Miles Guo: CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session has turned into political infights packaged with falsehood


11/14/2021 Miles Guo says on GETTR:

Communist China’s economy is not looking good after the end of the Sixth Plenary Session: The stocks are falling on debut, China Concept Stocks are being sold off massively, various countries are cancelling the currency swap with RMB, and the enterprises in numerous provinces are having difficulty paying wages.

The CCP’s digital RMB (DCEP) will surely be disastrous, while the great financial system of the New Federal State of China has emerged right in time; when the CCP cannot control the currency, it won’t be able to slaughter the 1.4 billion Chinese people or take over TSMC.

Evergrande will definitely declare bankruptcy, which will lead to the financial and economic avalanche in the Communist China and in the rest of the world. The terrible mainstream media in the West not only avoids reporting on the problems caused by the COVID vaccines, but also covers the Evergrande crisis in a uniform manner by dodging the key issues while focusing on the minor stuff. Because all the mainstream media outlets are backed by the same group of evil people.

Xi’s evil plan is to bring down the world’s economy by using the CCP’s real estate crisis so that he can invade Taiwan during the chaos, but this will speed up the world’s recognition of the legitimacy of the New Federal State of China; Jack Ma will either run away or get killed; Alvin Jiang mistakenly believed Singapore was a safe place to hide his money, indicating there is no real smart guy in the CCP.

What’s the key issue of this global supply chain disaster? The CCP virus and the vaccine side effects causing massive labor shortage of blue-collar and office workers and sailors in manufacturing sectors, ocean transportation and ports; vaccine disasters have not come yet.

A Chinese bioweapons scientist currently living in Europe explains why the COVID vaccine disaster is beginning next May; the scientist predicts that half of the world’s vaccinated people may die; according to the scientists’ intelligence, the CCP will release a new virus and the upcoming outbreak will spread from the West Coast to the East Coast in the U.S.

Miles Guo says in his live broadcast 11/11/2021on GETTR:

The internal report from the 6th Plenary Session revealed the so-called “cultural survey” conducted by the CCP. The survey results show that the Chinese people have been rated as the most unpopular in the world for 17 consecutive months and are faced with grave situations such as exclusion of the Chinese, and anti-Chinese sentiment and hatred. The Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China only seeks to take down the CCP, and we’re not anti-China/Chinese.

The CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session has turned into political infights packaged with falsehood – the CCP is spreading the lies that its economy is doing good, with over 100 countries wanting to establish “strategic all-weather brotherhood partnerships”.

The CCP’s data show that there are 70 million people infected with the CCP virus and 13.7 million “coronavirus-related deaths” in China. These data, however, are not included in the 250 million CCP virus confirmed cases and the 5 million deaths worldwide; the CCP’s atrocities have gone far beyond those of the Nazi, whereas the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the NFSC are doing a magnificent work by saving the people with the truth.

Our scientist fellow fighters revealed that the oral drugs against the CCP virus pushed by the crooked pharmaceutical companies to evade regulation are more poisonous than the COVID vaccines, and these drugs can result in a range of problems in the blood, nervous and digestive system. Fellow fighters, stay away from these drugs!

The revelation of the truth abouth the CCP virus and its vaccines by the Whistleblowers’ Movement is the result of the joint efforts from countless fellow fighters and me under the CCP’s threats. Xi Jinping will be held accountable for giving the order to release the CCP virus and pushing the CCP vaccines! The New Federal State of China will soon establish its defense and global security system to protect overseas Chinese around the world.

In his live broadcast on November 10th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo reveals the eleven firsts in China described by an internal CCP report: record cancer cases, record real estate debt defaults, record exodus of expatriates in Hong Kong, record low foreign exchange reserve, etc. The report also points out that China has 70 million cumulative Covid cases and 13.7 million Covid-related deaths. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The CCP’s Eleven Firsts

The CCP controls social media. The disinformation that Chinese social media worldwide whistleblow and leak in unison came directly from the CCP. It’s scary! The most crucial power of the New Federal State of China is to speak the unbreakable truth. Someone gave a statistical report to the CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session about Communist China’s eleven firsts.

First, the official number of Chinese people with cancer is 4.5 million. The actual number tops 11 million. Think about how many lives that number entails, and there are one or two families behind each cancer patient. The price of cancer drugs in China is 70-100 times more than in the US.

Second, defaults of Chinese property companies’ overseas debt are at an all-time high, with $28 billion in delinquency. In 30 days, a $270 billion-$600 billion indirect financing will come due. If any of the numbers above is true, you will see the stock market and global economy collapse, and the euros and dollars will be as worthless as toilet paper.

Next, the statistics by a bureau of the Hong Kong government show that in the past three months, the exodus of expatriates from Hong Kong suddenly increased to 11,000 per month from 7,000 per month in the past, especially the big financial companies and senior management. They all moved to the UK, Singapore, and Japan. A massive amount of foreign assets are fleeing to the UK, Japan, and Singapore. The real estate index in the three countries went up by 22-27%. Hong Kong will become a real empty financial port in less than six months.

The report continues to talk about the novel coronavirus, which we call the CCP virus. Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, there has been an extreme shortage of medical staff, specialists, and related personnel. There are three reasons for this: (1) Medical personnel on the frontline are leaving, dying, and getting sick in large numbers leading to inability to diagnose and treat patients. (2) The current shortage of medical personnel occurred after the roll-out of vaccination as many people have adverse effects after receiving the vaccine. (3) “Due to the coming Winter Olympics, the political and sensitive period, the propaganda on vaccination, and a variety of other factors, many people on the medical frontline resigned illegally and even fled to countries such as Japan and Singapore,” said the report. Did you all catch that line? To ensure a successful Winter Olympics, the CCP claimed there were only Covid infections but no death; there was vaccination but no vaccine death. However, the doctors knew the truth, and they all ran away.

Next, China’s foreign exchange reserve has declined. The CCP now reports the number every eleven working days, from once per quarter in the past. A large number of foreign exchanges are coming out of the country, forming an unfavorable deficit and surplus. It means China can export cheap and low-grade goods but can’t import needed chips.

Last, the central leadership did the global survey on the entire foreign policy and culture. It found that for 17 consecutive months, Chinese people ranked as the most unpopular race and faced enormous sentiment of Chinese exclusion, anti-Chinese, and hatred.

If a foreigner can understand the notes on this report, he can understand the situation in China. I (Miles Guo) am afraid to mention the last two or three points of the eleven firsts. One of the points is about our New Federal State of China (NFSC). The CCP designates the NFSC and the Whistleblowers Movement as anti-CCP organizations, not anti-China. This is exciting news for me.

The CCP’s artificial snow caused severe pollution.

It snowed in Beijing. The CCP made artificial snow. The Northwest Pacific Air Force launched 60,000 so-called space heating rockets to produce snow. The purpose was to clean up PM2.5 in the air for the Sixth Plenary Session. Did the CCP care about the pollution brought by tens of thousands of rockets? The United States and Europe definitely knew about the snow-making, but people inside China do not know. The CCP wanted to create a good omen that timely snow foretells a bumper harvest. Let us take a look at the past several Sixth Plenary Sessions of the Central Committee. How many times did it snow suddenly in 24 hours to bring the good omens? One of our old friends said the CCP had done this many times.

The Sixth Plenary Session of the CCP had multiple venues for security reasons.

Regarding the 11 million cancer patients, can you answer two questions? How many of them are children? How many are vaccine-induced cancer? The CCP only mentioned diagnoses but no deaths.

This Sixth Plenary Session was held at the Beijing West Hotel, which implemented several security measures. There were multiple venues, not all at the Beijing West Hotel. The meeting was held at several locations throughout the western suburbs. The CCP is so extraordinary. Why does it need several places to hold a meeting? Who are they afraid of? Even Mao Zedong did not have such fear during the Cultural Revolution. Brothers and sisters, can’t you see that the CCP is going to perish?

Russia has recently canceled a series of cooperation with China.

Russia has recently canceled a series of collaborations with China. Why? Extortion. Russia won’t give the CCP anything until Russia is paid. The CCP granted Comrade Putin one trillion dollars to do the oil pipeline projects. Why did Russia want money before the Sixth Plenary Session? Xi was unhappy. Yang Jiechi basically doesn’t deal with Russia’s issues. Wang Yi is in charge of Russia. It’s the struggle between Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi.

The CCP members are fighting tooth and nail to be the successor.

The National Security Council tells members not to report bad news about Taiwan, especially the 11th Bureau should not report on the frontline in Fujian indiscriminately. This Sixth Plenary Session is mainly to determine the next leader and four members of the National Security Council. This is like a person putting snakes and scorpions in a bucket and letting them fight. The winner will be killed by the person in the end. This was what Mao Zedong did. At one moment, he appointed Liu Shaoqi as his successor. He considered Deng Xiaoping at the next moment and finally picked Hua Guofeng. As a result, everyone was defeated or dead, including Lin Biao.

The People’s Bank of China is controlled by two people, Guo Shuqing and Zhou Liang. What is the fate of Guo Shuqing? He is one of the candidates to become the successor. Wang Qishan hasn’t been detained yet, but Guo Shuqing is going to take over the reins. Have you thought about it? This round of struggles will determine the fate of China and the fate of the world.

Xi wants to take over all the military power of China, including the rights of the Premier. The rights of the Premier have been almost stripped away. Xi wants to become the Commander in Chief, just like the US president. However, the difference is that Xi wants to seize the congressional power too. Then Xi plans to promote his close associates and family members to the central government. Xi’s daughter will definitely join the central government in the future.

Jack Ma will be disappeared by the CCP or flee to the US, no third outcome. 

Jack Ma is back in Hong Kong and will return to the mainland in the next couple of days. He has a major health problem. Our buddy questioned, “What is the price Jack Ma paid, and what will be his ending? Jack Ma will be disappeared by the CCP or run to the US. There is no third possibility.” It won’t be more than a month, and you will see a world-class brand sold at a bargain price. This deal matters to all of you. This is one of Jack Ma’s companies.

13.7 million people have died from Covid in China.

Before the Sixth Plenum in China, the first official report said China had 70 million Covid cases. Do you want to know how many people died of Covid? The CCP used the terms “Covid related deaths,” not “Covid deaths.” The answer is 13.7 million people died of Covid. The CCP mentioned 11 million cancer cases but didn’t say how many of them were caused by vaccinations. Five million Covid deaths in the rest of the world plus 13 million in China equals 18 million deaths worldwide, about the same as WWII.

After Covid, all of humanity has the justification and right to destroy the CCP.

My (Miles Guo) buddy from the Ministry of Defense asked me for suggestions on the right action. I said he should just send missiles to the Beijing West Hotel. He said it is not in accordance with the law. I said, “Before this pandemic, it was a crime for you to arrest any CCP official. After the coronavirus virus, all of humanity has the right to destroy the CCP, and it is all justice. Am I wrong? The CCP has been killing the whole human race, 18 million people. Why can’t humanity have the right to destroy the CCP? Bombing the CCP is too lenient. I don’t have the liberty to bomb the CCP because the Whistleblowers Movement is not a terrorist organization, but I think any country has the authority to eradicate these sons of bitches from the face of the earth for the justice of all humankind.” The CCP killed 5 million people without giving an explanation or an investigation. We don’t know how many Chinese died. We are all Chinese! The CCP is way beyond the Nazis, and it is still promoting vaccines to the world and letting the 5-11-year-olds get vaccinated.

The launch of the Himalaya Coin is as extraordinary as the mountain Taishan. 

The CITIC buddy said the launch of the Himalaya Coin is as remarkable as the mountain Taishan in the eyes of the fund managers in China. The global design of the system is not only stable but also can have 100,000 dollars withdrawal limits. No other platforms can offer that. Coinbase took more than ten years to increase the withdrawal limit from $50, $500, to $50,000 per day, and it is a listed company. We rolled out our withdrawal function within ten days of listing.

There will be a 30% discount on the offering price of the Himalaya Coin. Don’t forget you have that perk every year. What if you don’t have the money to buy the newly issued coins? You can pass your boon to others. GClubs members, GTV investors, and the Himalaya Coin owners, the Rule of Law Foundation contributors all have that right. In the last four days, the influx of cash to GClubs has doubled. All the institutions that signed up for the Himalaya Exchange are still waiting for approval. Why hasn’t the Himalaya Exchange given the institutional investors the green light? Because if they join now, the brothers in arms won’t have a chance to buy the coins. Don’t mention $20 a coin. Can you afford to buy the Himalaya Coin at $2000?

Xi Jinping’s so-called disbelief in fallacy means disbelief in all things he doesn’t know. Anything he is not aware of is heresy, and anything he is aware of is correct. 90% of the people in the Beijing West Hotel want to have the Himalaya Coin. A brother in arms in

China recommended to me (Miles Guo) a well-written article on GNEWS. With the Himalaya Coin, Himalaya Pay, and Himalaya Loan, our money can circulate worldwide. You no longer need a bank credit card, and your money transfer is absolutely safe, most efficient, and confidential.

There is a world-class battle behind the Fifth Circuit Court case. The US suspension of the vaccine mandates will affect the fate of all humanity. Many US congressmen are now demanding a ban on vaccines for children and a halt to President Biden’s forced vaccination. At the same time, they are demanding to find out if the coronavirus is natural or laboratory-made, deliberately released or leaked. Without us whistleblowing the truth over and over again, and without us being on GTV, GNEWS, and Gettr day and night, the victory at the Fifth Circuit Court wouldn’t be possible.

Will the Himalaya Dollar experience a bloody war like what the US dollar and the pound did? 

Absolutely. The Himalaya Dollar is about to face enormous challenges, and you guys are only seeing the success and the good side, not the bloody side behind it. We must remember that we will never challenge the Dollar, Euro, or Euro system, and we have no intention to do so. We must work with the US government, the Federal Reserve, and the US Treasury. When Americans can buy the Himalaya Dollar, its price will go up much higher. Why? The US owns over 80% of the world’s virtual currency. The Middle East has the most amount of hot money globally, but a lot of them are not investing in virtual currency. Once the Middle East opens the door, the US’s market share of 80% will decline quickly. So you see, the Himalaya Federal Reserve and Himalaya Coin have just begun. The Middle East hasn’t joined. The United States, Canada, and Japan haven’t come in.

What is the view of Miles Guo on the new oral medication for Covid?

This oral medication is scary. This drug was used to treat AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, dysentery, and cholera in Africa. This hormone drug can cause severe damage to your body, inducing heart diseases. It’s especially dangerous to people with a history of diabetes, according to our scientist in Europe. He says this medicine is more poisonous than the vaccine. Oral medication is even more dangerous to the body than injection because the drug decomposes and can directly affect the nervous system and then the circulatory system and blood. The injection only directly affects blood circulation. This oral drug may have chronic side effects. It will devastate the human nervous system, circulatory system, and digestive system, leading to heart attacks and brain infarction quietly and indirectly. Slowly the patient will develop cancer and chronic diseases. This is a very toxic drug.



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