Miles Guo – Christmas message to my followers


On Christmas, Miles Guo broadcast a message to his followers during a live stream event.

He talked about considering the real meaning behind these festivals and the importance of following law and order.

He confirmed his belief that President Trump would be declared the winner of the presidential election. As soon as major sanctions against the large Chinese financial institutions are implemented, the paper tiger of the CCP will fold. Miles also talked at length about how the CCP is pressuring entrepreneurs to confiscate their companies in the name of communism. Furthermore, Miles also talked about the visible evidence of the moral corruption of the CCP in view of how they allowed Jho Low, the illegitimate son of a senior CCP official, to do as he pleased.

On Christmas and other festivlas

“We need to understand the true meaning of the major festivals in the world, they are not designed just for eating and drinking purposes.

The CCP has been abusing the kindness and ignorance of the Chinese people to deceive and control them for 70 years.

Let me emphasize that culture and education are helpful to improve your knowledge and social status, yet only through the process of law can we achieve real democracy and freedom.”

——— Miles Guo

On President Trump

“Let me assure you that President Trump will definitely get re-elected! A former leader of a certain country talked to me the other day, as he believed that Joe Biden would win, and this leader asked me to go to his country, and he will give me the highest protection. I told him that nothing will affect President Trump’s victory, let’s see the final result. I was very surprised that many of my political friends thought that Joe Biden would win the election this time around. What made me happy is that many politicians in the world highly admired the various kinds of information provided by us, including on the CCP-virus, the misinformation, the money and honey bribery of Western elites by the CCP and the CCP’s treatment of private enterprises in China.”

——— Miles Guo

On the CCP paper tiger

“All the CCP controlled Chinese enterprises in the United States will face special scrutiny in the U.S. and audits from the Securities Regulatory Commission, which includes the executed sanctions on the high ranking CCP officials. In 2018, when I mentioned that the United States would impose sanctions on Chinese-funded enterprises, I experienced great pressure from all ends. My source from the top CCP Officials within its system told me that the United States dare not do it, as it would cause the Sino-U.S. relationship to spiral out of control. The fact that the Chinese Ping An group and HSBC Bank have not been sanctioned yet is due to the collusion between Wall Street and the CCP. By uplugging the CCP’s blood sucking fangs from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood, the CCP’s inflated paper tiger will deflate to its real state very quickly. Our secret fighters within the CCP will then be able to see the true color of the CCP. All the big businesspeople in China, like Jack Ma (former Chairman of Alibaba), Pony Ma (Chairman of Tencent), Robin Li (Chairman of China Search Engine, Baidu), Liu Chuanzhithe retired yet powerful entrepreneur from the Lenovo Group Ltd, etc. have all expressed their views to hand over their businesses to the CCP. The CCP once again can legally take over all these private enterprises in the name of communism, as they did before 1979. If this time, the CCP continues to do it again to suck the people dry, someone will have to do something, and more people will follow our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China.”

——— Miles Guo

On challenges

“The most fascinating part of our movement is that it always challenges us. It tests what we are unwilling to face, our courage, sincerity, and kindness to each other and our people in China, in American and the rest of the world. In general, people who believe in fake, evil, and ugly things usually have low EQ and IQ to some extent. Ignorance can also make people’s EQ and IQ even lower. Believe it or not, almost all of the family members of top-ranking CCP officials in its decision circle have been watching our news and shows since 2017.”

——— Miles Guo

On ethical living

“Regarding the U.S. presidential election: I urge our followers to pay close attention to the final details and the final result. There is only a 1% chance that Nancy Pelosi will become interim president. No matter how tortuous the process, it will be President Trump’s win in the end.

Many people may not realize Jho Low, the illegitimate child of the CCP’s powerful man, Meng Jianzhu, did huge damage to China and overseas Chinese people in the world. It just showed how badly corrupted the CCP is, for them to meet the demands of their leader’s illegitimate child. Making clean money is always the best way to make a living. By 2021, the facts about the missing Malaysia Airlines 370 is likely to be revealed to the world. Merry Christmas to every followers and fighters and their families!!”

——— Miles Guo

Author: 老姜
Editor: BigMama


As the major crisis is approaching, two former standing committee members wrote a letter to advise Xi Jinping to “stop the horse on the edge of the cliff “, Xi Jinping instead criticized them for not understanding Xi thoughts. With social collapse looming, the CCP has revised the National Defense Law to kidnap 1.4 billion Chinese people and wants to take the initiative against the world. Feeling the worldwide pressure to pursue someone to hold the accountability for the CCP virus, the CCP hurried to modify its Criminal Law to prepare backstabbers for the virus. President Trump named Senate Majority Leader McConnell for his inaction. Liu Chengjie’s adoptive father went to the NPC to manage foreign affairs.

Wen Jiabao and Jia Qinglin Wrote a Letter to Exert Pressure, While Xi Jinping Replied Weirdly

The questions in the letter from the two former Standing Committee members are quite acute: Will the people be in chaos when there is no water, electricity and gas? How to maintain social stability and will foreign powers intervene? Who moved Tarzan over the head of the CCP? How to solve the great financial turmoil? How many party members will stand by the CCP when there are no salaries to receive and no savings to retrieve? Active or passive disconnection to the Internet? How to deal with subsequent great collapse, great explosion and great turmoil? How to give the world a recognizable saying about the source of the virus?

Xi Jinping responded by holding a democratic life meeting: You must enhance political awareness, improve political judgment, comprehension and implementation. The meaning is that the situation today is fine, my route is fine, and my strategy is fine. You are now raising a bunch of problems because your political judgment is not high enough, and your political comprehension is not high enough, so you can’t understand the essence of my Xi thoughts: To solve all crises by taking the initiative.

New Defense Law of Communist China will Kidnap Whole Population Against World

Proposing “active defense” and wanting to take the initiative against the world. Controlling of all social resources on the grounds that civil-military fusion and national defense are priorities. Declaring a state of war at any time when the economy collapses or when there is a food shortage, and exercising military control over all social resources, especially over the space network, satellite television and radio. Legitimizing and dailyizing of universal war preparedness through legislation, and kidnapping 1.4 billion people to protect the Zhongnanhai families.

Source: G-TV


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