streaming it on a (platform of) one of my Chinese partners. We are going to take the live stream and actually break the firewall and put it into the People’s Republic of China.

And all these guys to have as mass a complete sham Davos.. Xi shows up, President Xi, remember that he gives that speech that saves globalization; the Economist, the Financial Times, all of them (reported), he is the hero. He is the hero going to save globalization. In fact he specifically puts all the problems in the world or on these populists, on these nationalists, right?

They are screwing up the system, system’s got to be more globalized, and he Xi is going to lead us to a great new dawn future.

Look, the consulting firms, the law firms, the investment banks, they all trade on one thing: that’s information. They are pretty smart; they know about the gulags okay; they know about the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Buddhists; they know about the evangelical Christians and the Catholics; they know the Gulag that Xi and Wang Qishan run is a surveillance state on their own people.

There is not a finer group of people in the world than the Chinese people, 1.4 billion people, 90 million members of the Communist Party. The 1.3 whatever billion don’t own any property, no land; they own no stock, they don’t own assets. It’s a totalitarian dictatorship as bad or worse as anything we saw in the 1930s.

And Davos man knows that. So what was this guy (who) held up as an all-conquering hero or you know why? Money! That’s what they worship at Davos: money! They have zero moral authority to dictate, to populace in nationalists and sovereignty –anything.

Bannon’s remarks in the United Kingdom in an interview with 4 News:

Europe leads this populist nationalist revolt. This is a hot bed. Europe is the hot bet of the populist nationalists. And I am learning it every day.

The party of Davos loves democracy, until it starts to go against them.

And here is what’s so stunning. Those elections are not even close now. The rejection of the party of Davos – in Italy, it is two third of the vote. I am a populist at heart. I am dedicated to this populist movement in the last ten years. I’ve been dedicated to helping build this populist movement. So, I am a populist, I am a nationalist. Wherever I can either observe or give people some advice, I’ll be their fronts.

Nationalists’ message which focuses on the workers, focuses on citizens, focuses on their embedment. Donald Trump’s engagement…ask TPP nations two questions: who is more engaged now in solving the solution of northwest pacific, and China has built its 7th stationary aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

During Obama’s pivot in Asia, (Reporter: Steve Bannon, (is there anything) you have done in the last year and half, that you are ashamed of?) I’m actually quite proud of what we’ve done, and what we’ve accomplished. And I hope to accomplish more in the future. (No regret?) No, Zero, not regret in the world.

Bannon’s remarks at a forum in Kazakhstan:

It shouldn’t be raising its head today. That’s the problem.

The problem is that the elites in this world, the capital markets guys from Frankfurt, the city of London, Wall Street, the international corporations – they have been running this scam for 20 years, financing and providing the technology to the radical cadre of the CCP that has built up such a Frankenstein monster. That’s essentially gutted the working class people throughout the world.

Brexit in 2016 are inextricably linked.

For the last twenty years, the most significant story was the radicalization of the Chinese Communist Party to suppress their own people, the noble and decent people of the People’s Republic of China, and turn them basically into slave labour for the west, so they can make goods for the corporatists at higher margins and sell it back to the unemployed and underemployed in the west. That day is over.

What you saw President Trump and other…we are now engaged in what we understand as an economic war against the industrial democracies, an economic war against working class people. And that war is by the radical cadre of the CCP, by Wall Street, by the City of London and by the international corporations. And that is over.

I think we don’t allow it to have concentration of power. I think we are …you don’t allow it to get out of control, where you have had this kind of permanent political class and elites. They kind of just merger between state capitalism and government. And this is what you are seeing in China today, right? This is what you see in various aspects of the west. That has to be broken up.

That entrepreneurial capitalism where the little guy gets a shot is the best form of capitalism. You do that and you’ve opened up the possibility of true freedom for working class people.

This is a world revolution going on right now. And you have to see reality of what reality is. And no! I don’t think in Washington, President Trump, in the west, you are starting to see devolved-a very thought-through plan in the United States.

The United States does not want to be an imperial power. And we are not looking for protectorates. Working class people in the United States are looking for allies in the west, in the judeo-Christian west, in the Middle East, in Central Asia, in China. The greatest allies were ever going to have old hundred names of the working class people in China.

Just very briefly about North Korea and this shows you the helplessness of the European Union. It was the Clinton, the Bush, the Obama administrations and the helplessness –complete total helplessness of the EU, and all the happy talk, that allowed North Korea to get the ballistic missile technology, and all the nuclear warhead technology they’ve got, okay?

For 30 years, right? All this great negotiating power, all this rule of law, all this great stuff, you had a criminal junta putting together nuclear plants. North Korea is a vassal state of Beijing. And that is (what) President Trump is handling (in) these negotiations. We have made more progress with North Korea and conferring these issues, and with Beijing.

In President Trump’s tenure, rather than the 30 years of helplessness between the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and our partners in the EU – they are the ones that created and allowed North Korea’s (plants) to be created, and that becomes the great threat to Japan and South Korea, and it is.

And I happen to believe not Iran, not Venezuela, and not the North German plane with the Russians…The single most dangerous- not North Korea in the Northwest Pacific…The single most dangerous place in the world, the place where the next war could start, unless we are very wise about how we handle it, is the South China Sea. And this is the provocation of the expansionist power of this radical cadre of the CCP that built those islands and had the Democratic Party in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and that whole gang-had the Munich of the 21 century when they allowed those stationary islands which are basically aircraft carriers to be built.

This is the central issue. I think of a freedom in the world – the free navigation of the South China Sea. And the dismantling of those islands that the Chinese Communist Party-the radical cadre of Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping have put down there to make this South China Sea an internal sea of the radical cadre of the CCP.

This is where the European Union looked the other way; this is where Obama looked the other way; this is where Joe Biden looked the other way; this is where the Democratic Party looked the other way.

All right, so, that’s not where Donald Trump – he is not looking the other way. The other day, we sent a destroyer within 10 miles of one of those islands.

I would be very cautious that in particular, in the One Belt One Road and other aspects, all China is doing is that they are taking the British East India Company model of predatory capitalism in the run again and reverse.

Don’t think that any of these projects are for your betterment. They are not. And this is not about the Chinese people. The Chinese people are under the worst suppression in the world of any nation on earth by this radical cadre of the CCP.

And this is not about the containment of China. This is not about the Chinese people. This is about a business model of state capitalism financed by the west, technology provided by the west; that’s a for-profit- that has allowed this to happen.

That’s what Trump…and there are not a few simple things that can happen. This is not a trade war. This is an economic war. They have been running this economic war for 20 years. This deal is a truce; this deal is an armistice. It’s not about they are going to buy more soybeans.

We already know that that’s why all the liars on Wall Street said the stock market was going to blow, the economy was going to implode; all the democrats said everything is going to happen. Nothing happened on Wall Street! You know why?

The Chinese have every few bullets in the chamber. They are looking down an economic shotgun from the United States. We cut them off on technology. We can put ZTE and Huawei out of business in 30 days. 30 days! They are looking down an economic shotgun because Thucydides’s trap crowd in the west, in Berlin, in Paris, in London, in Washington DC., on Wall Street –they all said the west is in decline. And that is a fundamental lie.

by Couldy Seagail


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