Miles Guo – The CCP is at the root of all evil; finally America awakens


The morning broadcast of Miles Guo on 2nd December 2020, contained a lot of startling revelations.

Miles spoke on the value of the intelligence delivered to the U.S. He also went into detail about the involvement of a Malaysian company in the CCP’s Southeast Asian intelligence network. Miles revealed that Jho Low and his CCP-father were complicit in many projects.

Further, Miles also talked about the corruption of judges and all layers of American society and government by the CCP. He revealed his take on how he believes President Trump might respond and how that would change the nature of America.

Miles spoke of his belief that a new China will arise with local heroes taking charge of the situation in the turmoil of the CCP’s destruction.

Our Intelligence Disclosures to the U.S.

“There is no need to beg the United States to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since 2017, we have presented a large of variety of reliable intelligence to the U.S. government.

This includes:

•  how the CCP has been using misinformation, sex and bribery to disable, disrupt and destroy America,

•  how the CCP released their man-made virus to America, 

•  Dr. Li-Meng Yan as a witness to the CCP bio-weapon plan.

All these disclosures have been verified by the U.S. government.

The actions of Americans depend on their own awareness and determination to respond to the threat and attacks of the CCP on the United States.”

——— Miles Guo

Jho Low’s Long Shadow

“Country Garden Ltd. in Malaysia is the CCP’s money laundering machine and secret government intelligence agency in Southeast Asia. The CCP’s overseas intelligence setup, Malaysia’s high-speed trains, submarines, drones, and other projects were all planned and participated in by people like Jho Low, the biggest shareholder of Country Garden Ltd., and Meng Jianzhu, a top ranking CCP official – Jho Low’s real father. Jho Low was indicted as a criminal by the U.S. DOJ on Oct. 31, 2020 for money laundering and other serious crimes.

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines 370 is definitely related to China’s former President Jiang Zeming and his family. Meng Jianzhu and Jho Low are the culprits of the CCP’s overseas expansion. The CCP has been using their national power to control the 1.4 billion people and the Chinese market. This is also the fundamental reason why the American elites were bought out by the CCP and eventually led to the decline of the United States as we all see today.”

——— Miles Guo

President Trump should move now to eliminate the CCP

“Judges in the United States are human and just like in some other countries, they can be bribed easily with money and sex.

In this U.S. presidential election, a lot of Americans have finally realized that:

•  its media was actually controlled by the CCP,

•  its universities and think tanks were also controlled by the CCP,

•  large law firms, Hollywood, their cultural industries were controlled by the CCP,

•  a considerable number of judges in various states were controlled by the CCP,

•  some high-ranking officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the White House even in the DoD are also controlled by the CCP.

President Trump has been fighting alone for American interests the past 4 years. In the past, Americans thought I exaggerated or even lied about the CCP’s deadly threat to the U.S., but in the face of these facts, more of them have now started to understand and believe what I warned them about.

To stop the CCP’s direct interference in the U.S. presidential election and hold them accountable for releasing the CCP-virus to the U.S., plunging the U.S. into social and economic turmoil, President Trump should immediately use President Lincoln’s state of emergency martial law. By implementing these extreme measures, he will completely awaken the American people and drain the swamp quicker. It will also test President Trump’s determination and willingness to destroy the CCP.

The abolition of Section 230 and destroy CCP’s Firewall will bring a time of Internet freedom to the American and Chinese people, as well as greater opportunities to the world. The Federal Reserve may disappear, and the era of paper money will end. The United States will rise stronger and prosperous again in the new era.

If he accomplished all these, President Trump’s legacy in American history will definitely be the same as that of President Lincoln.”

——— Miles Guo

The CCP is doomed

“Most of the CCP’s local banks are facing bankruptcy. The RMB will be de-valued to wastepaper.

The biggest contributions of our Whistleblower Movement are:

•  the awakening of the world to reveal the true nature of the CCP,

•  awareness that the Chinese people do not equal to the CCP,

•  the CCP cannot represent China.

China will also have its own George Washington and Yuan Shikai-like figures soon. Everyone should keep in mind, once there is a food crisis in China, it will be the end of the CCP.

Our Whistleblower Movement has won the hearts of the people all over the world, and we have received the blessing from heaven and God. We must accomplish our mission to eliminate CCP and rebuild a new China. The CCP-virus and CCP’s manipulation of the U.S. presidential election are the biggest gifts that CCP has given us to achieve our strategic goals. May God bless America, the Chinese people and people all over the world.”

——— Miles Guo

Author: 老姜
Editor: BigMama (Gnews)


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