Miles Guo warns about the CCP’s plan to block the Strait of Hormuz & Suez Canal


In his live broadcasts on both March 28 & 29, Miles Guo revealed that the blockage of the Suez Canal is 100% the work of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as they have planned to do so.

Miles said, “All related parties have obtained two pieces of the most important information. A huge vessel is blocking the Suez Canal, causing oil prices to go high as monkey jumps. Have you noticed where Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi went these days? He went to the Middle East. He was holding a private letter of President Xi Jinping. Sorry, I am not going to tell you the details here. But this letter was written by Xi himself. The blockage of the Suez Canal is 100% the work of the CCP, and the story behind this letter must be made known to the world sooner or later. And then at the Strait of Hormuz and in Iran, within 24 hours, Wang Yi was visiting these countries within 24 hours. He went secretly to Iran to plan for more actions at the Strait of Hormuz. All these have been planned against the economy in the west. After the oil industry and the Covid virus, they will give the global economy a fatal blow.”

While the world is fixating on the rescue of the stranded colossal vessel in the Suez Canal, Miles Guo blew the whistle on the CCP’s wicked plan to block the Strait of Hormuz in his broadcast on March 27 though he did not reveal any further details about it.

However, we may try to make some speculations on the CCP’s calculation behind this, let’s dub it “Hormuz Project”.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the Strait of Hormuz, located between Oman and Iran, connecting the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, is the world’s most important oil transit chokepoint because of the large volumes of oil that flow through the strait.

“Flows through the Strait of Hormuz in 2018 made up about one-third of total global seaborne traded oil. More than one-quarter of global liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) trade also transited the Strait of Hormuz in 2018.”

Conceivably, if any incident happens at the Strait that leads to prolonged blockage of this passage, it will drive up the prices of crude and LNG and spark panic about the shortage of and substantial delays in the supply of these fossil fuels and petroleum-related products, including diesel, lubricants, plastic, special chemicals, textiles, etc., thus dealing another blow to the already disrupted supply chains.

It is worth mentioning that based on the energy statistics of EUROSTAT, oil and LGN as energy sources accounted for 56% of the gross inland energy consumption of the EU in 2018. In the case of Japan, according to a study of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, LNG and oil accounted for 62% of its energy supply in 2017 whereas, in 2018, 92% of the crude oil and 18% of the LNG were imported from the Middle East.

Therefore, a wave of cost-driven inflation will likely be factored into the expectations of the financial markets. If the CCP adds more fuel to the turbulence by working with its allies in the western media, academia, and world organizations to spread the news about the inefficacy of the existing vaccines against the new strains of COVID-19, thus shattering the hope of restoring normalcy through vaccination, the incident will probably trigger a knock-on collapse of the financial markets worldwide. Some highly leveraged speculators may go under, sending the markets further down the spiral.

At that time, with the whole world deeply entangled in an economic and financial crisis of biblical proportion, the US-led alliances may be forced to postpone or give up their efforts to seek accountability from the CCP for discharging the CCP virus and persecuting the Uyghurs and religious practitioners, which is probably the motivation behind the Hormuz Project.

We have to point out that this is probably not a desperate strike back but a carefully contrived plan because the CCP has been waging Omni bearing unrestricted wars against the US and the western democratic countries for years. As Mr. Guo told us, every action taken by the CCP has been cannily planned because the CCP leaders have been aiming for dominating the entire world in the past 70 years. Such a grandiose cause demands a lot of brain-cudgeling scheming and stealthy and filthy operations.

Among the phrasal objectives for the cause, there must be destruction or weakening of the US economy and the US dollar. The Hormuz Project may be a critical step to achieving these goals. If the US dollar index plunges, as a result, thus undermining the confidence in the US dollar’s status as a reserve currency, the CCP may take this godsend opportunity to launch its own digital currency to the world as bait to lure the swamp into renewed lucrative partnership in exchange for their exonerating the CCP from its accused crimes. This way the CCP can kill two birds with one stone. What a perfect plan!

As regards when the CCP will carry out the plan, though Mr. Guo hasn’t been specific, I guess it may be after the ramifications of the Suez Canal incident start to manifest themselves in the economic data and cause significant volatility in the financial markets but most likely before the US officially decouples all its financial ties with Hong Kong, about which everyone knows the CCP will get the heads up from its sources inside the US government.

You may tell from the above speculation that I suspect the Suez Canal incident is a rehearsal for the Hormuz Project. As discussed in Mr. Bannon’s Warroom on March 27, the incident happened soon after the EU announced sanctions on the Chinese officials responsible for the human rights abuses against the Uyghurs; the gigantic vessel belongs to a Taiwanese company which is heavily dependent on the business from China; the claimed cause of the incident, i.e., a sand storm of 40 knots, should be manageable for an experienced captain; it is a suspicious coincident the ship went aground in such a diagonal way that it perfectly blocks the entire canal.

If the Suez Canal incident is indeed a rehearsal to ensure the success of the Hormuz Project and to test the public and financial market reactions, we can expect the Hormuz Project to unfold as another accident but the vessels involved may not be related, either directly or indirectly, to the CCP to avoid drawing as much suspicion as the Ever Given ship does in the Suez Canal incident. Mr. Guo mentioned blowing up a tanker or boring holes on the hull of a vessel to achieve the purpose. Anyway, with the Chinese military base in Djibouti, it won’t be a formidable task to orchestrate it in such a way that will not implicate the CCP in the investigation.

Other than Hormuz Project, Mr. Guo also mentioned the Panama Canal and other places covered by the Belt and Road Initiative. As the CCP has been making plans for so many years with no scruples and this final struggle means life and death for the regime and the vast number of princeling offspring living across the world, we may not be able to see through all it has mapped out but we hope the world may heed our warning about the limitless evil of the CCP and make preparation where needed.

As Lude said, the CCP is the Night’s King, the scourge of all depravity, corruption, destruction, atrocities, and disasters and only its removal will render the world peace and prosperity.

All that is set forth in this article is my speculations based on Mr. Guo’s broadcast and any errors are my responsibilities.

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