Miles Kwok and Steve Bannon exchange messages for victory in Europe


With a great victory in Europe, Mr. Steve Bannon has accomplished his mission to form an anti-CCP alliance in the continent and spread the message of the Rule of Law Fund.

Now Mr. Bannon, on his way back to New York, is eager to meet with Miles Kwok and tell about his accomplishments.

Very happy with the updates, Miles Kwok has cancelled his planned video broadcast on Saturday morning and reschedule a joint live-broadcast with Bannon at 10:00 am Sunday morning.

Just hours ago, Bannon and Miles Kwok share the good news on their phones as follows:

Steve Bannon: Huge huge huge win win win

Have been nonstop Miles –we also won U.K. even bigger 34%
And Italy
All 3 victories Miles

Met with General DeGaulles grandson today in France – the General is considered the Father of His Country –he is 100% with us on War on CCP. 

And most important the leaders of Kazakhstan 100% behind take down CCP –they told me America does not get how much pressure and BGY CCP is putting on them.

Miles Kwok: Sir, your fighting performance in Europe and Eastern Europe is very good! Have a beautiful time! And we will have a thorough European Parliament cooperation in the future, let them join us. CCP..After you come back, you will be rewarded with three hugs! Two bowels of dumplings, looking forward to your completion of all the tasks of the legal fund…Victory meal returned to New York. Himalayan Embassy!

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