Miles Guo: Omicron variant is the CCP’s bioweapon for destroying the West and annexation of Taiwan


In his broadcast on November 28, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the new coronavirus variant of concern, B.1.1.529, named Omicron by the World Health Organization (WHO), is another bioweapon released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the new biological attack on the West. The tragedy of wildly spread of new coronavirus variant was accurately warned again by Mr. Guo more than a week ago.

Although according to the WHO, the Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed on November 28 that no cases of omicron had been identified in the U.S., Mr. Guo emphasized that the variant was in fact released by the CCP agents first in the west of the US three weeks ago and is planned to spread from the west to the east soon.

This new variant is another bioweapon from the CCP’s chemical defense army which was established in 1998 in Changping, Beiing and got into fast expansion in 2007 when Xi Jinping was promoted to the politburo of the CCP.

Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the CCP, is now in West Africa after his visit to South Africa. The CCP has recently dispatched military planes to the Middle East and the Africa to put up a smoke screen for its actual operations of releasing new coronavirus in the US.

In this new wave of infections, most new cases are among those who have taken two shots whereas the vaccination rate of Africa is the lowest among all the populated continents. This fact has been exploited by the CCP and its collaborators of the dark force in the west and belies the allegation that the Omicron variant originated from Africa. This narrative was deliberately spun in the way to fuel racial hatred and frictions and cause social disturbances in Europe and the US. This is a stock-in-trade of all the dictatorial regimes.

The specific purpose of the new biological attack is to destroy the supply chain and economy and stir up social unrest in the Western countries so that the democracies will be too deeply enmeshed in their domestic troubles to stand in the way of the CCP’s incursion into Taiwan.

In the CCP’s calculation, when the financial markets and economies of other countries are wrecked by the new variant, the antidote to the virus will become a valuable bargaining chip for the CCP to negotiate for their acceptance of its annexation of Taiwan. Besides, Russia will take this opportunity to invade Ukraine in lockstep with the CCP’s attack on Taiwan. The CCP and the Russian government believe that the US is unable to cope with two wars at the same time, especially when it is ravaged by the financial and economic crises and political turmoil.

Why did Israel, with so many top-notch scientists, fail to discover the sinister secrets hidden in the COVID vaccine? This further proves that the CCP and the dark forces are in cahoots to execute their premeditated agenda to seize rule of the entire mankind by sowing discords and conflicts between countries and races.

In the history, all the dictatorial regimes, when faced with severe economic and political crises, resorted to expansion to alleviate the internal pressure and ended up waging war on other countries. Under these circumstances, all the dictators stoked nationalism and played God themselves because they had indeed gone out of their minds. Their peoples would then be stricken by famines.

The CCP and Xi Jinping are no exceptions. This new variant is extremely virulent and dangerous and no mentally sane state leader would make the decision to release it. Xi sincerely admires Adolf Hitler and actually, his China dream comes from Hitler’s quote: I go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker. If the world still wouldn’t wake up to the evilness of the CCP, there would be no tomorrow for the mankind.

On September 26, Mr. Miles Guo warned that the CCP would release the virus in Africa and that the moment when the CCP releases the virus would be the beginning of the battle between the US and the CCP

Patients with smallpox symptoms appeared in Changzhou, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

There was a significant incident in Changzhou the afternoon before yesterday. Changzhou has a secret base dedicated to the so-called highly infected patients under the army’s control. All of a sudden, a special force came and picked up all the doctors. Many of the patients in the hospital in Yinshan, just north of Shanghai, had extremely severe and sudden cases of infection. Similar outbreaks with smallpox symptoms were seen in a hospital in Hangzhou. Then one hospital north of Shanghai also found more than 70 cases.

Do you know what I (Miles Guo) am most worried about? Sun Lijun was caught because he controlled and intended to use the virus, and Meng Jianzhu was the mastermind behind Sun Lijun. I’ve been saying since I blew the whistle in 2017 that the CCP would use chemical and biological weapons to suppress the young protesters in Hong Kong and for internal political struggle; it’s a disaster for humanity. This battle no longer has national boundaries and race division. The virus is a tool for the battle between dark and evil forces. Human beings are now fighting wars without weapons. It is entirely a war of viruses.

There are four indicators that the US will destroy the CCP. 

First, American military deployments in the Asia-Pacific cannot be a lie.

Second, the US action in Taiwan. Do you know why the photo of the plane was taken? That plane carrying the US lawmakers to Taiwan symbolizes American diplomacy. It’s the particular plane of the Secretary of State of the United States. The CCP will be at war with the US if it attacks that plane. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party of the US riding the same plane suggest that it’s a bipartisan effort. The US doesn’t distinguish between the two parties on the issue of destroying the CCP. Check out the background of those people on the plane. Any of them could be the next president.

Third, money. Have you seen any Americans who still invest in China? Do you see American companies pulling out of China? The fact that American money doesn’t go to China means they don’t want to befriend Communist China.

Fourth, let’s see the so-called Sino-US talk. Both parties talked about the effect of building walls and the determination to avoid a war, misunderstanding, accidental conflicts, and foolish actions in Taiwan. It is all a lie!

Look at Iraq. The US warned Saddam that the US had no intention of starting a war or changing Iraq’s government, and the US had no ill will towards Saddam himself. Then the US dropped bombs in Iraq. The US talks about fighting North Korea every day, but have you seen any action? Not at all.

Next, look at the Soviet Union. First, the US determined not to have a major conflict with the Soviet Union. Second, the US would not speak openly about taking out the former Soviet Union, dismantling the Soviet Union, or changing its system. Third, the US did not stop investing in the Soviet Union, but it would not invest big money. Fourth, diplomatic and cultural exchanges must continue, but the US must prevent the Soviet Union’s infiltration. Finally, no more. There came Gorbachev.

Taiwan will not die at the hands of the CCP, but the CCP will die at the hands of Taiwan.

I met with our New Federal State of China (NFSC) defense guy two days ago. He said the CCP doesn’t know how to fight at sea; they don’t know how to use weapons underwater or in the sky; they don’t know where the missile hits and where it should hit. The CCP is very low.

Xi Jinping will definitely invade Taiwan whenever he finds out that the Winter Olympics will not be held. When he presses down the button with his finger, it is the moment of his demise. God is helping Taiwan. The NFSC will make sure Taiwan is intact, and the CCP will be destroyed. It’s God’s will.

Have you guys seen Yang Jiechi lately? Have you guys seen Commander Xu, the most powerful person in Xi’s army? Besides that, when people look at the Americans’ actions, the important things are that diplomatic plane and the people on it.

Source: Gnews/GTV/Gettr


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