Miles Kwok is coming back for the fight later today!


After 21 days mourning for the death of his dearest and greatest mother, our revolutionary whistle blower Mr. Miles Kwok will come back to us later today, come back to the front to fight the Communist Party of China (CCP) and its evil elites group.

Miles Kwok tweeted 24 hours earlier on, “For 21 days, I have not walked downstairs; nor have I contacted with any warrior friends! Today I already had my iphone back from the hands of my team and I have come back to the office for work! I am ready to start our live-streaming whistle blow tomorrow morning at 9:30! I am very very grateful for all your support and your never-ending fights against the state traitors! I have been doing well. I have no reason not to be good! Because we need to fight to the end…until the elimination of the CCP….until the realization of the Himalayas! See you tomorrow, dear friends! Everything is just beginning!”

In the past ten hours or so, with fears and anxiety, the state traitors have once again mobilized all their evil forces to hack down all the communication equipment and live-streaming platforms on the net! But they have never been successful to stop Miles Kwok and his team from speaking out! Their fears are our weapons, and our victory!

In the past 21 days, besides mourning for the great mother of Miles Kwok and continuing to speak out for what is right and just, tens of thousands of warrior friends both from mainland China and overseas have expressed their support by donating to the Rule of Law Fund.

One of the busiest warrior friends is Mr. Steven Bonnon, who has been really busy engaging with supporters in Japan and a greater audience in Europe, especially in Italy where he confronted directly the Chinese President Xi Jinping who was visiting there.

Lots of other friends have voiced their heart-felt support for Miles Kwok and his team members who have been busy maintaining and the communications during Miles’ silence period. They truly deserve the gratitude and honor from those who are still suffering under CCP persecution in China, and beyond.

One of the warrior friends sent his message along with the donation to the Rule of Law Fund, “I am an ordinary teacher from within the wall. Since my first day in society as a teacher, I have felt the abnormality of all things around me when I was told to follow the so-called ‘rules’ in everything. People with thoughts and faith find no place for survival. Therefore I hate this evil system. I have naively thought of gradually changing the abnormality by being the first to do good; in the end, I was laughed at by others, always. I live like an alien, although I seem to like being that way. Until one day- the Seventh Brother descended from Heavens like a celestial god! He let me see the light. Without hesitation, I stood up in support of Miles Kwok. Maybe I cannot do anything practical, but I will pray daily for the Seventh Brother, for all warrior friends, for what is right and just, for all who are pursuing brightness!”

Another warrior friend tweeted, “When I first saw Mr. Guo on the net in 2017, I did not pay much attention. I was busy with my work at that time, working hard, without time to care too much about him. By the end of last year when I had my baby born, I had more leisure time and thus started to pay more attention. My little baby has a tiny dimple in his face, somewhat similar than what the god of warriors Mr. Guo has on the same side of his face. I hope one day they would have a photo together. My family lives in China while I myself live in a democratic country. I feel the life in the mainland is getting tougher and tougher; still I wish them well there, even better and better! The same wish to our great fighter too!”

One donor has also sent a message along with her contribution to the Rule of Law Fund, “Seventh Uncle! I feel very lucky that heavens have sent you to us. I want to thank you in the name of my daughter. In 15 days, she will be two and a half. Every time she has her vaccine injection, we have our worries but we cannot do anything to help. We have fear buying China-made infant formulas for her. After work, we want to accompany our daughter for some sort of cartoon films, but most of the time CCTV news occupy our TV screens. As a matter of fact, I have always wanted to tell my little kid that far away in the United States there is one person -I shall call him Seventh Uncle and you shall call him Seventh Grandpa -he is alone, running at the front, fighting the state traitors! He is there, doing a great thing for us Chinese people! After 2020, when you watch TV, you do not have to watch CCTV, and your mother and father shall no longer worry about the fake vaccines or fake milk powder. I’d like to thank the Seventh Uncle, thank Sara, thank Lude, thank Steven Bannon, and thank all warrior friends who have given their support to Seventh Uncle! It’s time we win. I wish Seventh Uncle success with his live broadcasting tonight!”

Another message reads, “May peace be with the great mother of Guo. She has created a legend that will last for a thousand years, and spread to ten thousand miles. After three weeks of mourning for the kind mother who was hard working, humble with her fine virtues and honourable qualities, our Seventh Brother has finally come back to us. On the last day of the mourning period, I once again made a donation to the Rule of Law Fund, as my gratitude to the kind-hearted mother who had given birth to a great man, an angel, and a miracle! She is also the mother of each of us, the warrior friends of Miles Kwok. We shall never forget her! Dear Seventh Brother! We have been expecting your coming back! We miss you so much! We can’t live any longer without You!”

Everything is just beginning!

By staff writer


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