Media as the 4th power is now a dark power to deceive the masses


Media’s deception of the masses

The most important US elections in modern history are playing out before the world. Contrary to the narrative crafted by mainstream media, voters aren’t simply voting for red or blue, to lower-income or corporate tax, to increase or decrease spending on healthcare. These elections are about choosing between justice and crime, democracy and socialism. The world as we know it is at stake. The very survival of democracy and our shared democratic values depend on the outcome of these elections.

Over the previous weeks, we have seen the release of a treasure trove of digital files including legal documents and videos relating to Joe Biden and his family. The detail in alarming detail the corruption to the tune of billions of US dollars with the top echelons of the CCP. Further, they show his son Hunter Biden in sexually explicit videos with a young woman of questionable age.

As America went to sleep on the morning of the 4th of November, we now know there was a sudden unexplained volume of mail-in ballots with almost 100% Biden votes in key swing states. There are now cases of people working in the delivery and count of votes that have come out expressing concern with election fraud that they have personally witnessed. Further, statistical analysis has been performed on ballots in key swing states including Wisconsin and Michigan showing strong mathematical evidence of tampering. This is and should be alarming for all freedom-loving people of the world.

All in all, we must remember that the American elections are currently undergoing due legal process in multiple swing states. We must also remember that the media do not equate to judges and absolutely do not have the right to call the elections before the courts have come to a decision. This wouldn’t be the first time in recent history where the media have made the wrong call. Only the rule of law within the court system can and will decide the 46th president of the United States.

We know that come 20th January 2021, President Trump will place his hand on the Bible and remain commander in chief for the next 4 years. God bless America, God bless the freedom-loving people of this world.

The following are Miles Guo’s words about media on November 7 live streaming:

“There is only one power in China: the Communist Party (CCP). There are no Gods, no three governing powers, no fourth power of the media as a watchdog in China. There is a so-called fifth power of social media in the US. The Chinese Communist Party with only one power ruled by a dictator has turned the four or five powers of the US, likewise into one power -the capital power similar to communism.”

“I told the west three years ago that if they were well prepared, the darkness would have already come. If not well prepared, the costs would be hundreds or thousands of times that of 911. Your economy, politics, finance, national defense, and technology would all be under (CCP) control.”

“The so-called fourth power of the media that the world believes in, has already turned into the fourth dark power. Do not be fooled to believe that justice can defeat evil. The whistle-blower movement must be based on unbreakable truth.”

“The whole world was silent when the raping and killing of Hong Kong kids was occurring. I said repeatedly that that situation would take place in the US. Today the US finally saw that. Nobody cared when my Twitter and Facebook accounts were suspended. Nobody cared when our Whistle-blower movement was pushed to the corner, then forced out our Gnews and GTV.”

“Today all of that arrived in the White House. President Trump’s Twitter account was suspended, along with Lou Dobbs’ and many other accounts. One of CNN’s anchors called President Trump ‘an Obese Turtle …’ and these are the words that CCTV has not called out. Then Fox stabbed Trump in the back at this crucial moment.”

“The New York Post was the earliest one that was willing to publish the three hard drive contents. After repeated delays, it posted one article, and then it stopped there. I said that the New York Post absolutely would not publish it. Because what the NY Post knew (about the three hard drives) was already known to the top CCP, because the hard drives would be first delivered to the CCP. The NY Post and Fox are under the same boss, Murdoch. This is how naive the White House, Bannon, and Giuliani were. A few Generals have believed in it also.”

“At this crucial time, Fox stabbed Trump. The world number one player in balancing politics and the media is Murdoch. He promised to help Trump but only gave out 0.1%, then helped Biden who will pay him gratitude for a lifetime. The whole of America was shocked at Fox. The person who holds the biggest media power is Murdoch in the US.”

“I will not play the same game as media such as the NY Post, the NY Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal which are under CCP control. Gnews and GTV have now undeniably become essential media at this major turning point in human history. Just as when the NY Times was reporting about Hitler.”

“The world media has been sinking due to the CCP’s BGY program, and they are totally controlled by five top families. After implementing capital above Gods, the media, equality, and justice, those interest groups will continue to enslave 14 billion Chinese. The first media to fight against them is Gnews and Gtv.”

“Gnews and Gtv belong to fellow comrades. Who predicted nurturing up Gnews and Gtv three years ago. They now are changing mankind. We achieved fairness, truthfulness, free religion, etc. that all media have been boasting about in the past 10 to 100 years. We published materials that are true and fair for which we risk being sued, a risk that we accept.

“People have a right to know about Hunter Biden on the hard-drives, and if the deals made between Biden and the CCP sold out Hong Kong, Tibet, and Taiwan, and if he will sell out these areas after becoming president. He surely will not dare to say no if the CCP invadesTaiwan. He will surely let the west continue enslaving the Chinese. He surely will not agree to take down the firewall. He will surely allow the CCP “fox hunt” in the west. But he now will not dare to do all that even if he became the president after the hard-drives are exposed.”

“About four years ago, CNN threatened me that they would dig up and publish dirt on me if I did not accept its interview. The BBC deleted the interview with me including the one that I posted. The Wall Street Journal falsely accused me of a double agent. The journalist from the Washington Post told me that he is anti-CCP, but he did not publish the video. The NY Times did not post my interview and later attacked me on its publication. So many media that interviewed me have never published the video. You cannot imagine what I have experienced but this is what the western media are. What is behind them is money and interests from the CCP. Trump said, “fake news” which is true. What is behind the media would not come out if this election was not so absurd and ridiculous.”

“Having said that, we will not add more enemies or rivals. We will connect with and expand in within the media, the finance and the economic markets, as well as a new era of networking in all of the world markets.”

source: G-news


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