The UAE’s tilt to China

As a posterchild of 21st century authoritarianism, UAE seems to learn a lot from the Chinese surveillance state.

What the new Iran-China partnership means for the region

This new realignment in Asia provides new opportunities not only for China and Iran, but also for Pakistan.

Breaking with the past: China hints at greater political engagement in the Middle East

China is contemplating greater political engagement in the Middle East in what would constitute a break with its longstanding effort to avoid being sucked into the region’s myriad conflicts and a bid to counter mounting US pressure to force Gulf states to curtail relations with the People’s Republic.

How the Coronavirus Crisis Exposed the False Promise of Iran-China Partnership

Yet, public health is not the only policy area where Iran’s decisions have been affected by its “comprehensive strategic partnership” (CSP) with China.

Gulf states should consider US ties when dealing with China

Beijing has recently stepped up its Middle East diplomacy efforts. It has sent medical experts and supplies to countries around the world, including several Gulf states, Egypt and Israel, to help combat the disease.

Pompeo’s visit to Israel comes with anti-China message

Lucrative Israeli commercial deals with China are coming under intense pressure from the United States, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to...

Coronavirus outbreak will speed up US-China ‘decoupling’ more than the trade war, Milken Institute...

Talk of the risk of the world’s two major powers “decoupling” surfaced as their trade battle, which began in 2018, heated up — leading to billions of dollars of tariffs imposed on each other’s goods.

Israel’s improved ties with China don’t diminish its US alliance

Israel often is called America’s best ally. After the first two years of the Trump Administration no-one can doubt it. Among all of America’s...

China’s Middle East balancing act doomed to failure

Although ties between Washington and Tel Aviv are stronger than ever, Israeli leaders are aware of a vastly changing political landscape. The US’ own...

How Close to China Is Too Close for Israel?

There’s no denying that Monday’s arrival in Israel of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, the man often dubbed “the second-most powerful in China,” is a coup for Benjamin Netanyahu.