Miles Guo: Two White Papers are under preparation in the U.S.


In the March 12, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that the U.S. was preparing two white papers on the truth of the CCP virus and Hong Kong’s human rights, which will take the CCP’s life.

Soon you will find out that two major reports are coming out. One report is going to be drafted in the U.S. Basically, the effect of this report will be like kicking the crotch and slapping the face of the CCP, alright? Something like this. It is going to take half of the CCP’s life, or take its life completely. They would never imagine that from the Trump administration to the Biden administration, nothing has really stopped. People from multiple fields in the U.S. are secretly working on a report called the truth about the coronavirus – a white paper of the U.S. government about the coronavirus.

You may know that in the War Room, there was a gentleman who joined me and Mr. Bannon multiple times before. He is the first biological weapon scientist in the U.S. Have you seen him recently? Not really, right? I can tell you that even Mr. Bannon doesn’t know where he has gone. I know, but I will not disclose it early. There are also two people whom I’ve mentioned before. Two very important figures who have been out of the sight of the public for a long time. Where did they go? I know, I know, alright? Where did they go? They all went to write this report.

Once the report is released, you will see how stupid, rogue, and wicked the CCP is. It’s just like the nine-finger demoness, asking you to write a will with her being the beneficiary and saying she also wrote a will herself. That is how low she is. Why did she alter the bank transaction record? That’s how low she is, just like the CCP who has blamed shoes, crabs, and even cars for carrying the virus. This is absolutely absurd.

Not everyone in this world is a fool, nor can everyone be bought off. As soon as the white paper about the CCP virus comes out, the CCP will be thrown into the trash can by the West and the U.S. This is one thing. The other one is – brothers and sisters, maybe you can’t imagine it – the report on the investigation of Hong Kong’s human rights situation, which is also called the Hong Kong Human Rights White Paper, is currently being written by multiple agencies in the U.S. The writing has never been stopped. Once you see this report, and the recent so-called election law in HK for the abolition of the “one country, two systems” by the CCP, and also the education reform in HK developed by the CCP, you will find out how crazy, how arrogant, and how rogue the CCP is. The world has more than 7 billion people. Are they all coward? Are they all stupid? Is it really that easy to buy off everyone?

When a person loses the ability to tell what the truth is, loses confidence in the truth, and doubts God, what’s left to this person will be just waiting for death, and there is no other choice, and this is exactly the CCP. People who have been seriously brainwashed by the CCP such as those bastards overseas, like Meng Weican, Xiong Xianmin, Gao Bingchen, and Li Weidong, are ignorant and arrogant and rushing to death. Everybody, let’s wait and see. You can’t imagine that when you guys felt depressed, frustrated and were focusing on January 20th, the machines in this country and the world and God have never stopped working for justice. Don’t be distracted by the few bad people.

This is what I said as early as one or two years ago, that Biden may be even more anti-CCP than Trump when elected as president. No matter how much or how little they are colluding [with the CCP] right now, don’t let them affect your trust in the truth and God or affect your judgment. This is what a normal person should do. Don’t let yourself be harassed by demons and illusions or follow their directions. What I hate most in my life is listening to everything that other people say, losing yourself, and hesitating about everything. It’s just like what I said yesterday about my father and my mother. My father always said, “Let’s listen to others for what they have to say.”, whereas my mother never believed this. You listen to everything other people say and want to hear more people’s opinions because you are not confident, you are incompetent, and you don’t have your own judgment. As I said yesterday, my mother always scolded [us] like this, “You can tell it is shit from a far distance, then why do you still want to lick it to know it is shit?”

This is the truth of the world. The virus was made by the CCP. Do you think people will let it go? They [the CCP] have blamed bats and pangolins, Buffalo City in the U.S., and even the moon. They think they can get away with it; they have underestimated humankind, haven’t they? In Hong Kong, you killed and arrested people, faked suicide scenes, and raped people. Do you think you can get away with it and the West will let you go? Do you think it is possible? It is only a matter of when and what kind of actions will be taken, but it’s impossible to have no actions. No matter how you face the world, how negative you view it, no matter how many sad things and tragic things have happened to you, you must always remember that there are two things that will never change. The sun rises every day. Don’t think that because of what has happened to you, the world is dark. The sun rises every day and this has never changed.

The second thing: justice will definitely come. Because of your ignorance and incompetence, it may not happen to you, but it has happened to others. It may be that your enemy has been wiped out by others or punished by others in the end when you are unable to do it yourself. Justice will never be absent, and these two things will never change. This is what I firmly believe in my life: true cannot be false, and false cannot be true. This is why I have always believed, and the New Federal State of China has always believed “the only truth is nonbreakable” and “be truthful, kind, but resolute”.

By Himalaya Rose Garden Team

Miles Guo’s Video source: (00:41-7:45)


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