Miles Kwok has promised to donate one billion US dollars more to the Rule of Law Fund


Miles Kwok said yesterday in his whistle blow that he is committed to donating another one billion US dollars to the Rule of Law Fund, adding that without sufficient financial support, the Fund will not be strong enough in its cooperation with organizations like the Committee on the Present Danger to fight the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Miles said, “I take legal responsibilities on what I have said here. I am only a donor to the Fund. My first donation of 100 million dollars has been transferred to the Fund. By today, two thirds of the cash deposits in the official accounts of the Fund has come from Miles Kwok. I am coordinating with my family funds now, to donate another one billion dollars. Without enough cash there, we will not be able to influence the decision making process of the future Executives Commission. This is reality.”

Miles compared the fight against the CCP as a giant movie. “We need to play the key roles in the movie, in all the performances. We must be the directors, the heroes and heroines, not the amateur actors or extras.” He added.

In the past two years, in order to defame Miles Kwok, many overseas democratic activists were spreading rumors that Miles is short of money, penniless, that he is going to be “a mouse running across the streets”. And they brought about many lawsuits against Miles Kwok. After two years, these people mostly keep silent facing justice in the US, while Miles Kwok is standing up higher and higher, becoming tougher and tougher, and winning more and more supporters globally.

Miles Kwok revealed that he is building a Himalayas Headquarters in New York City, housing his and the Rule of Law Society. “We have rented an independent 7-storey building here in Manhattan, 5 million dollars for five years, with an offer to purchase in the near future. This will be one of the best equipped and most secured modern offices in the area. This will also be a media center, broadcasting 24 hours to world audience.We have lots of money.”

One year ago, as part of his strategy, Miles Kwok tactically claimed that he would not act against the CCP or President Xi Jinping. It is now time to change the Seven Principles in a global fight against communism and all its dictators.

“The CCP is the only liar,” Miles said, “They first denied putting one million Uyghurs in re-educations camps in Xinjiang, claiming it a fabrication of anti-China forces in the west. Later, during the CCP Two Sessions, they admitted detaining one million Muslims, but calling the re-education camps ‘boarding schools’”.

Last week, during President Xi’s visit to Europe, China signed 21 MOUs with Italy with purchase or investment of 20 billion dollars and another 30 MOUs with France of 30 billion dollars. Those were only memos of understanding, not agreements for factual cooperation. The CCP government is only playing in another movie, fooling the Europeans around with big spending. Those MOUs will all be fake documents.

“All major EU nations, including Italy, France and Germany, will set up a new committee, similar to the Committee on the Present Danger, to re-consider their relation with communist China, and to work with the US and Japan to share intelligence in confronting the economic, military and cultural threats from the Communist Regime.” Miles Kwok revealed, adding that Europe will work with the US to bring to justice those CCP supporters in the west implementing CCP’s 3F or BGY schemes, including those in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Recently we learned about the tragic chemical plant explosion in Yancheng City of Jiangsu province causing over 600 deaths or injuries; and we saw the food scandal in the primary school in Sichuan province. But the CCP government has been working hard to cover up the facts and their crimes in these tragedies. This is why the CCP has always refused to open up the internet and Great Firewall and maintains strict control over the media.

Miles Kwok said at present we must first be calm and vigilant. CCP and its overseas supporters are now living in fears and anxiety, but they never stop their online and offline attacks. “The impact of our whistle blows has been unprecedented,” he said.

Secondly we must carefully study the present situations. The CCP has not only kidnapped the whole nation; it has controlled all the major social, financial, marketing and military resources, and the media. It has built up many connections overseas through different transactions.

Third we shall not underestimate the seriousness that the eyes of the whole nation have been covered up by CCP propaganda and censorship. Too many Chinese live with ignorance, without the ability to think rationally.

Fourth, we shall not underestimate CCP’s overseas influence with their supporters in other socialist countries, in Wall Street, and other financial sectors.

Fifth, the state traitors have also joined hands to support each other in order to protect their power and wealth.

Sixth, most western countries have the rule of law in their democracies, but compared to CCP, they act at a much slower pace, and are not as efficient when it comes to taking actions.

Seventh, the CCP has strict control over the internet. And at the same time with the popularization of the internet and social media in China, the CCP can easily and quickly spread their messages to a wide audience.

Ninth, the strength of our overseas warrior friends is comparatively weak at the present time.

Tenth, the CCP has done its utmost to encircle and suppress our warrior friends. We shall never underestimate their brutality and cruelty.

But we have many good news, too, Miles said. More and more CCP members has become resentful against the dictatorship; many CCP officials under persecution with the anti-corruption campaign are not happy with the central leadership, same as officials from the military. Most private entrepreneurs have taken their side of saying NO to the CCP regime by migrating or moving their wealth overseas. Besides, fighting within the CCP leadership is always tense.

At the same time, many countries have become cautious against CCP’s belt and road initiative; they have woke up to communist threats from China; CCP’s military expansion overseas, its arrogance in diplomacy and stealing intellectual property are met with confrontation of many nations.

Above all, the rise of Miles kwok with his revolutionary whistle blows has become the greatest threat to the CCP regime. The united forces surrounding Miles Kwok are getting stronger day by day. They are the sharpest weapons shooting at the state traitors.

Miles said, “We have full confidence that we will take down the CCP. CCP must be eliminated by 2020. Our Pandora Box will soon be open. The CCP traitors shall never easily surrender unless I open the Pandora Box. I know fully well about the nature of the CCP officials.”

The CCP has raised the communist banner high in the sky; it regards America as its biggest enemy. But at the same time, the CCP loves the America the most. Ninety-nine percent of high ranking CCP officials sent their lovers and children to the United States; they have also kept their wealth in US banks. They are not that self-confident. And they are not that strong!

Miles said if the Chinese people shut off their lights for a week, the CCP regime shall collapse. If the majority Chinese just stay at home for seven days, resting and refusing to go for work, the CCP regime shall collapse; if a million drivers in Beijing stop their vehicles on the streets, pulling off the keys and letting the petrol drop, the CCP shall collapse for a week.

“We are weighing the possible loss to the Chinese people. We don’t want to see a long-lasting suffering for the Chinese like what is happening in Venezuela. We want to see the CCP regime collapse instantly, to break off by a single blow, without causing much damage to the ordinary people. CCP’s China Dream is the dream of Wang Qishan and other traitors, a dream of causing destruction to the Chinese people. That is not our dream”.

“My mother has died under CCP persecution. My other family members, brothers and relatives, and colleagues are still suffering under CCP suppression. I must revenge. I must let Wang Qishan and other traitors taste the pain 100 times stronger.”

Miles reminds us of one important thing to add, that we must educate our young people. We must help to bring up a large group of young students overseas for our democratic drive. We must support their healthy development. We must have the new and young generation into our blood of freedom and democracy.

After 21 days of silence mourning for his dear mother and deep thoughts in his planning, Miles Kwok pledges that he will soon take tougher actions against Wang Qishan, Jiang Zemin and other traitors. He said he must let them pay the price.

Everything is just beginning.
By Cloudy Seagail


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