Liu Xin, courageous CCTV host challenging the U.S., will be the newest victim of trade war


Verbal attack exchanges between CGTN host Liu Xin and Fox News host Trish Regan have won more than 20 million views in the popular Sina Weibo platform in just two days.

In contrast to the heated reactions on Sina Weibo and overseas social media, South China Morning Post and most other state-run media in China have kept their mouths shut on the fight between these two beautiful ladies.

Liu Xin claimed she represents herself and told her challenger not to brand her CCTV. But as it is commonly understood that everyone working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a media host has lost her personal identity. Liu Xin could no longer represent herself when she stood onto the stage of CGTN.

According to Wall Street Journal on Feb. 5th, CGTN has registered as a foreign agent under orders from the Justice Department, a public filing shows, as the Trump administration takes a harder line on Chinese government-led activities in the U.S.

And later in March, the New York Times reported the state broadcaster is recalling the head of its American arm and more than a dozen other employees back to China in a leadership shake-up as scrutiny grows in the United States over the unit’s connections to Beijing. We don’t know if Liu Xin was among those employees recalled to Beijing.

Netizens are eager to see the debate between CGTN host Liu Xin and Fox News host Trish Regan scheduled by themselves at 8:00 pm Wednesday night. We hope Liu Xin won’t retreat under CCP’s framework.

Sadly for Liu Xin, this is a no-win debate, although she would certainly win more fame if not shame. To most overseas Chinese, Mr. Regan stands on the side of justice and truth while Liu Xin takes the side of the CCP dictatorship.

If we look into the resume of Liu Xin on Baidu, we can find that the media host has won a remarkable career in the first part of her life.

A Sina blog post entitled “Liu Xin’s new starting point – a CCTV journalist to Geneva” tells about her journey from Beijing to Europe.

“In my last blog post, I have released the news of my temporary good-bye to the English Channel. Many friends guess where I am going. Because of uncertainty, I did not make it public days ago. Now everything is clear and I am going to tell you this – I have officially said good-bye to my hosting position of the English Channel and will be going to Geneva of Switzerland in one or two months. After setting up CCTV’s Geneva Bureau there, I will work for three years as a journalist.” Instead of three, she stayed there for six years during which she formed her new family.

On April first of 2017, the Paper published a long article about Liu Xin as an English host of the Grand Propaganda Campaign in 20 years.

The Paper wrote, “In 1996, Liu Xin, on her first trip overseas as a year-two college student from the English Department of Nanjing University, presented a speech based on the life story of her grandmother and herself. The loving story touched the hearts of many British and won her the first price in the English competition.”

“Twenty years later in 2016, Liu Xin, with her fame of many years as chief journalist of the Geneva Bureau, returned to CCTV. Also saying good-bye to her husband and children of foreign citizenship, she once again stood up to the center of the CCTV stage. This time, she is going to tell her western audience more loving Chinese stories.”

We want to tell Liu Xin that we also love China, but not the China under the rule of the Communist Party. We want to hear her telling about more loving stories about freedom and dignity for all Chinese.

Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow yesterday, “We want to ask Liu Xin, are you a patriotic Chinese? If you love your country so much, why did you marry a foreigner and let your two children become foreign citizens? Why haven’t you moved your home to Beijing? You married a westerner and left your kids behind in the west world; and at the same time you have proclaimed you love China. What’s the base of your reasoning to challenge the Fox girl? If Fox New gave you a job offer, I think you are most pleased to accept it. Don’t tell lies for CCP! CCP is now really nervous and frightened. The system is in chaos now. They are fully aware of the obstacle ahead, so they have planned for a series of countermeasures against the U.S.”

Truly, if Liu Xin is a European citizen (probably Turkish or German) and no longer a Chinese citizen, her patriotism has become a bubble easy to blow up. That might be the main reason why many state-run media have kept silent on her challenges.

At any critical time, the CCP government would easily dispose of anyone who has contributed to their achievements. Liu Xin is no exception, as she has to become a pawn in CCP’s strategy.

As the debate escalates, there is no doubt that Liu Xin would soon be a victim of this trade war and a joke under communist ideology.

We have said repeatedly that anyone who falls into love with the CCP regime will end in disasters. We are sorry to say that Liu Xin’s career has been ruined by this debate yet to come. Or she might have a better career future in a new China without the Communist Party.

By Winnie Troppie


  1. Liu Xin is representing all Chinese People! She is brave and knowledgeable. As a Chinese I would like to tell you I am proud of China’s Communist Party especially by comparing with Donald Trump…..

  2. Many comments support to Liuxin, and also many bad words on twitter to her. But after looking, the bad words are emotional and talk in shrewish way. They live in their imagine, they don’t know China at all, but judge us on nothing. They used to follow USA, don’t dare say No. Some person even say Chinese will put in jail because use app. That is so funny, and so ignorant. We respect our Communist leader, and happy that The Communist not USA lead us! Or we will like Iraq, lost our home. Liuxin, we all support you! I love my country.

  3. Bravo Liu Xin, I admire your resolve, energy to debate this. Our world can learn a lot from others and I wish you well. Keep up the energy and courage. american and canadian

  4. I am a Western journalist and I know LIU Xin personally. Shame on anyone who discounts her intelligence, morality and ethics. She is a strong woman…a woman who loves her family, her country and career. My life is better for knowing her. Peace and strength, LIU Xin!


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