Miles Kwok announces time and place for his global press conference

Miles Kwok inside Lincoln Center in New York

Exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Kwoks (Guo Wengui) has decided on the venue of Lincoln Center in New York for his global press conference on the “state murder” of former HNA co-founder Wang Jian in two months.

Miles Kwok made this announcement yesterday at his penthouse while revealing more details on the agenda.

“The time is set on the late October or early November, before 11th of November,” said Miles.

“Why so late?” Miles Kwok explains, “We have too many legal procedures to go through. Chinese state-robbers must try their utmost to prevent this conference from happening. We must have legalized and concrete contracts with the site owners set in place before the event. We must ensure the audio-video equipment and instruments for interpretation in good conditions; the New York police must be prepared for high security; and it takes a long time and lots of efforts to prepare many important documents and their translations into different languages.”

Lincoln Center in New York/gettyImages

Security is top priority as Miles Kwok has been under death threat from the Communist Party of China.

“There will be quite a few top state VIPs attending; we must make sure everything is safe for these VIPs, and make this event a complete success”, Miles said.

According to Miles, Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist to US President Donald Trump, will host the conference. “Bannon already had several meetings with me on hosting this event. He has his worries, but he is happy (to do this). Sitting together with me and Bannon as hosts, will be a media VIP from the world most important (media)”. “You don’t have to worry who would attend, journalists from across the world would fight for a seat at the conference”, he added.

Miles went on to reveal that “as this will also be an entertaining event, music must be good, video screens must be good, food and drinks must be good. There will be service people to deliver documents and materials to all participants in the best manner.”

“The conference will last 4 hours, starting with an explosive reveal of the death of Wang Jian, then we come to these questions and answers: Who is Miles Kwok? Who is HNA and Wang Jian? What is the relation between HNA and Wang Qishan? The murder of Wang Jian is something something….”

The death of former HNA chairman Wang Jian has raised questions and doubts among many in the past two months.

Wang Jian, a co-founder of the company, suffered “severe injuries” in a fall in Provence in southern France and died Tuesday (July 3rd) at age 57, said an HNA Group statement.

Miles Kwok has said a few times in his whistle blows that “we have firm evidence that Wang Jian’s death is an organized state murder.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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