Assessing China and Russia’s Moves in the Middle East

As the United States decides when and how to contest China and Russia—in and beyond the Middle East—it will have to resist alarmism as vigorously as complacency.

2nd aircraft carrier set to leave the Middle East

The aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman is planning to leave the Middle East, marking the end of the first extended use of two carriers in the region in years amid heightened tension with Iran, two defense officials tell POLITICO.

The Pentagon wants money for China, but troops are stuck in the Middle East

The budget proposal is expected to include more rhetoric about the administration’s “great power” rivalries. But those ambitions carry a big price tag.

Don’t Let Iran Distract From China

Beijing’s bid to dominate Asia is a far greater threat than anything Tehran can do in the Middle East.

Why Do Chinese Reject Middle Eastern Refugees?

Islamophobia is a potent factor, but not the whole story. June 20 was “World Refugee Day,” but the following days witnessed strong debates over the refugee issue...

Conflict in the Middle East Threatens Pakistan and the Lynchpin of China’s One Belt,...

The Islamic State’s South Asian wing claimed responsibility a day earlier for a bombing near the Baloch capital of Quetta that targeted Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

China preaches peace for the Middle East

The Chinese government has come out preaching a reconciliatory note to conflict ridden Syria and Palestine. China has called for a political settlement as the...

5,000 Chinese Jihadists Fighting in Middle East – Syrian Ambassador to Beijing

The Syrian ambassador to China has said that upward of 5,000 ethnic Uighurs from China's far-west Xinjiang province are fighting in and amongst jihadist...

China’s Role in Post-Hegemonic Middle East

For more than a decade, the Middle East and North Africa region has experienced a level of violence and instability that is unprecedented in...