Mulan Star Liu Yifei used by the CCP as a BGY tool


“The Hard Drive from Hell”, first reported in Lude Media on September 24, followed by New York Post two weeks later, contains colossal evidence of CCP using BGY (Blue, Gold and Yellow) unrestricted warfare tactics to rein in circles like the BIDEN family that can insert influences on national policies.

The typical methods involve controlling the internet, money and sexual bribery, and much beyond. The action code G, for example, refers to the Green Plan, under which CCP provides organ transplant services to western dignitaries.

The CCP is protected by the West’s terminal lack of courage to face inhuman behavior, its confidence comes from the norm that when one commits crimes that are too heinous, the world will not want to believe it. Being aware of the CCP inferno is a crucial first step back on track of moral judgment.

“Miles Guo told me when I first met him,” Steven Bannon recalled during his October 20 livestream interview with Lude Media that “the ways CCP compromised people is BGY, i.e. online, women, money and gold. And Hunter Biden is a classic example of BGY.”

Alleged Laptop Leaker Claims China Offered Mulan Star Liu Yifei To Hunter Biden As “Sex Bribe”

A leaker who claims to be in possession of the contents stored on Hunter’s Biden laptop has alleged that the Chinese government offered Mulan star Liu-Yifei to the former Vice President’s son as a “sex-bribe.”

As initially reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Wang Ding Gang, better known as Lude, has been a prominent figure in the ongoing saga of Hunter Biden’s purported laptop.

A Chinese dissident and eponymous founder of the YouTube news channel LUDE Media, Lude has spent the month of October leaking documents and information he claims to have obtained from the reputed laptop.

In an October 26th video, while discussing an image allegedly taken from a CCP hidden camera depicting Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine, Lude asserted that the image also depicted another person “lighting the crack for him.”

“Now who is this somebody?” Lude asked rhetorically. “Surprisingly, she is Liu Yifei, the actress who played Mulan.”

Lude then insinuates that the actress is connected to the Chinese government through a man named Zhang Hongwei, whom “manages money and connections for Liu Yifei” and “has a very close relationship with Xi Jiping and Wang Huning.”

While Lude did not explicitly state on the livestream that the CCP offered the actress as a bribe, on his Parler account, Lude subsequently ‘echoed’ (the platform equivalent of a retweet) a post that stated “The Chinese Communist Part (CCP) used Liu Yifei, a famous Chinese movie star (who plays Mulan in the Mulan movie) to sex-bribe Hunter Biden.”

It is important to stress that, as of writing, this information currently remains unverified by a source independent of Lude himself.

By Spencer Baculi

Mulan “Billion Fei” in the “Hard Drive from Hell”

Let the battle begin.

General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) XI Jinping has waged the ‘Ultimate Battle’ around the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, betting on potential BIDEN victory to guarantee CCP regime in power for another century. The Whistleblower Movement fights back starting with a two-week information combat focusing on BIDEN family criminal network links with the CCP.

As part of the Unrestricted Warfare, CCP has exercised its BGY strategy on BIDEN family network to full effectiveness. The action code BGY, abbreviated for Blue, Gold and Yellow, represents tactics CCP uses to control individuals and networks of the West, such as BIDEN family, through information control, money and sex bribery, respectively. The sexual dealings between the Democrat presidential nominee’s son HUNTER Biden and Disney movie Mulan starring actress LIU Yifei revealed in the ‘Hard Drive from Hell’ is just one example of CCP propelling its BGY strategy at full power to manipulate western businesses, political figures, and media.

On September 25, Whistleblower Movement’s Lude Media first broke the information in live broadcast on YUE Xinyu, the proxy of XI Jinping and real chief behind many CCP corporations and shady business deals. On September 26, Lude further exposed that YUE Xinyu had “contracted” LIU to be his mistress at a cost of CNY 1 billion per year, thus earning LIU Yifei the name “Billion Fei” on the internet. The sex photos and videos of LIU and HUNTER in the “Hard Drive from Hell” dated back to December 4, 2013 during Joe BIDEN’s trip to Beijing. HUNTER went along on that trip and signed a USD 1.5 billion agreement with Bohai Capital to found BHR, of which 10% equity share was reserved for the ‘Big Guy’, now confirmed Joe BIDEN.

Immediately after Lude Media broke the story, CCP applied information distortion techniques around the actress. Take a look at her Weibo, the popular social media platform for entertainers in China. The keyword “billion” leads to several results, “Billion Fei” being at the top. Interestingly, clicking on “Billion Fei” and links related to the scandal leads to no relevant information. Inside LIU’s Weibo, a tag says “rapid increasing fans”, suggesting a robustly growing fan base, and “retweets”, “comments” and “likes” are frequent. Comparing the numbers of retweets (R), comments (C) and likes (L) of her latest 10 Weibo with the 15 top-ranking female stars in China (LIU ranks the 16th), her followers are new and have little or no track record. The sum of her RCL (yellow shaded) is only less than the two influencers (blue shaded). However, by a close look at the number of comments, we find LIU’s comments percentage (17.2%) much higher than the two influencers (8.8% and 3.7%, respectively). Most comments under LIU’s Weibo are meaningless, some are sequence numbered, feeding suspicions that they were paid clicks sent from fixed accounts.

Beyond China boarder, as the hard drive story took on wings, CCP activated its “silent powers” that have been planted in all corners of the world to block and censor. Twitter shut accounts of Whistleblower Movement followers by thousands in one single day. As a result, many Whistleblowers and activists move their battlefront to less CCP controlled Parler. Whistleblower Movement’s own media – GNews, GTV, Lude Media – are under constant attack. Fighters around the globe voluntarily engage in a marathon of information relay. As soon as a new piece of CCP BGY evidence is released, they pass it on, knowing that their social media accounts may be again shut down in the next minute. Meanwhile, mainstream media that themselves had been compromised by CCP BGY are from self-censoring to telling straight lies to the public.

While addressing the ‘Ultimate Battle’ to his team, XI Jinping stated with confidence that BIDEN would win victory in 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. His confidence is rooted in depredation of universal value and justice. It is for the world to fight it out.

Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞) Editor: 孔雀

Liu Yifei came under controversy in August 2019 for supporting the Hong Kong police

Yifei sparked a “#BoycottMulan” movement on social media when the actress posted about her support of the Hong Kong police on her Weibo account (a popular Chinese social media platform) in the midst of the city’s citizens staging pro-democracy, anti-police brutality protests that have been taking place for weeks in summer 2019.

The protests started in response to the extradition bill that the territory’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam (which mainland China backs) introduced in April 2019. That bill would allow people charged with crimes in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China for trial and punishment. Lam put it on hold after the initial protests but has not withdrawn it completely and refuses to step down from her position, despite protestors’ demands for her to do so. Hong Kong (more democratic and a former British colony) and mainland China (run by a communist government) are supposed to exist under a “one country, two systems” policy until at least 2047, giving Hong Kong more autonomy. Read an in-depth piece about the protests and the situation between mainland China and Hong Kong on Time here; there’s a lot to it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yifei posted an image with Chinese text on it that translates to: “I support Hong Kong’s police, you can beat me up now. What a shame for Hong Kong.” She added the hashtag, “IAlsoSupportTheHongKongPolice” and a heart emoji. The post was taken down on her page but not before people noticed and took a screenshot.

Her Instagram account was filled with comments from people accusing her of supporting police brutality. #BoycottMulan trended on Twitter, and her comments made global headlines.

When asked to reflect on the controversy in a February 2020 interview with The Hollywood ReporterYifei said, “I think it’s obviously a very complicated situation and I’m not an expert. I just really hope this gets resolved soon.” When pressed further, Liu declined to say more other than,”I think it’s just a very sensitive situation.”

By Alyssa Bailey (Elle)
Edited by Staff


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