The Chinese government has come out preaching a reconciliatory note to conflict ridden Syria and Palestine.

China has called for a political settlement as the only correct approach to the Syrian issue and for Israel to allow Palestine to build an independent state.

China says the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria should be maintained and respected.

Beijing says Syrian people have the right to make their own decisions concerning their own country’s issues and political future.

“Political settlement remains the only correct approach to solve Syria crisis, therefore China urges all related parties, especially the United States and Russia, to enhance communication and negotiation and avoid conflicts and confrontation,” says Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

He says China supports an independent and comprehensive investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria to reach a conclusion.

“If actions are to be taken, they should be taken within the framework of the United Nations, and they should be based on the purposes of the UN Charter and the basic principles of international relations.”

Meanwhile, China also called on the international community to continue to support the UN to play its role as the main channel in solving the issue.

On Palestinians when meeting the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Wang Yi says Palestine must be allowed to build an independent state.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ passing of the Palestine-Israel Partition Plan. According to the resolution at that time, Israel had the right to statehood as did Palestine.

“We do like to see more Chinese involvement in bringing about a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. And of course, you know, China is a good friend to both parties, to Israel and Palestine. That really qualifies her to play a role if that really suits her,” says Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki.

Beijing has traditionally had a good relationship with the Palestinians. The Middle East, however, is fraught with risk for China, a country that has little experience navigating the religious and political tensions that frequently rack the region.

By Lehana Tsotetsi



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