Miles Guo warns Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan in a special way


Not everyone lives in this world without a bottom line. I, Miles Guo, have lived with a bottom line.

Recently, the CCP has become somewhat too crazy. I have left many of them a face. I didn’t attack their family members. I have given them face, including Wang Qishan. I have not attacked his family.

But recently they started again to attack my family members and colleagues. The CCP confiscated their houses and threw them onto the streets.

Xi, in the past, I did not attack your family. I have given you a face.

Look what I am going to do if I am about to attack your family members!  See what kind of methods I am going to use if I am going to attack your family!

You have only two choices: either you come and kill me, or I will make your family suffer in a terrible life worse than death!

You don’t believe me? Let’s try to make that happen!

I am now speaking to all the sons of a bitch within the Zhongnanhai (official residence of the CCP leadership). Don’t you believe it? Let’s do it!

Let’s see whether I have held sex videos of your wives with other men or not! Let’s see if I have held sex videos of your daughters and other family members sleeping with other men! Let’s see if I have held sex videos of you as perverts sleeping with other women!

Let’s see if I will be able to reveal the sex scandals of your fathers and mothers!

And I promise that if I was to talk about those scandals, I shall just sit here in front of the camera for a full month, twice every day morning and evening, like Lude at Ludepress. And I promise never to repeat the same story day after day. Otherwise, I am not human.

And if a single word of my revelation turns out to be false, I am not a man. Let’s see if I have those stories.

After thirty years of contact with you, don’t you think I was not able to know about your secrets and family backgrounds?

When your wife went out to sleep with another man, did she come home to tell you that she had slept with this man? Is she going to tell you, “I’ve just slept with this man, and enjoyed my sex with him in a certain hotel? or in a certain club? or in a recreational vehicle?” Is she going to tell you what kind of music they were listening to when they had sex together?

Your wife is not going to tell you anything about this, and thus you’ve not learned about it.

But I am going to tell you the detail. I can let you know about it.

If you dare to continue those actions and refuse my favor to give you face, I will….who cares who you are and what kind of power you have in China! Here in the US, we take you like shit, son of a bitch!

You are just son of a bitch, worse than the hairs around the penis!

I’ve given you FACE! And you don’t want your face? Let’s wait and see!

My words also go to Wang Qishan!

Wang, I’ve not attacked your family. You know I have held secrets about you. Let’s try to make it happen if you dare to challenge!

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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