Miles Guo:The real disaster for the Chinese people has just begun


On December 4th, Miles Guo spoke to his followers and delivered his thoughts on the current situation in the U.S. and China and his take on the impact it will have worldwide.

According to Miles, the world faces two scenarios, and a choice will have to be made.

His news on the anticipated situation in China is also not a happy one. Tough times are coming, and the possibility of wide-spread increased suffering is real.

Miles sees hope in the Whistleblower Movement helping to awaken more people in China and all over the world about the dangers and crimes of the CCP.

Mr. Miles Guo has been trying to awaken the CCP members, hoping that there will be a Chinese Gorbachev to come forward and ensure a smooth transition for China. However, he didn’t show up, and the U.S. will proceed as planned. The tragedy of the Chinese all over the world has really begun.

Other Countries will indiscriminately freeze Chinese overseas assets to stop the CCP infiltration. The assets of our warriors from the Whistleblower Movement will get unfrozen after being identified.

U.S. election prediction

“The ridiculous moment has not yet arrived. President Trump will definitely win his reelection. There will only be two options resulting from the spread of the CCP’s bio-weapon to the world and manipulation of the U.S. election:

first, world War III and all human beings will suffer tremendously


the Western world and the United States jointly smash and wipe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from the face of the earth.

There is no third option.”

——— Miles Guo

Disaster is coming in China

“A CCP insider has revealed top secret information about the expected situation in China. By June 2021, China will suffer a severe food shortage and its economy will collapse. Already a large amount of capital is fleeing out of the country. If the United States does not eliminate the top leaders of the CCP before June 2021 and continues to isolate China, the situation in China will worsen.”

——— Miles Guo


“Hong Kong has suffered a lot from the CCP crackdown on the peaceful freedom protests. The CCP and some Chinese people who supported the crackdown will suffer the payback thousand times over. During the liberation of Hong Kong, Western powers eliminating the CCP will find that it is difficult to separate the CCP from the ordinary party members, and non-party-member Chinese.

The damage caused by the CCP-virus, fake vaccines from the CCP, and manipulation of the U.S. Elections has had a larger impact than nuclear weapons.”

——— Miles Guo

Elimination of the top CCP leadership

“If the United States conducts its planned elimination operations against the top leaders of the CCP before June 2021, China will be in chaos for two or three years. Guangdong, Tibet, Northeast China, and Xinjiang may seek independence, not to mention Taiwan and Hong Kong. If multi-nation coalition forces enter China, and millions of people fight for food, the casualties would be unimaginable.”

——— Miles Guo

Long-term considerations

“Even by preserving a few bundles of U.S. dollars, a couple of bags of food, it will not ensure your easy survival throughout this upcoming disaster – please don’t be naive. Comparatively speaking, Europe will be safer than Asia and Africa, and America will be the safest. China will be the worst place, yet there will be no safe place in the world in 2021 before world peace returns.”

——— Miles Guo

CCP-Virus and Vaccines

“The CCP-virus situation will continue to deteriorate, and the vaccines will be a further disaster. We must spread the truth about the CCP-virus and protect relatives, friends, and people around us!”

——— Miles Guo

The Whistleblower Movement must warn more people

“The CCP is preparing for a worst-case scenario. Some national leaders have begun to settle their families in safe places around the world and started to build alliances among themselves, yet no one cares about regular people.

It is unfortunate that we as the global Whistleblower Movement did not awaken most of the Chinese yet. We still must work hard to help the Chinese people and save others regardless of rewards or negative feedback. The global branches of the New Federal State of China are responsible for cherishing peace and spreading the truth about the CCP-virus and save as many Chinese as we can!”

——— Miles Guo

Source: G-news


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