Miles Guo: Covid-19 is not a virus but biological weapon


Dr. Yan’s mother arrested by CCP police

Steve Bannon: What is your current warning to America, Miles Guo?

Miles Guo: Sir, you know, you need to look at the details. Don’t trust me; you need to verify to know what has happened.

Last week, we were with Rudy here having dinner. I told Rudy, I just got the information that Dr. Yan’s mother got arrested by the police.

Steve Bannon: Dr. Yan’s mother got arrested by the police. Do you remember?

Miles Guo: Rudy! He hit the table immediately, boom! He said, “Miles, do you want me to do something? I can do everything to help Dr. Yan.”

That’s right, that’s human. You need justice.

They are trying to help Dr. Yan’s mother. I feel really emotional.

But now America’s President and First Lady got the virus. All the China CCP majority celebrate. They prepared the brief, a mourning letter to give to the Americans. That’s how evil the CCP is!

So, that’s why I can give you the answer. Sir, Stephen K. Bannon, America now needs quickly no bureaucracy, no politics; don’t follow the two parties struggle. You need to prioritize finding out everything about the virus.

You, everyone in the world with all the countries, UK, Japan, France, Germany, everywhere, (need to speak out): we want you the CCP to let our team go to investigation. Where does the virus come from?

Steve Bannon: Go to the Wuhan Lab; Stop the nonsense; we have to go to Wuhan.

Miles Guo: Immediately, give you CCP 72 hours notice. If you say the virus is from Yunan, from the bat, I will go to Yunnan to check….Check the seafood market, P4 lab, P3 lab, Hong Kong lab, Malik; find all the relevant guys, ask them: what do you know about the virus?

Then talk to the doctors, Chinese doctors, ask them how people died, why did they die?

Then put all the witnesses together. We send Dr. Yan, our hero. Dr. yan goes there and say: this is the evidence; that is the evidence.  She can show you the map from the PLA biological weapon.

The Virus is a biochemical weapon

Miles Guo: The virus is from the army. This is not a virus. That’s a biological weapon!

Miles Guo gives you the last time warning to America! That’s a biological weapon, not from nature!

You have been waiting for the vaccine. It’s impossible to have a vaccine. Never! I told you, sir, no vaccine.

I am not crazy.

Steve Bannon: You say “no vaccine”!

Miles Guo: In CCP, inside the army, among the generals, there are guys on our side. They want with us to take down the CCP and build a new China.

They told me that’s a biological weapon from China’s Communist Party. I’m here saying this.

Steve Bannon: Hopefully, this time…

Miles Guo: You are happy?

Steve Bannon: I’m very happy. Because I say we should have focused on this 9 months ago. It’s obviously from a biological weapons program. It needs to be focused on.

It’s outrageous we’re in this situation 9 months through.

It is a disgrace to this country that we have not stood up.

Source: War-Room

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