Don’t Let Iran Distract From China

Beijing’s bid to dominate Asia is a far greater threat than anything Tehran can do in the Middle East.

Activists hail Qatar withdrawal from pro-China text over Uighurs

Doha, Qatar - Activists have welcomed Qatar's decision to withdraw its signature from a letter signed last month by 37 countries expressing support for China's...

Saudi Arabia strikes $10bn China deal

Saudi Arabia signed 35 economic cooperation agreements with China worth a total of $28bn at a joint investment forum during the visit, according to Saudi Arabia's SPA state news agency SPA.

Did China Steal Iron Dome From Israel?

A cybersecurity firm reports that Chinese hackers have stolen technical data for the Iron Dome rocket-defense system from Israeli computers.


Concerns prompt ‘review’ of Shanghai agreement within Israel’s inner security cabinet, sources say.

‘Trump Will Be Furious’: Tension Between U.S. and Israel Over China Infrastructure Projects

Tightening Israel-China ties have not yet reached Trump's desk, but one U.S. official warns he will not take to it kindly.

Co-hosting trade conference with Netanyahu, China’s VP hails Israeli technology

‘Our bilateral relations are at a new height,’ Wang Qishan tells innovation summit; PM also meets Alibaba’s Jack Ma and former Google CEO Eric...

PM lauds ‘growing friendship’ between Israel, China as he hosts vice president

Wang Qishan, the most senior Chinese official to tour the Jewish state since 2000, visits Western Wall accompanied by Israeli officials during trip focusing...

How Close to China Is Too Close for Israel?

There’s no denying that Monday’s arrival in Israel of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, the man often dubbed “the second-most powerful in China,” is a coup for Benjamin Netanyahu.

Deadly Chinese drones fly over Middle East battlefields

High above Yemen’s rebel-held city of Hodeida, a drone controlled by government-backed forces hovered as an SUV carrying a top Shiite Houthi rebel official...