Miles Guo: a message to overseas Chinese students


In his December 22, 2020 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo shares that he read an article titled “Chinese Overseas Students Living Abroad” written by someone named Li. Of the 600,000 Chinese students abroad, many had their visas rejected or were even sent back to China. Mr. Guo commented before about the overseas young supporters of the CCP and the deaths that they would cause. Now, all the civilized countries in the world are expelling and rejecting Chinese overseas students. Mr. Guo just met with someone who could be the next prime minister of a certain country, and he said that his country will gradually restrict entry for Chinese nationals in the future if the CCP still exists. Then, for a Chinese national to go there, it will basically be as difficult as going to the moon.

My dear brothers and sisters, it’s now December 22nd, time really flies! A while ago, I’ve been chatting with our brothers and sisters in the group chat, and I also had several small virtual meetings. I just sent a Getter, my dear brothers and sister, I ask everyone to read it carefully. I don’t know which goofy head whose surname is Li and seems to be a scholar within the Chinese government, could be an economist, or maybe a sociologist, whose surname is Li. He wrote an article entitled “Chinese Overseas Students Living Abroad.” There are now 600,000 overseas students, and how many of them have been rejected by visa, or even been sent back to China. When did Miles make the comment about those overseas young supporters of the CCP? How many death they would have caused! Brothers and sisters, think about it how many death they would cause! By now, all the civilized countries in the world are expelling and rejecting Chinese overseas students. So when I saw this report, I wanted to share it with everyone. In fact, I mentioned one or two years ago that the CCP being a hooligan had destroyed all the possibilities for the Chinese to have a better life. And yet, these young supporters, these bastards, they are simply bringing their own destruction!

Just a while ago – do you still remember what I said before? You always don’t understand what I said, right? Just a while ago, I met with someone from a certain country, who could be the next vice prime minister. I think he is somebody who could be qualified to be a prime minister. So I asked him: “What is your opinion about Chinese overseas students?” He said, “This is something that nobody can change now, and for a certain period of time in our country in the future, even if the CCP would still be there, ” He is of course not so determined to destroy the CCP as we are still communicating with him, and he said, “As far as the Chinese admission in that country, it will be gradually restricted. And very soon they are going to announce that they will apply the same visa principle for Afghanistan to Chinese, and will list China as the most dangerous country.” Then it will be very difficult for you to come over, basically as difficult as going to the moon! And then he said, “The New Federal State of China has made it, and has become the hope of the world, not just the hope of the Chinese!”

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