Lude Media: Mr Bill Gertz to Assist NFSC to Establish Congress-in-exile


Lude Media invited a winner couple, Mr. Haidong Hao and Mrs. Zhaoying Ye in the morning program on Nov. 22. Mr. Lude revealed that Ms. An Hong is going to be the CEO of the Rule of Law Society and he congratulated her on that.

Moreover, Lude unwrapped the military intelligence reporter Bill Gertz suggested in a meeting that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Rule of Law Foundation should launch a plan of a congress-in-exile immediately and establish a lobbying agency in Washington D.C.

Even though Mr. Bill Gertz is a journalist in National Security, he has a close connection with the American government, the State Department, and the National Security Advisor, which means his background is solid. For instance, Lude Media once showed a picture of him on Air force 1.  He is also very close to Secretary Pompeo and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien often. He is definitely out of the ordinary!

At this moment, Mr. Bill Gertz’s suggestion shows that the big guys behind are very positive about President Trump’s re-election and confident about the NFSC. In addition, Biden has made it clear that he won’t sanction Communist China if he is elected.

As usual, only a sovereign state has a congress. The proposal is anything but to be brought forward by Bill Gertz solely. This means people from the American high level believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is incapable of fulfilling the state obligations. In other words, CCP is dead to America. Thereby, the NFSC is greatly in demand for preparing to take over.Mr. Bill Gertz is not only the proposer, but he will also fully implement the plan.

In a country practicing separation-of-powers-system, congress is the legislative branch that holds the authority of legitimizing the government. The congress is recognized ahead of the sovereignty for a country by the international society.  There is no government without a congress which is just like the board meeting for a company. The congressional officials have little power. Usually, the Speaker of the congress is in charge of national legislation and management plans but has no voting rights.

The NFSC, which has been established for more than five months since June 4th, has a significant influence on the world and now takes another crucial step forward. Promoting the establishment of the NFSC Congress means that the prototype of the state entity has begun to take shape. It also means the establishment of the Constitution and the construction of the national organizational structure.

With the contribution of the NFSC in exposing the evil nature of the CCP and launching a series of actions such as the G-series ecosystem, we have demonstrated to the world our determination and strength to destroy the CCP. Driven by the operation of the NFSC affiliated corporations, we must be recognized by the western international community. Meanwhile, we will prove that the system we have established far surpasses the CCP in terms of democracy, the legal system, power checks and balances, and operational efficiency.

Under the 70-year brainwashing rule of the CCP regime, the Chinese had lost their sense of democracy for too far and too long. The National People’s Congress of Communist China has ruined democratic and fair discussions. It ruled by the so-called democratic consensus, leading to a very weak conception of the rule of law, democracy, and parliament in the Chinese people.

Western countries have been implementing a parliamentary system since the Roman Caesar period. They have thousands of years of practical experience and the concept of rules has been branded in their hearts. However, thousands of years of tradition leads to the loss of a sense of rules among the Chinese people. We need a relatively long time to gradually transit to a democratic system under the rule of law. Therefore, the NFSC will again play a pivotal role. It requires the people to express their desire for democracy, the G-series have made a significant contribution to the expression of public opinion.

The Chinese people must be awakened and rise up. The NFSC must let more Chinese people know the rights we have; we can no longer be enslaved. The freedom of the NFSC people is coming soon.




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