Miles Guo talks about the CCP’s Asia strategy


I am the first person in the world to say that CCP will take over Singapore. The craziness of CCP is imaginable in the world. Lee Hsien Loong has a sense of internal crisis, but he did not feel the threat of CCP. He is far worse than his father Lee Kuan Yew. All terminals in Singapore are in competition with Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shekou, and Hong Kong. In the past, Singapore was a monopoly. The Jiang family helped Li Ka-shing to do this port business, but it was actually controlled by the Jiang family. If Singapore does not have the Strait of Malacca and 60-80% of Asia’s container business in the Gulf of Singapore, it will basically be a country of no strategic importance. Singapore has no choice but to rely on the Communist Party. From the beginning of 2006 to the present, the penetration and influence of the CCP into Singapore has become a substantive plan. The 13579 plan includes taking control of Southeast Asia and Singapore.

The strategic plan of the CCP is: hold down Japan with the left hand, not let Japan fight against itself, press down Japan’s economy, use its BGY and strategic resources; with the right hand, push India out of Southeast Asia, let India separated from the Middle East and the United States. This way, CCP will be king in Asia. Russia in the north is a friendly neighbor; in the west is the Himalayas Mountain; Nepal has been taken down long ago and farther away is Turkey and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan has been taken down completely. Then Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cambodia, which are large countries in the middle, are all controlled by its BGY. The CCP makes itself the largest buyer of local resources, and at the same time, it turns these countries into its production chain, and finally engages Asia with virtual currencies. The CCP hopes that Iran and the United States are at war so that it can buy Iranian oil in low prices and control Iran’s oil, currency, and economy. And then it is working to stir up chaos in the relations among Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, the UAE, Kuwait, and Dubai. Then to take over Taiwan and control the southeast entrance. Then to make Japan an isolated island and starve the Japanese to death. These tricks of CCP are very powerful. Every four or eight years, there is a political and presidential change in the United States, and thus the U.S. strategy could not be continued. In the end, all these countries are submissive to CCP.

The CCP can basically affect Japan’s political decisions and elections, and it has an absolute impact on the Japanese economy. However, the CCP is behind Japan in terms of technical research and development, and in military research and development. After Biden comes to power, the CCP will implement its 13579 plan in its entirety; the plan will be implemented in Singapore in 2025, and Singapore will be treated like Hong Kong at that time. South Korea restrained by North Korea can’t get up at all; in this way, Taiwan will be leftover in loneliness. Therefore, there is another plan behind the CCP-2025 plan, which is to control Asia! Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa – the CCP will have the final say there. Let the Americans play by themselves, and let the United States and Europe disconnect from each other. The CCP already has Britain, France, and Germany submissive. If other European countries are not submissive, the CCP can have the EU fighting them. Then CCP has the final say in this world; it will have the final say in gas and oil, and its Asian virtual currency will have the final say. This plan is very powerful, and I know their whole plan well.

The Myanmar incident shocked the world. CCP and Russia have joined forces to resist the UN’s condemnation and sanctions against the Myanmar military. In fact, CCP’s 2025, 2035, and 2049 plans are essentially creating racial conflicts and provoking racial wars. At this point, the Biden administration knows far more than the Trump administration, and the Biden administration has great people. The coronavirus is racial in nature, and white people have suffered the most. We said before the election that after Biden is elected, the number of the virus cases will decline and the CCP will start selling vaccines. In the end, the virus will become a genocidal weapon. What Dr. Yan said about the biological and chemical weapon is reasonable, that is: the CCP can kill its enemies according to its own time-table. accurately and to the point.

The U.S. economy will go up and down like a roller coaster. The CCP hopes that the U.S. economy is unstable, but does not want it to collapse. It wants to profit from the instability. This is the 3F plan to mess up and weaken the United States and kill Americans after taking over Southeast Asia and the Middle East in 2025. The CCP will definitely control the US presidential election in 2024; China and the United States will jointly control the world in 2025; China will be the number one boss and the United States only in second place in 2035, and in 2049 China will have the final say. Why do they want the US economy to fluctuate? First, interest group families have their interests; second, the CCP can’t support the world economy alone; third, the CCP’s economic bubble needs to be filled with dollars. If the United States wants economic stability and the virus does not become a racially biological and chemical weapon, it must destroy the Communist Party. This time the CCP fired a shot in Myanmar to control the cooperation between the state power and the three major military families to tell the United States: I can let you do the same. CCP is now ready for a long and close attack.

CCP will have a series of operations in Europe, with only one purpose: buy my vaccine and lift the genocide claim in the United Nations. Xi can trade for this at all costs. My European friends said that they absolutely disagree. The Hong Kong incident has made them lose the face of an old gentleman, like Britain. France is a bastard. The CCP threatens Macron: If you are obedient, you will be the president. If you don’t be obedient, you will be stabbed with a knife. We will ruin your economy and let the Germans beat you. Germans! I am giving you some face for transferring your car technology to me. You have to listen to me like France on American issues. Germany has basically no choice. NATO is now very active with CCP. Without Germany, Britain and France, can it be supported by Italy and Spain? CCP will continue the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe, get rid of genocide charges at the United Nations, and accept my virtual currency. Europe has no choice but to rise against communism. The CCP’s long-range and short-range attacks are based on their internal political struggles, Xi’s physical condition, and the implementation of the plan to win the world. This is a great thing for our new Chinese Federation. The CCP virus has awakened the entire world. The Myanmar coup has awakened the world. The manipulation of the US election has completely changed the relationship between US politicians and the CCP.

All of this is what we want to see because it is impossible to take down the CCP only by our own forces. Our success depends on three conditions: The United States does not support the CCP, it helps us take down the CCP. This is the contribution of President Trump and Pompeo in the last 7 days of their administration. At that time, more than 30 executive orders were reversed. Ping An Bank, WeChat, Baidu, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, and Bank of East Asia were included in the US sanctions list. If this was done, half of the CCP’s life was taken. Number two. For all CCP companies listed in New York, their financial statements of the past ten years must be published and reviewed. Number three. More than 3,000 banks in the United States and Europe must take action to freeze all CCP members’ deposits and private trusts, including Wang Qishan’s. Related countries must issue a worldwide anti-money laundering order to seize all their assets. All CCP’s state-owned assets in the United States and Europe shall be seized or frozen. Just talk about these three things. If it weren’t for the US Department of Justice to stop it, do you think the Communist Party could still live? The definition of CCP as a global criminal organization is also included in these 30 executive orders. This is called the destruction of communism by law. Then it is to destroy the communist party from within the communist party. All CCP members who cooperate with the US investigation will be pardoned. If so many rich and powerful officials run away in a plane and revolt against the CCP, the CCP will be finished. The extermination of the Communist Party is not our commitment, nor our responsibility. It is a necessity for justice.

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff


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