Chapter 26 – Chu Feng is a Fierce Person

“Damn! What happened?”

The two slaps from Su Mei were extremely clear. Not only did it completely confuse the Dragon and Tiger brothers, she even stunned the observing crowd.

Wasn’t Su Mei trying to catch that Chu Feng? Weren’t the brothers trying to help Su Mei? What is this situation, and why did Su Mei hit the brothers? She even looked like she cared about Chu Feng and it completely scrambled everyone’s minds.

“What are you looking at? What’s there to look? If you keep on looking I’ll scoop your eyes out.”

Just at that time, Su Mei suddenly turned around. The cuteness from her beautiful face was no longer there and her pair of eyes shot two cold rays out, completely scaring the crowd back.

“Oi, are you fine?” After terrifying the crowd, Su Mei walked towards Chu Feng.

“I’m fine, this is nothing.” Chu Feng stood up and used his fingers to wipe away the blood on his lips. A small bite wound also appeared.

“You…You bastard.” At that instant, Su Mei suddenly understood. He wasn’t spitting blood from the attacks, it was just him acting for his own entertainment. And that acting was so real that it even tricked her.

At that time, at that instant, Su Mei really wanted to jump over and scratch Chu Feng’s face until it was full of flowers, but she still wanted to rope him in so she endured. She turned around, looked at the brothers then said, “Follow me.” After that, she quickly walked out of the surrounding crowd.


That moment, the Dragon and Tiger brothers were full of anger. However you say it, they were still famous people in the inner court, and after Su Mei’s slap in front of the crowd, their faces were non-existent.

But because of Su Mei’s status, they didn’t dare to do anything to Su Mei. Their strength was far from her as well. So, at the end, they could only coldly snort and obediently follow.

After arriving at an empty place where there were no people, Su Mei sighed and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry for just now, it’s just that Chu Feng has his special areas. I also just found out about it so we can’t offend him.”

Su Mei wanted to tell the brothers that Chu Feng had the Spirit Power and he very likely had cultivated in the Mysterious Techniques, but after considering that those were Chu Feng’s secrets, she did not say the completely truth.

Hearing Su Mei’s words, the brothers deeply thought at the same time. Where did that Chu Feng excel to gain Su Mei’s good impression?

And after Su Mei and the two brothers left, Chu Feng was very bored. So, he tidied up his clothes and left the crowd. He did not want to attract any unneeded troubles.

“Chu Wei, that was…”

Just at that time, 10 people walked out from the crowd. It was Chu Wei, Chu Zhen and the others. Two of their bags were full and it could be said that they had a great harvest, but those were only low quality spiritual medicine.

They also saw the scene that just happened, and at that moment they were very astonished.

It seemed that Chu Feng being invited by the Wings Alliance was not only a coincidence, and there was indeed an unexplainable relationship.

“You’ve also heard that in this year’s inner court disciple exam, there was a fierce person that killed 40 Fierce Beasts by themself right?” After some thought, Chu Wei opened his mouth.

“Of course we’ve heard of it. That guy was really strong, and he’s a character that is heatedly discussed in the inner court. But he hid himself too well so no one knows who he is.” There were no ends of praise as everyone mentioned that person.

“Then if the Wings Alliance was choosing a new member within the new disciples, who do you think would become their target of invitation?” Chu Wei asked.

“Of course it would be that fierce person.” The crowd had the same thoughts.

“Chu Wei, do you mean?” Suddenly, a person reacted to it. After all, until today, the only new disciple that the Wings Alliance invited was Chu Feng.

But to connect the Chu Feng in their impressions to that idol-like fierce person was almost impossible to them.

So, that was why there was a person that rejected that, “Impossible. How could Chu Feng be that fierce person?”

“Do you truly understand Chu Feng? Ever since entering the Azure Dragon School, you’ve only teased Chu Feng because he couldn’t enter the inner court. Who would know his true strength?”


With Chu Wei words, everyone was mute and could not say anything because his words were the truth. Ever since when they were small, they looked down on Chu Feng and felt that he was not part of the Chu family. Yet, he hung the title of being part of the Chu family and they saw him as shameless.

Other than humiliating Chu Feng and degrading him, no one truly knew him.

“I agree with Chu Wei’s words.” Just at that time, the silent Chu Zhen finally spoke, “We all underestimated Chu Feng and because of that, my brother Chu Cheng paid the price. I hope that you guys don’t offend Chu Feng anymore or else you will certainly regret it.”

After saying that, Chu Zhen left first. Chu Wei and the others also sank into deep thought because they also knew the reason why Chu Cheng did not participate in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

After some hurrying on the road, Chu Feng finally walked out of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and arrived at the plaza at the entrance. At that moment, there were already large amounts of inner court disciples gathered there.

A lot of people’s harvest were not bad, and the plaza was very lively as people talked about the interesting things that happened in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

“Chu Feng.” A familiar voice came, and Chu Yue’s ground was looking at him from nearby.

Chu Yue’s group had 11 people, and other than Chu Yue and two other Chu family members, the rest were the people that joined into the Chu Alliance at a later time.

Those people were very polite to Chu Feng, so Chu Feng’s impression on them were not bad. Since he saw them, naturally, he would go over and greet them.

“Oh? Chu Feng’s harvest is not bad, you actually got two full bags.”

“Yeah, it’s quite impressive that one person got more than all of us. We didn’t know which ones were spiritual medicines, so for face we have some weeds here.. Haha…”

But just as Chu Feng got closer, the two other Chu family members were speaking sarcastically at Chu Feng’s bag. They did not believe that Chu Feng was able to gather more than the 11 of them by himself.

Seeing that, Chu Yue wanted to scold, but not even letting her speak, Chu Feng said first, “Chu Yue, you will almost break through to the 5th level of the Spirit realm right? Take these as a younger brother’s respect.”

As Chu Feng said that, he put his hand into his bag, and when his hand came out, a bunch of spiritual medicine came out as well and he stuffed all of them onto Chu Yue’s arms.

“Chu Yue, I have things to do so I’ll leave first.”

Chu Yue was stunned by Chu Feng’s sudden movements. When she came back to her senses, Chu Feng already walked far. She could only see that the people around her were surprisingly staring at her arms and their eyes were filled with admiration.

She looked down, and instantly, Chu Yue was stupefied. Within her arms, there were 13 red spiritual medicines. Those were not the low quality Ground Spirit Grass. They were the medium quality Sky Spirit Grasses.

No one could stay calm as they thought about Chu Feng’s bags that were possibly full of these Sky Spirit Grasses.

Of course, if they knew that in Chu Feng’s other bag was full of Saint Spirit Grasses, many people would even have thoughts of dying.

Chapter 27 – Strange Marks

“Chu Yue, it seems that your harvest is not bad.” Chu Wei’s sound came and his group also slowly came over as well.

“This…You guys went and hunted Sky Spirit Grasses, and you even got so many!” When Chu Wei and the others came and saw the Sky Spirit Grasses in Chu Yue’s arms, they were completely shocked.

The price of one Sky Spirit Grass was equivalent to 20 Ground Spirit Grasses. So the 13 Sky Spirit Grasses in Chu Yue’s arms were already more precious than everything Chu Wei and the others had.

“No, these weren’t hunted by us. They were given to me by Chu Feng.” As Chu Yue said that, she stuffed the 13 Sky Spirit Grasses into her waist purse.

When she did that movement, almost everyone drooled from admiration. Especially the two people that humiliated Chu Feng before. They even had the heart to die from tofu collision.

[TN: Not meant to be literally translated, but it sounds funny.]

It was because their provocation to Chu Feng just now were like beggars with two copper coins boasting their wealth to a rich person with thousands of coins on their waist. It was extremely laughable.

“Chu Yue, you’re saying that these were given to you by Chu Feng, is it possible that…”

Chu Wei and the others lost all colour from their faces as they suddenly remembered Chu Feng’s bags that were extremely full.

“Chu Wei, Chu Yue, something happened, Chu Feng he…”

At that time, Chu Xue and the others quickly ran over and her face was extremely ugly.

“Chu Xue, what happened? Did Chu Feng bully you?”

As they saw Chu Xue’s appearance that seemed like she lost her soul and also Chu Gao’s injuries on his leg, everyone from the Chu Alliance surrounded them and they even thought that it was Chu Feng who bullied Chu Xue and the others.

And when Chu Xue described the events that happened, everyone went silent.

According to what Chu Xue said, to save her, Chu Feng was surrounded and attacked by three level 5 Spirit realm experts. He should have been in danger, and even if he did not die he would have been crippled.

But they saw Chu Feng just now. Not only was he not even scratched, he was full of liveliness. How did that even look like a person that was injured?

And what did that mean? It meant that Chu Feng could not lose against three experts of the level 5 Spirit realm, or he could at least retreat with everything intact.

How did Chu Feng have that kind of strength? They didn’t even want to continue thinking about it, because as they did, they got more afraid.

“Chu Yue, you said that Chu Feng is fine?” Chu Xue asked with a full face of emotions, and at the same time she felt that it was inconceivable.

“Mm, Chu Feng is fine. We just saw him.” Chu Yue nodded and said.

“That’s great, Chu Feng is fine, that is really great…sob…” Her extreme happiness instantly turned into sorrow, and Chu Xue threw herself into Chu Yue’s arms, cried while saying,

“Chu Yue, I was wrong, we were wrong, only you were right…Chu Feng isn’t our enemy, he is the bravest one in our Chu family…If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, then I would have…sob…”

Facing that scene, Chu Yue felt even more gratified, as it seemed that Chu Xue really looked at Chu Feng in a different way.

“It seems that we’ve really looked at Chu Feng wrongly.” Chu Wei sighed and there was a bit of shame on his face. Knowing Chu Xue’s experience, everyone looked at Chu Feng at a different way.

And when all the disciples left the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, a group formed by elders can be the middle-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

At that moment, Su Rou, the master of the Martial Skill Building and various elders gathered there. They were looking at the nearby corpses of the 3 disciples while frowning.

But, with their position, they could only look and did not have the right to speak.

Because next to those corpses, a person wearing a white robe was carefully observing. That person was very significant in the Azure Dragon School, and even core elders had to be careful around him.

That person’s white robe was very special, as it was full of strange marks and special patterns. The white robe was very large as well. Not only did it conceal the person’s clothing, it even concealed his face and tightly covered the entire person.

“After all these years, he has reappeared at last.” Finally, an aged voice came from the white robe.

“Elder Zhuge, you’re saying…it’s the Thousand Bone Graveyard?” Su Rou went up and asked.

“What else could it be other than the Thousand Bone Graveyard?”

“You inner court elders really neglect your duties too much. You only report in after the Thousand Bone Graveyard appears. Do you know that you all delayed a lot of things?”

“Simply a bunch of rice buckets. All of you are garbage. Why do I even need you?” After Su Rou’s question came the white robe old man’s angry scolding. Everyone could feel the anger of that person.

“Hmph” After that scolding, the elder waved his big sleeve and disappeared without even leaving a single trace of him.

After he left, everyone relaxed and deeply exhaled. In front of that person, they really did not even dare to breath deeply, and no one dared to go up and ask a question like how Su Rou did.

“This old guy. Is he not a bit too excessive? This Thousand Bone Graveyard was already like an illusion, and even the spells that he set up could not detect it. How should we know when it would appear!” Su Rou said while fuming.

“Be a bit quieter. It was really too hard for our Azure Dragon School to get this person. Not only us, even the sect head had to be extremely respectful. We really can’t offend this person.” Ouyang went up and dissuaded Su Rou, and he was afraid that she would offend that white robe old man.

“Hmph, I see that he only ungenuinely joined the Azure Dragon School. Searching for the treasures of the Thousand Bone Graveyard would be his real goal.” Su Rou coldly snorted and did not accept that.

“It’s said that the Thousand Bone Graveyard contained treasures, but those were only rumours. Today, anyone who enters would die so it could not be confirmed whether it’s the truth or lie.”

“The Thousand Bone Graveyard is already seen as a danger spot, and everyone’s feelings are anxious about that. If Zhuge can break this Thousand Bone Graveyard, then so what if the treasures are given to him?”

“Just afraid that he isn’t up for it.” Su Rou curled her lips.

“Girl, speak one less sentence.” Ouyang was obviously helpless while facing the stubborn Su Rou, “That’s right, did the Wings Alliance invite that boy?”

“Ahh, that boy really makes my head hurt. I heard Su Mei say that he refused the invitation.” Su Rou sighed as they mentioned Chu Feng.

“Oh?” Ouyang got distracted for a bit, but then smiled and said, “This boy is quite interesting.”

Chu Feng returned to his residence, and the first thing he did was to take a bath comfortably. But just as he took off his clothes and before even entering the path, Chu Feng’s face changed greatly.

“This…This is…”

Looking at his own chest, Chu Feng’s gaze flickered and his face was extremely ugly.

Because on his chest, a strange pattern appeared. The reason why it was strange was because those patterns were created from countless symbols.

Every symbol were as if they were alive. They were moving around in Chu Feng’s skin, and it was extremely horrifying.

Chu Feng used his hand and powerfully rubbed his chest a few times and tried to wipe away the strange patterns, but no matter what, those symbols were like living under his skin and he had no way of getting rid of them.

Seeing those dense symbols that were swimming back and forth in his own skin, Chu Feng was incomparably depressed, yet he could do nothing.

“It seems like I haven’t gotten rid of the curse from the Thousand Bone Graveyard.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng smiled in relief. He knew that this was the souvenir that the Thousand Bone Graveyard left him. No matter if that thing was good or bad, the current him was helpless either way, so he could only leave it up to fate.

Since he could not do anything about it, Chu Feng didn’t bother thinking anymore. Might as well pretend that nothing happened. So, he jumped into the bath and enjoyed his current life.

Chapter 28 – The Change in Attitude

Time proceeded and with a blink, several days passed. In those few days, Chu Feng did not even take a step outside. Other than studying the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles, he was refining spiritual medicine.

In a short few days, Chu Feng went from a wealthy person to a poor person with nothing. But, luckily, his dantian was filled up quite a bit, and with his estimations, he could breakthrough once more after another Spiritual Bead.

But, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt only happened once a year and the Spiritual Bead was a top quality spiritual medicine. If he didn’t rely on Su Mei, how could Chu Feng have picked up such a deal? So he also knew that wanting to breakthrough again was not easy.

Without him feeling it, the day of the Chu family gathering also arrived. On that day, 3 familiar people came and visited.

“Chu Yue, Chu Xue, Chu Wei?”

Chu Feng was a bit caught off guard when he saw the 3 people outside. It wasn’t that strange for Chu Yue to come visit. But, he never would have thought that Chu Xue and Chu Wei could come as well.

“Chu Feng, the gathering is almost here. Come with us and we can return together.” Chu Yue smiled and said.

“Oh?” Chu Feng looked at Chu Wei and Chu Xue with a bit of hesitation.

“Chu Feng, let’s go back together. Everyone’s waiting for you!” Chu Xue also spoke, and other than sincere in her eyes there was also deep regret.

“Chu Feng, we may have misunderstood some things, but in the end, we are still family. I hope that you don’t put the past in your heart.” Chu Wei was also chuckling and there were some hints of admitting his errors in his tone.

Chu Feng thought for a while, but still said, “That’s fine.”

Chu Feng was not a narrow-minded person, or else he wouldn’t have saved Chu Xue that day. In any case, he was also planning to return to the Chu family, so it wasn’t bad to be able to chat with Chu Yue along the road.

They arrived at the gate of the Azure Dragon School, and indeed, the Chu family members were there waiting for Chu Feng. As they looked at Chu Feng, their gazes did not contain the past enmity. Rather, there was a bit more respect, and other than the respect there was also some embarrassment and some shame.

Although it was not confirmed, many people knew in their hearts that Chu Feng was likely the fierce person that slaughtered the 40 Fierce Beasts. He also got the recognition of the Wings Alliance, so how could they dare to offend Chu Feng when he was like this?

Chu Feng didn’t think too much about their change. After all, in Chu Feng’s heart, he viewed himself as a member of the Chu family. To get along with his family was naturally something that he yearned for.

But he also knew that it was his strength that caused their change in attitude. But why did that matter? After all, the world is as such. Even if it was family, seniors and juniors were divided by strength.

In the middle area of the Azure Province, there was a small town that was built against a mountain, and it was called the Leaning Mountain Town. The Chu family was the overlord of the Leaning Mountain Town, as they had control over the circumference of dozens of miles of land and resources.

The imposing gates of the Chu family were in front of their eyes. Fast horses arrived, and several impressive, young males and females jumped down. They were Chu Feng and the others from the Azure Dragon School.

“Look, the young masters from the Chu family have returned.”

“Purple-coloured robes. Those are the symbols of the inner court disciples of the Azure Dragon School right? Impressive. They are indeed from the Chu family.”

“That’s right. Talent is the most important thing on the road of martial cultivation. Old Yang, the boss of the east side of the town used up all his fortune to get his grandson into the Azure Dragon School. But after entering for a full 10 years, he was only at the 1st level for his martial cultivation. It is simply incomparable to the Chu family’s young masters.”

“That may not be so. I hear that there’s a person called Chu Feng in the Chu family, and even today he’s still an outer court disciple. Because he had no face to see anyone, he didn’t return home in many years.”

“Then you don’t know the full story. Although that Chu Feng has the status of a young master, he is not technically part of the Chu family. He was picked up by Chu Yuan, so it’s normal even if his talent isn’t equal to the other young masters.”

“Shh, you can’t randomly talk about that, or else you’ll have bad luck if you let Chu Yuan hear that.”

The arrival of Chu Feng and the others attracted countless observers from the town’s citizens. To them who had nothing to do with martial cultivation, anyone who cultivated were their idol.

“Young masters, you’ve returned.”

After entering the courtyard, the servants of the Chu family all surrounded them, and at the same time, it attracted many of the Chu family’s younger generations.

There were a lot of young people in the Chu family, but they all entered all different types of schools. So, when they knew that the people from the Azure Dragon School returned, all the other people from the other schools wanted to see what point Chu Wei, Chu Yue and the others reached.

“Oh? Isn’t this Chu Feng? You’ve finally entered the inner court for the Azure Dragon School?”

A sharp, unkind voice could be heard, and several young males and females walked over. The leading person was a handsome young man.

He was called Chu Xun, and he was the disciple of the second-rate Thousand Wind School. He was 18 years old this year and he had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Spirit realm. Same as most of the Chu family members, he had also been hostile towards Chu Feng since he was small.

“If I remember correctly, you also entered the Thousand Wind School inner court at the age of 15 right?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Hmph, you are correct, but after entering the inner court for a short 3 years I reached the 5th level of the Spirit realm. Do you think you can even compare to me?”

“Hehe. Entered the Thousand Wind School at the age of 10, but only stepped into the 5th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 18. Such slow improvement, yet displaying such arrogance. Can’t you be any better?”

“You’re looking down on me? Do you want to spar a bit?” Chu Xun’s face was very ugly, and he was really impatient to give Chu Feng a lesson.

“You aren’t even fit to spar with me.” Chu Feng shot him a glance of disdain and walked deeper into the Chu residence.

“Damn! Who gave him that confidence and dared to be so arrogant? He better not participate in the family’s competition or else I would beat him to death.” Looking at Chu Feng’s back, Chu Xun gritted his teeth in anger.

“Chu Xun, I advise that you don’t go and anger Chu Feng.” Just at that time, the brothers Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen walked over.

“What is your meaning? You think that I can’t beat him?” Chu Xun got even more angry.

Seeing that he was so stubborn, Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen were too lazy to pay attention to him and they went towards their own residence.

“Two pieces of garbage. How did they become so spiritless after one year?” Chu Xun glared at the two with disdain.

“The two of them are very correct. As your elder brother, I will also give you a few words of advice. That Chu Feng isn’t as weak as you think. I won’t say the specifics, so understand it as you wish.” Chu Wei also went up and patted Chu Xun’s shoulders.

After that, Chu Yue, Chu Xue, Chu Gao and the others also said some words with Chu Xun. Although it was very hidden, there were strong warning messages.

“These people. Have they gone stupid in the Azure Dragon School? No need to speak about Chu Yue, but why are Chu Wei and the others so cowardly?” Looking at the leaving backs of Chu Wei and the others, Chu Xun was a bit lost.

“That’s right. Didn’t Chu Wei and the Cheng Zhen brothers annoy Chu Feng the most? And also that Chu Xue. What happened to them?” At the same time, the people behind Chu Xun had confusion on their faces.

They could not understand. Chu Wei and the others were always humiliating Chu Feng without restraint last year. They left nothing behind and declared Chu Feng’s ugly things in the Azure Dragon School. Why did it seem that all of them completely changed?

Chapter 29 – Meeting of the Father and Son

In a certain residence hall in the Chu family, a middle-aged male and a young man were sitting.

The young man wore a white robe. He had a handsome face and his entire body was emitting a special aura.

That person was Chu Feng’s elder brother. He was an inner court disciple in the #1 school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School, Chu Guyu.

As for that middle-aged male, he was Chu Guyu’s and Chu Feng’s father, Chu Yuan.

*creak~* As the two of them were chatting, that tightly closed door was slowing being opened.

“Who said that you could enter without knocking? Leave.”

As he was talking happily with his son, there dared to be a person that intruded without permission. Chu Yuan angrily slammed the table and yelled. But, when the door completely opened and a thin, weak silhouette entered, and Chu Yuan’s angry expression was instantly frozen.

“Heh, father, brother.” Chu Feng scratched a bit and entered the hall while chuckling. These two people were the closest people to him.

“It’s you brother?” After seeing Chu Feng, Chu Guyu was extremely happy. With a few steps he arrived in front of Chu Feng and hugged him, “Brother, you’re finally back. I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve also missed you brother.” Chu Feng also hugged Chu Guyu strongly.

“I haven’t seen you in 5 years. You’ve grown tall and more handsome. I almost didn’t recognize you.” Chu Guyu carefully assessed Chu Feng and his eyes were filled with joy.

“But I am still not as tall as you.” Chu Feng said while laughing.

“You are only so old. In a few more years, you will certainly be taller than me.” Chu Guyu lovingly rubbed Chu Feng’s head.

“Why didn’t you even greet me when you came back?” Chu Yuan also walked over, and a unconcealable happiness was hung on his face. Although the Chu family members didn’t view Chu Feng as part of the Chu family, in Chu Yuan’s heart, Chu Feng was his son, and he was no different from Chu Guyu.

Seeing Chu Feng’s purple robe, Chu Yuan asked again, “You’ve entered the inner court?”

“Mm.” Chu Feng smiled as he nodded.

“Good. I was saying that my son Chu Feng wasn’t that bad.” Chu Yuan loudly laughed, and his laughter was unusually happy.

The three of them haven’t seen themselves in 5 years and they had an endless amount of things to say. They chatted for a good half day and didn’t even eat lunch.

“Mr. Chu Yuan, the master has asked for you and for young master Guyu to go over.” When it was afternoon, there was a call from outside of the residence.

That voice came from Chief Zhao, an outstanding minister for the Chu family. Although he was not part of the Chu family, his position was very high. So, at that moment, Chu Feng, his brother, and his father walked out of the residence.

“Chief Zhao, do you know why he has asked for us to go there?” Chu Yuan asked politely.

“It’s about the family gathering. All the members of the Chu family have went there.” Chief Zhao who had white hair smiled and said that.

“I see. Guyu, Feng’er, let’s go.” Chu Yuan looked at Chu Guyu and Chu Feng then prepared to walk towards the Chu family’s conference hall.

[TN: “Er” can mean “son”, but when it is added behind a name, it doesn’t mean too much other than a sign of a close relationship and as a filler character. (Sounds a bit better when you have “Feng’er” compared to just “Feng”)]

“Mr. Chu Yuan, the master only told you and young master Guyu to go.” Just as they were going to move, they were stopped by Zhao.

“What is this?!” Hearing that, Chu Guyu got very angry.

“Sigh…” Chief Zhao was quite calm, and he faintly smiled as he said, “This is the meaning of the master. I am just spreading the word.”

At that instant, not only Chu Guyu, but Chu Yuan’s face was very ugly was well. They said it was a family meeting, but they didn’t call Chu Feng. The meaning was very clear.

“Father, brother, you two go quickly. Don’t make grandfather unhappy.” Just at that time, Chu Feng spoke while smiling. His smile was very calm and his emotions were not even affected in the slightest. After being in the Chu family for so many years, he was already used to things like that.

And seeing Chu Feng like that, Chu Yuan’s heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife. He also felt that he wasn’t a qualified father, and he said while patting Chu Feng’s shoulder,

“Feng’er, I will guarantee that the next family meeting will include you.” After saying that, Chu Yuan went towards the conference hall with Chu Guyu.

“9th level, Spirit realm.” Chu Feng was overjoyed. He poured a thread of aura into Chu Yuan’s body just now, and what he felt was the aura of the 9th level.

Chu Feng knew what that meant. In the entire Chu family, except for the old generation, there was no one that reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm. So, it was the biggest hand that Chu Yuan had as a candidate.

9th level, Spirit realm. With only one more step, one could enter the Origin realm.

In the Origin realm, you no longer used spiritual energy. You used the Origin power.

It was a power that was far above spiritual energy. A realm that completely exceeded the Spirit realm. The current master of the Chu family, “Chu Yuan Ba” was only one who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

Chu Yuan was able to reach the 9th level of the Spirit realm at this age. The distance to the Origin stage was only the width of a string, so Chu Feng was truly happy and excited for him.

“Mr. Chu Yuan, something happened!”

Just at that time, an aged voice echoed and a large person ran in with a face of panic.

“Uncle Zhang, what happened?” Chu Feng recognized that person. He was one of the servants for the Chu family.

“Are…Are you young master Chu Feng?” Looking at Chu Feng, Zhang revealed a different face.

When Chu Feng left the Chu family, he was only a child that was 10 years old. There was a huge change with 5 years, but Zhang still vaguely recognized Chu Feng.

“That’s me.” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

“Young master Chu Feng. Fierce Beasts appeared in the ore mine behind the mountain.” Zhang said in panic.

“Fierce Beasts?” Chu Feng’s heart tightened, and he ran with flying speed to the back mountain without even thinking.

The ore mine behind the Chu family’s mountain was a very important source of income for the Chu family. But, the miners in the ore mine were mostly ordinary citizens. Even if there were people that knew a bit of martial arts, their power was very low.

Fierce Beasts. Chu Feng had saw them before. Even if it was the weakest rank 1 Fierce Beast, those miners could not take care of them. Chu Feng didn’t even want to think what would happen if the miners met the Fierce Beasts.

But just after Chu Feng left, the corners of Zhang curled up into a smile as his conspiracy prevailed.

“Uncle Zhang, thanks for your work.” Before Chu Feng left for long, Chu Xun walked over and gave Zhang some silvers.

“Hehe, just doing what I should.” Zhang took the silvers and said, “Young master Chu Xun. The Fierce Beasts were always in deep parts behind the mountain. How did you get them near the mines?”

“That’s a secret.”

“Young master Chu Xun, that’s really a good method. But, those Fierce Beasts seemed to gather more and more, and they were more and more terrifying as they came. I think that we should quickly go over.” Zhang’s hairs stood up straight as he thought about the Fierce Beasts that he saw near the mines.

“What is there to be afraid of? The strongest ones would not pass rank 3, and Chu Feng did train in the Azure Dragon School for 5 years. If he can’t even take care of a few Fierce Beasts then he’s better off dead.”

Chu Xun coldly snorted. The reason why he did all that work was to make Chu Feng suffer a bit. How could he go and save him?

“But, young master Chu Xun, if something really happens to Chu Feng and if Mr. Chu Yuan investigates it, then I’m afraid that it won’t be too good.” Zhang was still a bit worried.

“Fine. We’ll go and take a look.” After some thought, Chu Xun felt that Zhang was not incorrect. If Chu Feng died, then he died. But if Chu Yuan found out that Chu Feng’s death was related to him, then that would not be good.

As Chu Xun and Zhang entered the back mountain and before even arriving at the mines, they discovered that Chu Feng was surrounded by a huge group of miners and they were walking towards the two. The miners were even carrying some huge monsters. With a closer look, they were Fierce Beasts.

Chapter 30 – Monster

“Young master Chu Xun, you’ve come as well.”

“Ahh, those Fierce Beasts were too scary, but luckily, young master Chu Feng arrived just in time, or else I really wouldn’t even dare to imagine the ending.” Seeing Chu Xun, several miners ran over with lingering fear on their faces.

“Oh?” Only in that instant did Chu Xun find out that there were a total of 9 Fierce Beasts. Five rank 1s, three rank 2s, and one rank 3.

Those Fierce Beasts were nothing to him, but he felt that Chu Feng shouldn’t have been able to deal with them. Was it possible that Chu Feng already reached the 4th level of the Spirit realm?

But even if Chu Feng had the strength of the 4th level, it wasn’t possible to finish off so many Fierce Beasts at such a short period of time right?

“Chu Xun, thanks.”

As Chu Xun was in a state of confusion, Chu Feng smiled to him, and within the smile, there was actually few bits of gratitude.

At that instant, Chu Xun was thoroughly stupefied. Hiddenly, there was an uneasy feeling that spread across his heart, and without even thinking, he quickly ran over towards the ore mine.

“Young master Chu Feng, you killed all of these?” Zhang saw the Fierce Beasts that did not breathe and felt that it was unbelievable.

He clearly heard that Chu Feng was a piece of garbage that stayed in the 2nd level for many years. Even if he entered the inner court of the Azure Dragon School, at most he would be at the 3rd level. How could he kill so many Fierce Beasts with such a fast speed?

“So what?” Chu Feng put away his smile and looked at Zhang. Not only did he not have the previous gentleness, there were even some cold intents.

“No…No…Nothing. Just randomly asking.” Being stared by Chu Feng like that, Zhang backed off a few steps in fear and cold sweat came out from his forehead.

“Uncle Zhang, you’ve been in the Chu family for so long. Why are you getting more muddled as you get older?”

“Remember, as a servant, the things that you should ask, you should. The things that you shouldn’t ask, you shouldn’t. The things that you should do, you should. The things that you shouldn’t do…It is better not to do.”

There were meanings within meanings behind Chu Feng’s words, and Zhang had a pale face from fear. He could not say anything in that instant and his body was uncontrollably trembling.

Chu Feng coldly smiled as he saw him like that. That proved that his guess in his heart was correct.

“Young master Chu Feng, what should we do with these Fierce Beasts? Do we take them back to the Chu residence?” Dozens of miners surrounded him.

“No need to trouble the people in the residence with merely a few Fierce Beasts. Just bring them back home and eat them.” Chu Feng waved his hand as if it didn’t matter then walked towards the Chu residence.

“Thank you young master Chu Feng.” The miners were bursting with happiness. Fierce Beasts were strange monsters that could cultivate. Although their outer shell was as strong as steel, their meat was very delicious. It was said that after eating, not only would it strengthen one’s body, it would even make their lives longer. Everything was a treasure from top to bottom and it was an object of considerable cost.

But, Chu Feng gave such precious Fierce Beasts to them. How could they not be happy? And when they saw Chu Feng bare-handedly kill all the Fierce Beasts in an instant with their own eyes, the miners respected Chu Feng even more.

Near the mines, Chu Xun arrived at the place where he found the Fierce Beasts at first. After seeing that no one was around, he walked up to a huge tree and leaped up. When he fell back down, there was an extra wooden box in his hands that was full of small holes.

“Teacher was indeed correct. This thing can attract Fierce Beasts, but they cannot find this box. This is really a good thing to bait Fierce Beasts.”

“But to be able to attract the Fierce Beasts within the deep mountains… Other than a Spiritual Bead, normal spiritual medicine really cannot do the trick.”

As he said that, Chu Xun opened up the wooden box. But, when he opened it up, the colour of his face instantly changed greatly. He discovered with shock that the wooden box that originally contained the Spiritual Bead was empty.

“How did this happen? Where’s the Spiritual Bead?” Chu Xun fell on the ground with a poof, and his face was completely pale without colour.

Although the wooden box was passed down by his teacher, the Spiritual Bead was bought by his father with an extremely high price. His father was prepared to use it to break into the 9th level of the Spirit realm. If he let his father know that the Spiritual Bead was lost because of him, his father would undoubtedly strip his skin right off.

“Was it…” Suddenly, Chu Xun remembered the scene in which Chu Feng thanked him and he suddenly understood something. As he held onto the wooden box, he grinded his teeth and said, “Chu Feng, I’m not done with you.”

At the same time, Chu Feng already returned to his own room. He closed the door and took out a bead that had spiritual energy lingering around it from his pocket as he had an evil smile on his face.

“Chu Xun, thank you very much. After walking in such a huge circle, after wasting so much effort, you did all that just to give me this treasure and to help me break into the 6th level. Hehe, you are quite generous as an elder brother.”

Chu Xun would never have thought that Chu Feng had the Spirit power. Although the wooden box would confuse the smelling sense of the Fierce Beasts, it could not confuse Chu Feng’s Spirit power.

The moment that Chu Feng arrived, he immediately discovered that wooden box which contained the Spiritual Bead, and he determined that it was a trap created by humans.

While he was going back down the mountain and seeing Chu Xun and Zhang’s surprised expression, Chu Feng was even more sure that those two worked together and wanted to harm him. But they never would have thought that they weren’t able to harm and rather they suffered themselves.


After entering the stomach, the Spiritual Bead instantly became huge spiritual energies. But, before the huge spiritual energy even got the chance to spread, it was sucked by the dantian.

At that instant, Chu Feng could faintly hear the chewing sounds that were like a hungry wolf from his dantian.

When that sound disappeared, huge change happened in his dantian. The 9 Lightning Beasts growled and transformed once again.

When everything returned to normal, spiritual energy that was several times stronger than before surged out from his dantian and it filled every part of Chu Feng’s body.

“6th level, Spirit realm” Chu Feng opened his eyes and a happy smile was on his face.

A person that entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 15 would already be considered to be a genius. A person that went from the 2nd level to the 6th level under two months could only be described with one word——Monster!

Time flew, and with a blink, the day of the Chu family’s gathering arrived.

This so-called gathering was not simply a conference within the Chu family. It was also a display of the Chu family’s strength to the outside.

It was overcrowded in the Leaning Mountain Town’s martial arts training ground. Not only did it attract the town’s rich to come and watch, it also attracted many nearby powers.

Within these outside powers, some came with invitations, some came because of admiration, but their goals were all the same, and it was to see the current strength of the Chu family.

So when the main members of the Chu family appeared, the liveliness instantly rose to the boiling point.

“Look, it’s the master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba. ”

The person that everyone’s gaze first landed on was the old man who was leading. Although he was quite old, his back was like a tiger and his waist like a bear. As he walked, wind rose. And under those snow-white sword-like eyebrows, there was an imposing wave hiddenly emitting from it and it made people somewhat fearful.

That person was the grandfather of Chu Feng and the others, master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba. The only person in the Chu family that stepped into the Origin realm.

“Behind Chu Yuanba are the 6 sons of the Chu family right? All of them really do have out of the ordinary imposing and impressive presence. I wonder who the new master of the family will be.”

“What’s the rush? I hear that in today’s Chu family gathering, he will officially announce his retirement and the new master will also be selected.”

“Which means it’s going to be quite interesting today.”

As they thought of the most important part of today’s Chu family gathering, everyone was already unable to endure their excitement.

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