Miles Guo talks about global developments in confronting the CCP regime


Today is May 12. Greetings, honored fellow fighters.

Has everybody noticed that the world is discussing only the CCP virus and nothing else?  That’s it — only the CCP virus. What our angel, Dr. Yan Li-Meng, by herself has contributed is equivalent to any country’s contribution. The whole world is focusing on her — Dr. Yan Li-Meng, our angel.

Meanwhile, have you noticed what the US is doing? Just before the Iraq War, the entire Middle East did not believe that the US would declare war against Iraq. Even after the war had started, some countries still thought the US would withdraw quickly. They thought It was going to be a short war. Two things happened at that time. The first thing was that the US had deployed a large number of troops around Iraq in advance. The second thing was that the US Chamber of Commerce in the Middle East, and large companies, had evacuated from other Middle Eastern countries around Iraq before the war started.

Now, the US Chamber of Commerce is evacuating from Hong Kong, mainland China, and the surrounding areas, including Macau. Even sensitive operations are being withdrawn immediately. The situation is very similar to what happened in the middle east before the Iraq war. That’s what the CCP is confronting. Brothers and sisters, you need to understand that the companies that have withdrawn in the past two weeks have been substantial and decisive contributors to the CCP for a long time. But now they are leaving one-by-one. The CCP cannot survive without these companies. What are these companies doing? They are evacuating people, withdrawing capital, and withdrawing their technology.

More importantly, the US Congress has held a series of hearings on the CCP virus over the past two or three months. And the congressional schedule of upcoming inquiries, questionings, investigations, and hearings all have to do with the economic situation of the CCP, the CCP theft technology, the CCP virus, the vaccine, including the US response to the coronavirus pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020. What does this mean? It means that in the US, no one can speak without responsibility and must be held accountable. Where is the virus from? Was the US involved in its origin? Eventually, it must be studied clearly. That makes the US a nation of laws, not a country ruled by the will of a few men. That really makes the US great.

In a country ruled by the will of man, a few elite families will do whatever they want, like the CCP always does. With respect to Dr Fauci, the NIH doctor: Trump could not handle him, Biden cannot manage him, and Capitol Hill cannot handle him. If he were in China, any director of the Discipline Inspection Commission would be able to dispose of him 100 times, not to mention “Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)”. But equally, any director can also be disposed of by others 10,000 times. So, it is impossible to target anyone without proper excuse and without following a legitimate procedure in US society. For example, in overseas Chinese people’s minds, it is so easy to decide to “screw someone.” It is a maddening and stubborn mental illness planted in our Chinese by the Cultural Revolution. If you can easily screw others, they can also quickly take you down. Then it results in the “Red Terror” for everybody. So, brothers and sisters, you should see that the US is a country where everything needs to follow the law and procedures.

In addition, what are the US companies doing besides the massive withdrawal of their capital, technology, and commercial projects? They are making as many preparations as possible to replace the production chain that previously invested in mainland China.

The CCP is losing the advantage of its labor force. The cheap labor force called “working young boy and working young girl” is being lost because they are aging. More than 100 million people will lose their jobs. The US is setting up more productive enterprises in countries surrounding the CCP, such as Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Malaysia. Some industries have relocated to Eastern Europe.

In that case, the CCP will decline rapidly. What the CCP relies on is to extract the surplus-value of this cheap labor force. Once the production lines move out of China, 60% to 70% of the profits that the CCP siphons from its large population will be cut off — the low-priced products, produced by this cheap labor force. Without this industry, how can the CCP gain foreign exchange? In addition, all the neighboring countries have become hostile countries. This is a nightmare for the CCP.

Two or three months ago, the US had no intention of making Singapore and Japan financial centers. But the US is seriously considering it now.

An even more incredible development, also highly unfavorable to the CCP, is that the US has decided to deploy heavy weapons on several militarized islands around India. We will see. Nobody but your brother-7 has yet disclosed this — the US will deploy heavy weapons inside India, in the Strait of Malacca, on the border of Pakistan and India, including in Bangladesh, and in southern Thailand. Then, it will tie up all the “tentacles” that CCP has extended in Asia over the years. The Strait of Malacca, which many countries have contested for years, will also be entirely controlled by the US — that is, the US will completely control the oil transportation routes.

In this case, brothers and sisters, you must realize that these US strategies and decisions and actions are not for a long-term war against the CCP, or merely intend to restrict the CCP’s expansion? Not at all. The US is now preparing to keep its domestic economy as stable as possible and minimize business losses once a conflict with the CCP has occurred. Unlike what the CCP always does — arrest the private entrepreneurs and rob their property. The US will never be like that.

The US strategy is to secure the military, and the entire logistical supply, under any circumstances. It wants to be prepared to handle two wars at the same time in different regions. More importantly, the world supply chain cannot be interrupted, neither the energy supply chain nor the trade supply chain. So US readiness is much superior to the CCP’s approach of only protecting a few old bastards and their families in Zhongnanhai (Beijing). The CCP only cares about assuring their bastard children don’t get caught. As for the ordinary people, the more death, the better. If the CCP starts a war, they will try to terrify the US and the West by allowing them to kill masses of Chinese civilians, allowing their blood to flow in rivers, hoping that this will embarrass them into ending the war. In short, these old bastards only think about their own safety, which is the evilest. Saddam was just as evil as these bastards.

You can see now that the whole US strategy starts from the Straits of Malacca. When I learned the US would deploy heavy forces in southern India, southeast India, on the border of Pakistan and India, in Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, I realized once the war started, the US would lockdown the Strait of Malacca, the Strait of Hormuz, to the Egyptian canal.

If there is a war against the CCP, and the CCP blockades Taiwan, the US will block the Straits of Malacca. The Japanese oil carriers could pass but not the CCP’s. Wouldn’t the CCP be finished then? In addition, no products that the CCP manufactured could be shipped out. Most importantly, if the war started, there would be no technology provided to China. Its large-scale domestic equipment, all large high-tech equipment chips, and high-tech machine devices are almost 100% reliant on Western technology. Once the CCP encountered “technology blockage,” “equipment blockage,” it would become worse than Iran. Iran never uses that much high-tech equipment, but the CCP uses it so widely. Without these devices, how can you (the CCP) survive?

So, the current situation is that our initial strategy of “taking down the CCP by the truth of the virus” has led to another helpful tactic, “technology blockage.” The financial warfare to take down the CCP has resulted in another effective strategy, “trade decoupling.” Furthermore, the world’s intellectual community, cultural community, and people who have a conscience are uniting to take down the CCP. That is what we want.

We want to destroy the CCP and not leave a residue, but we do not want to plunge China into civil strife. The current method of destroying the CCP can completely eradicate it and enable the Chinese people to live decent lives. That is the crucial point.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. I am afraid I have to stop recording here because I have to go to several meetings. When the meetings are over, I’ll continue posting Getter. Thank you.

By Miles Guo
Translation by Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(Antsee-GTV)
Edited by staff


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