Live broadcast by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon on the situation of Hong Kong


Guo Wengui: What we have seen in Hong Kong streets on August 31 are exactly the same as our intelligence has foretold.

From 4:00 pm to now, midnight. I am not in Washington; I am in Tucson of Arizona, 3 hours different.

My intelligence has told that as Hong Kong is going into night time, there will be fires ignited, traffic accidents and deaths. There will be gun shots and emergency measures.

Bigger things will happen, bigger than Hong Kong. It will be out of my expectations! I was shocked too with the news!

For days, I only had several hours of sleep, very tired, but just sleepless worrying about Hong Kong. I have been exchanging messages with our warrior friends in Hong Kong streets, warning them of unexpected fires. Information from the front is very important to me.

Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and New Territory are the places where the CCP has laid traps. Warrior friends there must be alerted to this. The ambitions and conspiracies of the CCP are far beyond Hong Kong.

This is unprecedented. The CCP government has turned the great international hub of Hong Kong into hell. But the Hong Kongers are still so disciplined and calm on the streets, never seen in the history of mankind. Still, the CCP branded them rioters and terrorists. Damn the CCP!

You and I are not in the streets of Hong Kong and are not smelling and tasting the tear gas and other bad smell of chemicals. That really is disgusting, hard to imagine. Poor Hong Kong people!

See the kids there? They are confronting the evil police, their lives under threat, and someone may die for it any minute. The smoke there will cause all kinds of diseases in their later lives.

Look at the scene there! It’s so frightening. But the kids are still there; they are not backing down!

When we see these poor but courageous Hong Kong people, using umbrellas as shields against the weapons of the police who are supposed to give protection, what a scene! What a scene that has been like this for two to three months.

Only because of the CCP, the powerful CCP regime that is now threatening the whole world so that people keep their mouths shut and eyes blind.

No one in the world now dares to stop this! No one! What a shame! This is a tragedy of humanity, and there is going to be more bloodshed and slaughter. But no one is doing things to stop it! Millions of eyes are watching and every eye can see what is right and wrong, but no one dares to speak out – the political leaders, the religious leaders! Where is Gautama Buddha? Where is Jesus Christ? Where is Muhammad?

Everyone of us has an angel and an evil in our mind. We pray for the good of Hong Kongers and at the same time we want big things happening there that will kill.

Mr. Steve Bannon is with me now; he’s sleeping in my bed right now. He also did not have much sleep in the past two days. He’s up now, brushing his teeth. Mr. Bannon, could you see something?

Steve Bannon: Good morning to the people of Hong Kong. Terrible! Terrible there! Tragedy!

As long as the CCP will not get people agree, they will not abide by the deal they got on the international stage, three years ago, twenty-five years ago, One Country Two Systems. What they want is one system. And the people in Hong Kong, as we see today will never agree on that.

What they are doing right now is actually enforcing the extradition bill. The bill is not yet operational, but they are already arresting innocent people.

You see the way, the CCP has no belief in everybody’s individual rights. They have a criminal mentality. They are using the Hong Kong police to enforce the illegal extradition law.

That’s why Guo’s broadcast has been so powerful. He’s done this day in and day out taking this to the west. Now the western countries can’t look away from Hong Kong.

Before they looked away, because the mainstream media did not have the coverage; now the whole world has to focus on Hong Kong. We are doing as much as we can, trying to make this out to the world and turn it out to be in favour of the Hong Kong people.

What we are seeing here videos about Hong Kong, Miles Guo told us three years ago that this was going to happen. He’s exposed to the world the criminal mentality of President Xi and Wang Qishan in this entire CCP apparatus; it is a criminal organization that thinks like criminals.

What they are protesting are the Five Demands. The CCP has never been able to make an argument on the world stage. You have never seen President Xi or Wang Qishan come forward; they have sent their functionaries; you’ve never seen them come forward and make it a case whether it’s legal or logical or rational. But these five demands are logical, rational and reasonable.

If you unite the Chinese people with English Common Law, nothing can stop them. And that’s what these kids in Hong Kong are fighting for. That’s why it’s such an important lesion for the entire world.

Is Carrie Lam going to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Yes? Or the Hong Kong people?

Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in the history of the world, created with no resources, out of a small fishing village. Because of English Common Law, if the Chinese people have the rule of law, with their hard-working and intelligence, the Chinese people will get something like Hong Kong, an incredible city, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Guo has been broadcasting this in the United States for thirteen weeks, but few people in the United States, in Washington could understand, of course on other topics for three years. Nobody would cover this in America; nobody cared; they thought this is going to go away, but Guo keeps saying that this is not going to go away soon. It’s only going to get worse.

It looks like to me they are going to enforce the martial law. The CCP is not going to be out on the world stage. This is humiliating them on the world stage. This is showing President Xi is not so powerful. The whole world say “Where is Xi? And where is Wang Qishan?” They are being humiliated on this broadcast live.

I think this is the power of the world. I don’t see the west allowing this to happen too much longer.

To be continued ….

By Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon
Translated and edited by staff


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