Romance of the West Chamber 1-2

Chapter 1-2 The other day, I gave the master some money, asking him to help do a service at the temple for the death...

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 06

Each passage of discourse is bound to contain several superb images that invariably delight the reader and cause him to burst out laughing.

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 03

The Carnal Prayer Mat or The Before Midnight Scholar, is a 17th-century Chinese erotic novel published under a pseudonym but usually attributed to Li Yu. It was written in 1657 and published in 1693 during the Qing dynasty.

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 09

If Vesperus had acted three months earlier than he did, the neighbor's loss of her chastity would have coincided with Fragrance's preservation of hers.

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 04

The Knave's character is ten times better than Vesperus's. It was not Vesperus, but the Knave, who swore brotherhood with a thief.

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 08

Chapter 08 After Vesperus cultivates himself for three months, a friend eyes him anew; When he flaunts his looks just once, a beauty loses her heart. Lyric: Song...

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 02

Verperus is the male lead of a play in which Lone Peak is a supporting character. If anyone else had been writing this nobel, he would certainly have begun with Vesperus and brought in Lone Peak as his visitor; that is the orthodox method of fiction writing.

The Carnal Prayer Mat Chapter 07

Readers should pay particular attention to this kind of passage, chewing the olive inside the date until they can taste its flavor. The author's profundity is apparent well before the end of his book.

Romance of the West Chamber 1-4

Chapter 1-4 Today is the fifteenth of February and the monks are preparing the instruments for the service. Madam and mistress are ready for...

Romance of the West Chamber 1-1

Chapter 1-1 Humbly my surname is Zhang, given name Gong; people call me Junrui. I come from Western Luoyang. My father was the former...

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