Major accidents in China these days that have caused lives, injuries and heavy losses


One dead and dozens injured on a glass slide at Scenic spot

One person has died and multiple have been injured yesterday afternoon when tourists used the 3,230-foot-long slide to descend a mountain in the Hugu Valley in Liaoning province.

Downpours occurred while the tourists were using the track, causing them to lost control of the speed and bump into each other, said the slide’s operator.

The company said heavy rain ‘suddenly’ occurred while the tourists were using the slide, leading them to glide down the track ‘too fast’ and collide into one another.

Videos circulating on Chinese social media and state media show dozens of riders lying on the floor and waiting for medical attention at the foot of the slide.

A promotional video shows that the park does not provide tourists with any protective equipment when they use the slide – a selling point for the ride.

The local government have formed a special team to investigate the matter, according to the post.

14 people missing when two ships set on fire in collision at Yangtze River estuary

Three had been rescued and 14 others went missing after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship about 1.5 nautical miles southeast of the Yangtze River estuary early Thursday, according to the maritime authorities in Shanghai.

The accident occured at 3: 39 a.m. Thursday, when an oil tanker carrying about 3,000 tonnes of gasoline collided with a cargo ship loaded with sand and gravel, causing a fire on the deck of the oil tanker and the latter to sink.

The Shanghai Transportation Commission initiated an emergency response quickly after the accident.

Salvage boats, helicopters and aircraft from police, fishery and other departments were dispatched to the scene by the Maritime Search and Rescue Center.

The rescue operation for the missing people is still ongoing, the Shanghai maritime safety authority said on Thursday.

A massive sinkhole in Sichuan swallows 21 cars

A massive sinkhole opened out of nowhere, swallowing at least 21 cars in China Wednesday evening, August 21.

The natural disaster was caught via a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera monitoring the parking area for a shopping mall, situated near the Yangtze River in southwestern China’s Sichuan province. Local news outlets reported that up to fifteen of these sunken vehicles were already recovered, although most were already wrecked. Fortunately, no one was reported to be hurt by the incident.

While the cause of the incident remains under investigation, eyewitnesses and local outlets report that current weather conditions in the province might be the cause of the sinkhole. Sichuan province has been experiencing torrential rainfalls over the past few days. Local authorities have raised their emergency response to their highest levels.

Sinkholes generally refer to massive cavities in the ground occurring when the underlying rock layer is eroded, usually by water. With the sublayer eroded, a gap or a chasm is formed, causing the surface level to collapse into the chasm.

Panicked Residents Evacuate Amid Suspected Gas Leak in Sichuan

Residents of Leshan in southwestern China’s Sichuan province are relocating over what they suspect is a gas leak from a chemical factory.

Several people in the city’s Wutongqiao District told Sixth Tone about a “thick fog” and acrid smell they noticed Thursday morning, and which they believe is coming from a chemical factory in the area. Many claim to have seen the fog near their homes, while others say they’ve seen it from a distance.

“The fog turned so thick that I couldn’t see anything over there,” one resident told Sixth Tone. “It lasted half an hour, then dissipated.” The woman declined to give her name for fear of reprisals by the authorities.

Leshan resident Shui Ailun said he didn’t see any fog but smelled a “strong odor” at around 9 a.m. The 24-year-old added that he lives 1 kilometer from the chemical plants and is accustomed to such smells, though he became conscious of this one after relatives called to warn him about the suspected gas leak.

Long Zhenhai, a 33-year-old taxi driver, said he, too, saw the strange fog and smelled the unfamiliar odor in the morning. He immediately left the area with his family to avoid potential health risks.

Panicked residents leaving the district has created traffic congestion in the area, according to media reports.

Fire and explosion on Shanghai bridge

At 19:39 on August 19, a gasoline truck caught fire on the downhill section of the Shanghai Fengpu Bridge towards the city.

A man could be heard in the video speaking in Shanghai dialect: “Something happened to the Fengpu Bridge with an explosion. The explosion just occurred. It burst into flames immediately.”

The Fengpu Bridge is one of several bridges that crosses the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Completed in 1995, this bridge links the S4 Shanghai–Jinshan Expressway between Minhang District to the north and Fengxian District to the south. It currently carries two lanes of the expressway in each direction.

Chinese dissident Miles Guo shared a short video on his Getter via G-TV with the following comment: “Aug 19, the Fengpu Bridge in Shanghai is on fire… too sensitive.”

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