Makeshift hospital closed, but is the coronavirus crisis over?


Editorial Note: China closed one of its makeshift hospitals for the first time on Monday as new coronavirus cases dipped in the country but continue to spread worldwide.

It was originally one of 16 rapidly constructed hospitals in the city of Wuhan — considered the epicenter of the virus. It closed after discharging its last group of 34 recovered patients.

Still, the coronavirus crisis is to stay for long.

Dear comrades-in-arms, my mind is in peace now, very much at ease. Look at what many of our warrior friends have been facing in the past months. This kind of past has never been cherished, never felt with heart, and never been considered as important. For many people, what they need now is a clear sky, a safe place called home, and a lung that can make you breathe comfortably. At this time, comrades-in-arms, what is the most important?

Today I looked back at some of the things happening in the past. I chatted with many warrior friends inside China, some of them officials from the CCP’s headquarters – Zhongnanhai, or key decision makers close to the CCP leadership.

I was told that they just convened a Politburo meeting, during which many veteran leaders from the CCP’s Central Committee were very much emotional about the epidemic. They said about the two main characteristics of this disease: Long incubation period and long treatment cycle.

Please note that this condition has a long incubation period and a long treatment cycle. And this coronavirus is completely different from H1N1 and SARS in the past. With SARS, the incubation period is very short, the treatment is fast, and the mortality rate is high. But you can have some control and understanding over the incubation period and treatment period. With coronavirus, things become more unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Therefore, these CCP leaders call this virus Two-long Disease: long incubation and long treatment. This results in two difficulties: difficult to test for negative or positive (Yin and Yang). Once a patient is infected, it is very different to test whether he is negative or positive; or sometimes he is negative and sometimes he is positive. Its characteristics are very much like the CCP – Chinese Communist Party – whose characteristics are also very difficult to detect. That’s why they gave the virus a name “Two-long disease”.

When Yin and Yang are unpredictable, and its final diagnosis is too difficult. And this virus is completely different from what all the experts have thought to be; or is different from the experts’ predictions and judgments. Instant heart and kidney failure. Heart and heart attacked at the same time, quick failure in the heart and kidney. This is terrible, and pretty scary!

Friends, can you tell how can a patient with coronavirus be treated once the disease is tested? Everyone must remember that currently there is no good solution. At the beginning, if you are feeling sick, you may be given ventilator. That is high-quality oxygen therapy. This oxygen therapy gives you enough oxygen to survive. But how many ventilators are there in China?

If the ventilator is not available, they just intubate you – put a tube inside your nose. That is the ECMO -short for heart-lung supporting machine. How many ECMO machines are there in China? Who is eligible for treatment with the machine?

If this is not enough, insert the tube directly into the lungs from the neck. Plug it into your lungs and you start to breathe from there. You will see: what is coming out of the ventilator? It’s called aerosol, basically a volcanic eruption of coronavirus cells. It is another coronavirus eruption. This time, it is highly contagious and uncontrollable.

So this time, everyone knows that the CCP ‘s so-called cabin hospitals built at Wuhan’s Raytheon and Vulcan Mountains are. Why patients were sent there? Are there enough ECMOs there? Are there enough ventilators there? Are there any medical staff? Forty thousand beds, only one intubation facility, one heart-lung machine. For one of those medical unit to operate, at least three medical nurses are required. Comrades-in-arms, that’s about 120,000 medical people needed there. Can you imagine?

According to medical regulations, how many masks are necessary to equip 120,000 medical personnel? Everyone of them will change their masks every 3 hours. And the medical staff shall have two to four shifts, or five shifts or six shifts. Then there are about 600,000 people there to serve the 40,000 beds in these hospitals!

Without these facilities and enough medical personnel, I can say that, 90% from my observation, everything could be in vain. So I said it is a dilemma. As long as they gather together, under one roof, or as long as it is contagious, the rate of infection is basically beyond the imagination of all medical experts. They are just sending people to die there, collectively.

Comrades-in-arms, just think, the CCP leader arrested eight medical workers, including Li Wenliang, and forced them to plead guilty on television. Then he was denied proper treatment, and finally died of coronavirus. What else they cannot do?

How stupid! How vicious!

The Coronavirus made Mr. Li Wenliang a hero because he died of the disease. He gained some attention. But all his family members were abducted and threatened, and no one paid attention.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by Winnie Troppie


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