Miles Guo: Chinese Private Entrepreneurs, Use Your Brains, Wake up!


Last night I was woken up by a phone call from a Hong Kong lawyer who previously represented Jack Ma, which scared me. He said in the call, “Mr. Guo, don’t mention Jack Ma again.” “What do you mean?” I said, “What do you mean by calling me during the Chinese New Year?” He said that it was because our Whistle-blower Movement always broke the news about Jack Ma. As a result, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Security Committee forced Jack Ma to sit on a chair facing a camera with a gun behind his back in a “double designation” (also known as “Shuanggui”) location. It’s called a public appearance. He said, “Don’t mention him anymore.” I said that I was not in the mood for mentioning Jack Ma. I said, a couple days ago, a buddy of mine who was taking care of a Jack Ma’s ex-girlfriend who had a child with Jack contacted me, for there was no one paying her rent anymore. I said, “Why do you tell me? How am I supposed to know anything about Jack Ma?”

So you tell me. The Communist Party asked Jack Ma to make a public appearance and left him not enough money to pay the rent for his little lover. The CCP is the number one in the world in robbing people’s money! It robbed money from the 1.4 billion Chinese people and also the future of the 1.4 billion people, and didn’t even leave money to someone like Jack Ma to pay the rent. So Chinese private entrepreneurs, use your brains, wake up!

Then more importantly, I accidentally disclosed yesterday about the arrest of Fu Zhenghua’s whole family. I received two calls yesterday in the middle [of the broadcast], “Look, why did you talk about Fu Zhenghua? There was an agreement that Fu Zhenghua won’t talk about you, and you won’t talk about Fu Zhenghua, and Fu Zhenghua will never have any hostility to you again. Both of you were holding on to that agreement for two years. Why did you do this to him?”

He said that yesterday the leaders of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission and the Central Discipline Inspection Commission (I heard that all the arrests of Fu Zhenghua [and his family] were done by the military) asked Fu Zhenghua to go out and show his face a little bit. Why? To maintain the absolute authority of the central government. What is absolute authority? Fu Zhenghua arrested a lot of people, killed a lot of people, and wronged a lot of people back then. So this person could not be arrested because if you arrest him, no one would do dirty work for you, the CCP. Therefore, a dog that bites people should be given bones in front others. How can you kill this dog in front of people? So, don’t kill a mad dog who bites people for you. So, Fu Zhenghua came out just for a walk. “So, Miles, can you stop talking about Fu Zhenghua?”

So, brothers and sisters-in-arms, our Whistleblower Movement has “talked” HNA’s Wang Jian to death, “talked” HNA to bankruptcy, and “talked” Sun Lijun to jail. Bruno Wu is also almost done. I guess that Yang Lan can’t play “find the key” game anymore. Now, there is only one who is still alive – Wang Qishan. So this Whistleblower [is really something].

By Miles Guo
Translated by Isaiah4031


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