Chapter 21 – Change

“Hurry and run.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, the three Sword Alliance members started to escape.


However, their running didn’t matter. The strange gas that filled the air was as though they found their target, and with lightning speed, it flew towards the three people.


As they faced such strange substances, the three of them started crazily waving their iron sword in their hands, but it was useless towards the gas. It was not affected by it in any way, and at the end, the gas entered their brains.


At that instant, the faces of the three people already changed greatly. They threw away the iron swords in their hand, covered their head, then started painfully wailing.

Chu Feng could clearly see that their faces went from white to green, from green to purple, and they were kneeling on the ground at first, but then they started rolling around. One could tell that they were suffering from huge waves of pain.

But the painful wailing only lasted for a moment. Very quickly, the three of them breathed no more, and with the limp of their legs, they died. Their death faces were extremely abnormal.

Their faces were swelled, bled from the seven facial orifices, their eyes bulged out, and even their hair started to fall. It was as terrifying as it could get.


But the more terrifying thing to Chu Feng was the strange gas.

After the torturous death of the three people, the gas that went into their brains went back out. At the same time, the strange gas from all around started slowly floating towards Chu Feng.

“Please save me.”

As he panicked, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the mysterious old man because he found out that the gas was floating all around except for the area around the old man. Which meant, more or less, the mysterious things were afraid of the old man.

But not only did Chu Feng’s cry of help not gain the sympathy of the old man, it even agitated the strange gas all around him and at that moment, they attacked Chu Feng with lightning speed.


Seeing that the situation was not good, Chu Feng’s body moved and he madly ran towards that old man. He wanted to use the guy to escape the calamity. However, he underestimated the speed of the strange gas.

Just after running for a few steps, Chu Feng felt a wave of pain from his brain as if something entered his consciousness and was tearing his brain apart.


Quickly after, the pain kept on increasing and Chu Feng already knew that a large amount of the strange gas entered his brain. Those things were like eating his body and they brought unbearable pain.

Under those circumstances, Chu Feng had no way of resisting and very quickly, he fell to the ground. He started rolling back and forth just like the three Sword Alliance members from before while loudly wailing.

As he looked at that scene, the mysterious old man was not moved at all. However, the strange smile that was on his face slowly dimmed down and replacing it was a disappointed curve.


But just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly started snarling. A white ray spread out from his head like a whirlpool and started swirling around it. In an instant, all the strange gas within a circumference of several meters got blown away like dust and smoke.

After snarling, Chu Feng laid on the ground without power and went unconscious. But that white ray whirlpool kept on swirling with him as the core.

Under the protection of the swirl of light, the strange gas from all around did not dare to get any closer to Chu Feng. Even the ear-piercing noises from before became a lot deeper and lower as if they were scared.


Facing that change, the expression of the mysterious old man changed and a pleasant surprise surged from both of his eyes. After that, he waved his big sleeve and a strange wave spread everywhere. All the gas went back into the white bones.

When the strange gas disappeared, the swirl of light around Chu Feng’s body also slowly went back into Chu Feng’s brain.

“After waiting for almost a thousand years, I finally met a mouldable person. I hope that you don’t disappoint me.” The old man’s body moved, floated in midair then slowly glided in front of Chu Feng.

After that, his fingers extended and he pointed at Chu Feng’s chest. Several firefly-like glowing objects flew out from his fingers and shot into Chu Feng’s chest.

When those glowing objects went through Chu Feng’s clothes and entered his body, the clothes were undamaged, but his chest started to have several dots of glow.

The old man silently stared at Chu Feng until the glow disappeared from Chu Feng’s chest, then he slowly closed his eyes.

Suddenly, with the old man in the middle, a fierce dark green hurricane started swirling around and the hurricane had dots of essence which contained incomparable, terrifying pressure. Instantly, it engulfed the mountain forest.

The strange thing was that the hurricane did not rise up into the air, rather, it started going down into the ground. Finally, it went deep into the soil and the vast white bones also disappeared.

After the violent hurricane, all the flowers, grass and trees in the forest were not changed in anyway and the night sky also covered the land again.

The only change was the fainted Chu Feng and the three dead members of the Sword Alliance.

A gentle wind passed and brought slight bits of chill. That chill also made Chu Feng recover his senses as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Mm, what happened? Was I dreaming?”

Chu Feng sat up, and while he massaged his aching head, he scanned around. He found out that the scary scene from before completely disappeared, and it made him feel that the previous experience was only a dream.

“This isn’t right.”

When Chu Feng’s gaze landed on the three Sword Alliance members, he suddenly stood up. As he looked at the horrifying death conditions, he knew that the previous events really did happen.

“That’s too scary. Why is there such a strange place in this Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

“Thousand Bone Graveyard. Where did that come from? Who is that mysterious old man?”

Chu Feng was completely shocked. Everything that happened up to this point was unimaginable because everything that happened already exceeded his bearable range.


Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly heard the sound of footsteps and he knew that people were coming close.

Looking at the situation, Chu Feng turned around and escaped deeper into the forest.

He needed to leave because he could not let people know that he was connected to the three Sword Alliance members or else he would have no way of explaining it.

He couldn’t say that they entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard from the legends, and then the three got killed while he was not even scratched right?

It was too strange, and even if he told people, no one would believe it. Even if people did believe it, Chu Feng would become a strange person in the Azure Dragon School so he needed remove all connections.

As Chu Feng ran, he quickly found out that something was different about him. He felt that his senses were extremely clear. Even the grass moving from the wind was detectable by him. He never had that feeling before.

“Is my head so sensitive because there is too much spiritual energy in this Spiritual Medicine Mountain combined with the silence of the night?”

Chu Feng tried to find out why he had better senses, but he suddenly stopped his footsteps. Instantly, both of his eyes lit up and a surprised look emerged from his face.

He felt a strange energy moving, and although it was still fairly far, he could confirm that it was a Sky Spirit Grass.

Chapter 22 – The Great Battle Between the Girl and the Monster

“I’m…not imagining this am I?”

Chu Feng was shocked to be able to feel where the spiritual grass was located at, and of course, Chu Feng knew what that meant.

If that feeling was real, it meant that in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, he was like a fish in water.


Thinking to that point, Chu Feng did not hesitate and walked towards the direction in which he felt something from. He wanted to completely investigate it.

As he got closer, Chu Feng got more happy because the movements of the Sky Spirit Grass in his brain was getting stronger and stronger, which more or less meant that his feeling was not an illusion.

When Chu Feng passed another bush, he saw a red plant in front of him. It was the Sky Spirit Grass.

The Sky Spirit Grass was quite a bit better than the Ground Spirit Grass. The red branches and trunk emitted a red glow and it looked like it was on fire. It seemed especially beautiful during the night.

“Little thing, after toying around with me for a whole day, I’ll see if you can escape me this time.”

As he saw the Sky Spirit Grass, Chu Feng did not stop and instantly rushed forward. He concentrated his spiritual energy at the bottom of his feet and his speed doubled in an instant. Within a blink, he arrived in front of the Sky Spirit Grass.

*hmm* But, before Chu Feng even extended his hands, that Sky Spirit Grass disappeared and was not to be seen.

“You want to run, but can you?”

Seeing that the Sky Spirit Grass wanted to escape by invisibility, Chu Feng formed a cold smile on the corner of his mouth. He stepped forward, grabbed the air in front of him, and then, he heard a sharp cry. One Sky Spirit Grass was grasped within Chu Feng’s hands.

When the Sky Spirit Grass was caught by Chu Feng, it instantly lost its invisibility and started to madly struggle. The power of it was several times stronger than the Ground Spirit Grass, but it was useless as it was in Chu Feng hands. At the end, it could only obediently lose its spiritual nature and become a half-inch red-coloured spiritual grass that laid in Chu Feng’s palm.

“It seems that this is certainly not an illusion.”

Chu Feng threw the Sky Spirit Grass into the bag and he was insanely happy in his heart. Although he didn’t know where the special sense came from, to Chu Feng, he could rely on it strongly.


But with a thought, it was not hard for Chu Feng to think where the power came from. After all, it was formed after he entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard, and the target of the strange gas was the brain.

Which meant it was logical even if it was the attack of the strange gas that made Chu Feng’s senses stronger.

“Hehe, another thing dropped right at my doorstep. ”

Just at that time, his eyes lit up once again. Another Sky Spirit Grass entered his detection range.

Under such a strong detection power, virtually no Sky Spirit Grass was able to escape Chu Feng’s hands. Any escaping methods were wasted efforts.

Chu Feng did not sleep for the entire night and when it was day, he already caught dozens of Sky Spirit Grasses. A harvest like that would certainly make people go crazy.

If someone found out about it, even robbing Chu Feng was a possibility. After all, within the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, the number of battles and thievery between disciples were not few.

However, Chu Feng’s detection power was not only limited to Sky Spirit Grasses. Even if a human entered a certain range, they would be detected by Chu Feng so almost no one could find traces of Chu Feng.

Another day passed, and when the night arrived, Chu Feng’s bag was almost already full. This time, Chu Feng did not continue hunting and he found a hidden place to start refining the Sky Spirit Grasses.

Chu Feng’s refining speed was top-class, and after only four hours, the bag that was full of Sky Spirit Grasses were completely refined by him.

With that, his dantian also got more and more full. That made Chu Feng joyful, and although the Sky Spirit Grass was not comparable to the Saint Spirit Grass, if he had this amount every day to refine, he could breakthrough within ten days.

From that day forth, Chu Feng spent all day in the middle-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and hunted Sky Spirit Grasses without restrain until deep into the night. He refined all the Sky Spirit Grasses that he hunted that day, then after resting for four hours, he continued to hunt insanely.

It cycled like such, and after nine days from the time in which Chu Feng entered the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, he felt a great change in his dantian. The Nine Lightning Beasts changed once again, and Chu Feng finally broke through the 4th level of the Spirit realm into the 5th.

“With this power, I should be able to battle against people that are on the 6th level of the Spirit realm.”

Feeling the strength that was improving many times, Chu Feng was speechless himself. The him who had the Divine Lightning really had power that was way stronger than others.

Especially his Three Thunder Styles. If he used it, even experts at the 6th level of the Spirit realm could not defeat him.

Level crossing battles were already defying common sense. Although the geniuses who had extremely high talent could do it, those were geniuses. If those things happened on a person people knew, everyone would be shocked.

After raising his power, Chu Feng went hunting for Sky spirit Grasses again. This time it was a lot easier. With merely half a day, he already filled up his bag. Since the bag of rations was almost empty, that bag also became Chu Feng’s tool for storing spiritual medicine.

However, the current Chu Feng was not only thinking about Sky Spirit Grasses. He wanted to head towards the inner-circle and he wanted to check the Saint Spirit Grasses that were rumoured to be no weaker than a rank 6 Fierce Beast.

“This aura…”

But before entering the inner-circle for long, Chu Feng felt two types of auras and they were both extremely strong.

The first one were the spiritual medicines. The densely filled, evil aura was obviously from the Saint Spirit Grasses that had spiritual natures. There were a lot of them, almost a hundred.

The other aura was from a human. It was also extremely large, so it should be an expert of the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

At that moment, the two auras were blended together. It was obvious that the person was having a great battle with the Saint Spirit Grasses. But that person’s aura was not stable so they must have entered a trap.

“Who dared to challenge so many Saint Spirit Grasses by themself?”

With a heart of curiosity, Chu Feng decided to observe the outcome. When he leaped over the layers of trees, he was stunned by the scene in a distance.

A three meter tall huge plant, filled with purple thorns had its mouth open which was full of teeth. It was emitting an oppressing aura from its body and it didn’t even look like a Saint Spirit Grass. It looked more like a monster.

However, rather than the scary Saint Spirit Grasses, Chu Feng’s gaze concentrated on the petite figure because that figure not only went through the formation of near a hundred Saint Spirit Grass, it was a beauty that matched her name.

That elegant long hair, that delicate face, that snow-white skin, those eyes that were not fearful in front of danger and were instead unyielding deeply attracted Chu Feng.

That girl was undoubtedly the most beautiful person Chu Feng ever saw. But the reason why Chu Feng was attracted to her was not only because of her appearance. It was also the power that she had at her age.

“Careful below.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng yelled loudly because he felt that a Saint Spirit Grass was hidden under the feet of the girl.


The girl didn’t even notice Chu Feng, so after hearing such an unexpected yell surprised her. She subconsciously tapped the ground with both her feet and leaped into the air.

In the instant that she left the ground, a huge Saint Spirit Grass drilled out from the ground with its fangs and claws bared.

That unforeseen event created lingering fear in that girl. If it wasn’t for the reminder of that voice, she would have certainly had paid a huge cost. With gratitude in her heart, she cast her gaze towards Chu Feng.

But when she saw Chu Feng, her delicate face instantly froze and she said with shock, “It’s you?!”

Chapter 23 – Not One in Ten Thousand

“You know me?”

Chu Feng carefully evaluated that beautiful girl and after looking up and down three times, he found out that not only was the girl beautiful, she was also very young, obviously being younger than him.

Also, there was a badge on the chest of the girl that showed that she was a member of the Wings Alliance. Although that girl shocked Chu Feng, he really did not recognise the girl.

“Who knows you? Hurry up and leave, this isn’t a place where you can come.” The girl glanced at Chu Feng, then continued to throw herself into the huge battle against the Saint Spirit Grasses and it seemed that she was extremely angry at Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng did not know why the girl was so angry, Chu Feng already knew that the girl was surrounded by the Saint Spirit Grasses. She wanted to escape, but she did not have that chance.

If that continued, the girl would not able to continue because of her physical strength and she would die there.

As a man, how could Chu Feng let such a beautiful girl be eaten by those monsters? He could not ignore something like that.

So, while thinking about that, Chu Feng jumped in without hesitation. But just as he entered, he regretted it a bit. A large amount of monsters felt his presence and started attacking straight at him.

“It seems that I have to go all out.”

Life was hung by a thread, so Chu Feng didn’t hold back anymore. The spiritual energy in his dantian started to move and it went along the veins. The top of his toes touched the ground, and with a boom, his entire body leaped into the air like lightning.

As he was landing, Chu Feng suddenly started spinning. A whirlwind started to rise, and his entire body was like a human blade as it fiercely thrust into the hundred of flowers underneath.


As he was landing, the flowers scattered. The moment he landed, the ground formed a deep hole with cracks all around it. One Saint Spirit Grass was killed on scene by Chu Feng and became as big as his finger.

He displayed the first two styles of the Three Thunder Styles, yet he only killed one Saint Spirit Grass. That was unexpected to Chu Feng. After all, it was his strongest trump card.

He thought that with those attacks, “the sky would be frightened and the ground would sob” and a large number of Saint Spirit Grasses would die under his feet. But the result in his eyes had too much of a difference from his imagination.

However, Chu Feng didn’t think too much about that. Almost at the same time that he landed, he suddenly jumped up again because he felt that there were at least three Saint Spirit grasses that attacked from behind.

“Do you want to die?”

Feeling the change in the Saint Spirit Grass’s attack formation and the wailing sounds from nearby, the girl knew that Chu Feng jumped in.

But when she cast her gaze towards Chu Feng’s direction, she couldn’t help but be astonished. No matter what she thought, she never would have guessed that Chu Feng could come and go as he wished within the army of Saint Spirit Grasses that even she was fearful of.

Even without seeing the attacks of the Saint Spirit Grass, he could still accurately dodge and attack. Although she did not recognize the skills that Chu Feng used, she could still tell from the power that it was at least a rank 4 skill.

“This guy. He just entered the 5th level of the Spirit realm and he can already use rank 4 skills?” The girl was deeply attracted towards Chu Feng’s performance.

“Careful on the left!” Just as the girl was in a daze, Chu Feng suddenly yelled.

Hearing that, the girl was suddenly alarmed and quickly turned her body. With one palm, she grabbed her left and grabbed onto the thorny vine.

After grabbing on the vines, the girl clenched with her fist and broke the vines into pieces. Another palm swept out like a blade, and with a cold flash, she chopped the Saint Spirit Grass into two. It wasn’t even like a palm. It was more like a iron blade.

After accurately chopping the Saint Spirit Grass, the girl was even more shocked. Chu Feng was clearly facing her with his back, so how could he see that there was a Saint Spirit Grass attacking on his left? Unless…


Just at that time, Chu Feng brushed next to the girl like lightning. At that moment, he was covered with sweat, and bloodstains also appeared on his clothes.

The Saint Spirit Grasses were too strong and there were too many of them. Although Chu Feng had the strong detection power and his incomparably strong Three Thunder Styles, the him who was in the 5th level of the Spirit realm was a bit weak towards them.

“Oi. If you want to get out alive, listen to my instructions.” Chu Feng said to the girl.

“You want me to listen to you? In your dreams!” The girl was extremely displeased.

“Say, are you even making sense? I came in here to save you, and this is how you treat me?”

“Also, didn’t you notice that these Saint Spirit Grasses are a bit strange? They don’t attack blindly and they have a strict coordination. If you’re going to go head on with them, you will only get tired.”

“Rubbish. That’s obvious. I already knew that.”

Although she said that on the surface, in her heart she just understood that. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng’s reminder, she really wouldn’t have noticed that.

With her strength, killing Saint Spirit Grasses was not hard. But it was obvious that she was helpless against this crowd of Saint Spirit Grasses. There were very small chances of a straight-up confrontation and she always needed to dodge the attacks from them.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to listen since I can leave this place alive.” Chu Feng coldly snorted and prepared to leave.

“Oi, don’t…” Seeing that Chu Feng was leaving, that terrified the girl. She already saw Chu Feng’s ability, so she had no doubts that Chu Feng could successfully escape. However, she could not, so she immediately said, “I’ll listen to you.”

“Heh.” Seeing the cute obeying look of the girl, Chu Feng chuckled then said, “That’s better.”

Seeing Chu Feng so proud of himself made the girl’s mouth twitch. Although her strength was above Chu Feng, she knew that if she wanted to escape, she needed to rely on Chu Feng.

The two of them tried their best to coordinate, and under Chu Feng’s command, the strength of the girl was truly exhibited. The near a hundred Saint Spirit Grasses were completely annihilated by the two people with only an hour.

After the huge battle, Chu Feng started cleaning up the battle field. Of course he had his part in the Saint Spirit Grass that filled the ground. Although the main force was the girl, he was the main brains.

“Did this guy train in the Mysterious Techniques?” Seeing the Chu Feng that was happily picking up the Saint Spirit Grasses, the coarsely breathing girl who was sitting on the side started muttering.

At first, for self protection, Chu Feng was continuously using rank 4 skills. Although rank 4 skills were strong, they consumed a lot of spiritual energy. Most people could only use it a few times before they exhausted their spiritual energy.

However, after using it for so long, Chu Feng didn’t even have any feeling of exhaustion. In addition, being able to use his 5th level of the Spirit realm power to defeat the Saint Spirit Grass that was equivalent to a rank 6 Fierce Beast indicated a problem. It was that Chu Feng might have trained in the Mysterious Techniques.

Mysterious Techniques. They were mysterious techniques. Cultivators were able to gather more spiritual energy, refine spiritual medicine quicker, causing the spiritual energy in the dantian to be more rich and the battle abilities were several times stronger than normal people.

But there were very little Mysterious Techniques, and even the Azure Dragon School only had a few. They were only provided to the core disciples for cultivation and inner court disciples had no way of even touching them.

Chu Feng being able to cultivate in the precious Mysterious Techniques naturally made the girl see Chu Feng in another light. However, she didn’t know the reason why Chu Feng’s spiritual energy was so strong wasn’t because of some Mysterious Technique. It was because of the Divine Lightning in his dantian.

“It seems that not only is your Spirit Power impressive, you have plenty of spiritual energy as well.” The girl stood up and walked over to Chu Feng with both of her hands behind her back.

“What Spirit Power?” Chu Feng stared blankly.

“Still playing dumb? If you didn’t have the Spirit Power, how could you clearly see the attack of the Saint Spirit Grasses?” The girl looked blankly back at Chu Feng.

“You’re talking about my detection power?” Chu Feng was startled as he knew what the girl meant.

“Detection power? My Gods, you called the Spirit Power the ‘detection power’? You really are a bumpkin.” The girl’s gaze towards Chu Feng became more and more disdainful.

“It’s normal to not know. Would you know if you were male or female when you were born?” Chu Feng coldly snorted and continued to pick up the Saint Spirit Grasses all around them.

“Oh? Your temper is quite short.” The girl sweetly smiled, caught up to him then chuckled, “Did you know that not even one person out of ten thousand have this Spirit Power?”

Chapter 24 – Do You Dare To Marry Me?

“You seem to really understand this Spirit power?”

Chu Feng’s heart tightened. He just started using the so-called Spirit power so he didn’t understand it too much.

But he also knew that it was likely true when the girl said there weren’t even one within 10 thousand that had the Spirit power. It was very obvious that this extremely talented girl didn’t have it.

In addition, her treatment towards him turned 180 degrees, showing that this Spirit power was quite an impressive thing which ordinary people did not have.

“But of course. The Spirit power is the favour of the heavens, it is brought by nature and unobtainable by cultivation.”

“Those who have Spirit power can be said to be a dragon within men. Not only would their cultivating talent be extremely strong, their observation would be unrivaled. No wonder my elder sister looked at you and asked our Wings Alliance to invite you.”

“Your elder sister?”

“I forgot about the self-introductions. I am called Su Mei, 14 years old. And you certainly know my elder sister. She is called Su Rou.”

“You are Elder Su Rou’s sister?” Chu Feng did not expect that. The girl in front of him was pure and sweet, but that Su Rou was extremely charming. Although the two of them were very beautiful woman, they were not similar.

But after some more precise looking, Chu Feng found out that the girl in front of him looked a tiny bit like Su Rou. Right now, the girl was still a bit young, but in a few years she would certainly be a stunning beauty.

What surprised Chu Feng was that he was not related to Su Rou in anyway, so why did Su Rou try to pull him into the Wings Alliance for no reason? Was it that his strength was already exposed on the day of the exam?

After some more careful thing, there was that possibility. After all, Su Rou’s strength was unmeasurably deep and there were layers of mechanisms in the underground palace. He may have been able to deceive the disciples, but to deceive the elders would really have quite some difficulty.

“Is it so surprising? But there’s actually nothing that surprising. My sister saw that you were a talented person so she wanted to develop you a bit.”

“From my observations, you do have the qualifications to join the Wings Alliance. As one of the members of the Wings Alliance, I hereby officially invite you to join.” Speaking to that point, Su Mei squinted her eyes and gave Chu Feng an incomparably sweet, clean, pure smile.

At first, Su Mei extremely disliked Chu Feng, and the reason was obviously because Chu Feng refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance. Chu Feng was the first ever person in history to refuse the invitation of the Wings Alliance.

But knowing that Chu Feng had the extremely rare Spirit power, she also knew that the place that Su Rou had her eyes on were naturally the Spirit power.

From what she knew, in the entire outer court, not one person had the Spirit power and it was just like a legend.

In short, any person that had the Spirit power would have unlimited accomplishments in the future and were destined to be an extremely strong person. So, to a person like Chu Feng, she obviously could not let him go and did everything she could to attract him.

Seeing Su Mei’s sweet smile, Chu Feng knew that the girl wanted to pull him in the alliance with her looks. It was impossible for Chu Feng’s heart to not be moved in front of such a beauty, so he smiled at first, but then firmly said, “I refuse.”

“You bastard.” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Mei was so angry that she jumped up. The previous gentleness instantly disappeared and she bit her teeth in anger while pointing at Chu Feng while angrily saying,

“Chu Feng, who do you think you are? How many people wish to join in the Wings Alliance yet are refused by us? Today I personally invite you yet you still refused. Is your brain wedged by a door?”

“So what if you have the Spirit power? At the end you’re just at the 5th level of the Spirit realm. It’s not even comparable to the people in the Wings Alliance.”

Facing Su Mei’s fierce cursing, Chu Feng did not get agitated nor angry and completely ignored her. He continued picking the Saint Spirit Grasses on the floor, and the ones he could pick up he did. Suddenly he had a blank look.

He discovered with astonishment at a not so distant place, a purple bead appeared. That bead was the same size as a pearl, but it contained extremely strong spiritual energy.

“What’s this?” Chu Feng picked up the bead and carefully assessed it.

“Waa, is it? It’s a Spiritual Bead!” Seeing that purple shiny bead, Su Mei hurriedly ran over and her eyes were lit up.

“You recognize this thing?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Of course I do. It’s the top quality spiritual medicine, the Spiritual Bead.”

“From several hundred Saint Spirit Grasses, only one would form into a Spiritual Bead. You cannot refine the Spiritual Bead, but if you directly swallow it, it would form into spiritual energy and be absorbed by the dantian. That’s why the Spiritual Bead is extremely precious. The price of one of them is equivalent to 100 taels of gold.”

“I’ve been wandering around the inner-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for all these days just for this Spiritual Bead. I never would have thought that I would get it before leaving. I’m too fortunate.” Su Mei said emotionally.

“So this thing is a top quality spiritual medicine that doesn’t require refining. It is indeed a good thing.” Chu Feng chuckled and didn’t put the bead in the bag. Rather, he put it in his own pocket.

“You want to keep it to yourself?!” Seeing that, Su Mei angrily yelled.

“Of course not, in a while, I’ll give you a few more Saint Spirit Grasses.”

“These Saint Spirit Grasses were originally mine, and it’s already pretty good that I’m willing to give you half. In any case, the Saint Spirit Grass are only high quality spiritual medicine. How could they even compare to the top quality Spiritual Bead?”

“You can’t say it like that. If it wasn’t for me, then you would have already been divided into two by those Saint Spirit Grasses. How could you even be standing here and be dividing these Saint Spirit Grasses with me?”


Su Mei tightly bit her teeth in anger, yet she was helpless. Although Chu Feng’s actions were very scoundrelly, she still wanted to get Chu Feng into the Wings Alliance, so she could only endure.

After that, Chu Feng counted a bit, and except for the Spiritual Bead in his pocket, he gathered a total of 78 Saint Spirit Grasses. It was absolutely an unimaginable number. Also, the spiritual energy contained in these Saint Spirit Grasses were very rich. They were very high quality, and they were a lot better than the ones Chu Feng refined before.

Chu Feng only took 30 and left 48 for Su Mei. He could feel that the spiritual energy in his pocket were equivalent to at least 50 Saint Spirit Grasses. So even if it was divided up like this he still gained a lot.

But Chu Feng did not expect that Su Mei only took 40, and with that, Chu Feng had 38. Su Mei’s meaning was very clear. She was cursing Chu Feng to be “3-8″.

[TN: “Three-eight” is an insult.]

Chu Feng could only call her actions as childish. Giving up 8 Saint Spirit Grasses for cursing was really something a wasteful person would do as the price of one Saint Spirit Grass was equal to one tael of gold.

One tael of gold was equal to 100 taels of silver. It was enough for an ordinary family to pass their lives without worries for clothing or food.

“Girl, what are you following me for? You didn’t fall for me did you?”

After dividing the Saint Spirit Grasses, Chu Feng decided to leave the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. The 10 days were up, and they needed to leave the inner-circle before the sky turned dark. But, Chu Feng did not expect that Su Mei would be following him.

To be honest, having such a beautiful person that walked with him was a very satisfactory thing. But, as they walked, they met a lot of people.

When all sorts of gazes of hate were cast towards Chu Feng, he didn’t feel easy. He felt that Su Mei was intentionally bringing hatred towards him.

“I have indeed fallen for you. Do you dare to marry me?” But when Su Mei said those words while laughing, Chu Feng was instantly in chaos.

Chapter 25 – The Furious Su Mei

Chu Feng never would have thought that the little girl seemed so pure, yet was so unreserved. No matter what you say, she was still a little beauty, so how could she say such things out of nowhere?

“Marry you? Why wouldn’t I dare?”

But Chu Feng did not back off. He stopped his steps, put his hand under his chin, looked up and down with his eyes, and seriously evaluated the beauty in front of him.

Only then did he discover that Su Mei’s age may not be big, but her development was quite nice. It really heated people up with her good convexes and her beautiful curves.

“You…You dare marry, but I don’t. Damn hooligan.”

Being looked by Chu Feng’s scoundrelly gaze, Su Mei could not keep up with that face. She finally discovered that she was too inexperienced in acting shamelessly with Chu Feng, and just with a few words from Chu Feng, she became completely frantic.

“Oh? That’s great if you don’t marry, you really aren’t my type.” Chu Feng faintly smiled, as if a huge burden had been released and continued walking.

“You…you bastard.” Su Mei’s angry voice came from behind him.

To have revenge on Chu Feng, Su Mei did not leave Chu Feng no matter what and she kept on sticking next to him. As they walked, Chu Feng attracted plenty of enmity.

Chu Feng really was helpless against Su Mei’s actions. On the topic of power, he was far from Su Mei, and even if he was stronger than Su Mei, there was no need to use fighting to drive the little beauty away right?

Since he was helpless, Chu Feng might as well enjoy it a bit instead. Once in a while he admired Su Mei’s looks, once in a while he provoked her a bit, and that made her angrily stamp like thunder. She grabbed on Chu Feng’s arm and bit, madly hammered on Chu Feng’s back, and all along the road Chu Feng was quite injured.

There were very few people that recognized Su Mei, but with her beauty she could even be called as #1 in the inner court. Seeing Chu Feng bully a beauty like Su Mei, there were countless of young males that walked up and tried to fight for justice and pull a “hero saving the beauty”.

But what they got was Su Mei’s cursing, and there were even two people that had their ribs broken by Su Mei. When they saw the Wings Alliance badge on Su Mei’s chest, all of them could only curse their luck.

The two of them continued walking, and all the observers would focus their attention on them. Just like that, they became a strange scene. When they walked to the outer-circle, a large amount of people were gathered there and they became the focus point of people’s attention.

“Look, isn’t that Chu Feng?”

“There seems to be a person behind him, isn’t…isn’t that Su Mei?” Two bodies came out of the crowds, and it was the Dragon and Tiger brothers. Those two people were very afraid of Su Mei so they wanted to turn around and escape.

“Bai Long Bai Hu, help me stop this bastard.” But when Su Mei called out to them, they knew that they couldn’t escape.

“Brother, what should we do?”

“Since it’s like this, we can only follow up and give that Chu Feng a bit of suffering. Or else Su Mei would not forgive us.”

The two of them looked at each other’s eyes and remembered Su Mei’s orders from all those days ago. They couldn’t help but grind their teeth and leap towards Chu Feng’s direction as they wanted to block him.

Chu Feng already noticed those two, and seeing as they were leaping towards him with unkind faces, he knew that they were going to attack him.

Indeed, the brothers arrived in front of Chu Feng and stuck out with one fist and one kick aiming towards Chu Feng’s stomach and leg.

Those two were in the 6th level of the Spirit realm, and although they didn’t use any martial skills, their strength and speed were top-class. If it was several days ago, Chu Feng would have no way of taking their attacks. But it was no longer hard now.

*whoosh* Chu Feng did not back off and he went forward instead. With one foot touching the ground, his body suddenly spun and he went between the two people like the wind.

“This aura, Spirit realm, 5th level?”

The brothers felt Chu Feng’s aura, but they were surprised because of that. How could he dodge the attacks of the two while only being in the 5th level of the Spirit realm? It did not make any sense.

At that instant, the two brothers felt that they had no more face. Even though Chu Feng was a talented person, the two of them were not ordinary either. How could they let a little person, who was only in the 5th level of the Spirit realm, toy with them, who were in the 6th level of the Spirit realm, in front of the all the eyes of the crowd?

Thinking to that point, the hearts of those two became colder. They changed their styles, and several palms stuck out at the same time. Countless of wind palms that was visible by the naked eye started flying towards Chu Feng. Those wind palms were densely compacted and there was almost no way of dodging them.

“These two guys.”

Seeing that the two of them actually used a rank 3 skill, Chu Feng started to frown. He was already unable to dodge against those skills, so he had to use his own skills to counter. But, there were too many observers, so if Chu Feng really used his skills, his true strength would also be exposed.

After some thought, Chu Feng bit his teeth and poured the spiritual energy within his body onto his skin. He shifted towards the thinnest wind palms and he wanted to forcibly take on the attack.

*bang bang bang*

After some heavy sounds, Chu Feng got hit by three continuous palms. Although a wave of numbing pain came from his back, he did not suffer from any internal injuries so the Dragon and Tiger brothers did restrain themselves.

But, to fake the real, he threw himself forward, and at the same time that he landed on the ground he intentionally bit his lips and spit out some watery blood.

It terrified the brothers as they saw that Chu Feng fell on the ground and even spit out blood. They only wanted to get back some face and they did indeed restrain themselves. After all, they did not want to anger the person behind Chu Feng.

Although they were afraid in their hearts, they saw Su Mei coming up so the two of them did not lend a hand towards Chu Feng and could only put on a face of evilness then said while pointing at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, this is the price of offending Su Mei.”

“Su Mei?!”

“The sister of Elder Su Rou, Su Mei?”

Hearing the name “Su Mei” shocked the observing crowd. The name Su Mei were not unfamiliar to them because it was an extremely talented person that everyone knew.

It was said that Su Mei was an exceptional beauty and only entered the Azure Dragon School this year, so that was why very few people recognized her.

But because Su Mei was extremely talented, being in the 7th level at the age of 14, she was directly accepted as a inner court disciple as an exception. On the same day that she entered the inner court, she entered the Wings Alliance.

After comparing Su Mei’s appearance and the Wings Alliance badge on her chest, everyone was more certain about her identity. At that moment, the crowd exploded because Su Mei’s name was really too well-known.

“Ahh, who’s that boy? I see he’s dead if he offended Su Mei.”

“I think I heard that the Dragon and Tiger brothers say that he was Chu Feng. Seeing his face, he should be that idiot. He really must not know how high the sky or how deep the ground is.”

At that instant, pretty much everyone thought that Chu Feng was dead. Because of Su Rou’s existence, Su Mei’s position in the inner court was not low.

Also with her beautiful appearance, she already became the spouse of choice for all sorts of geniuses within the inner court. Whoever dared to offend her was looking for death.

Su Mei arrived in front of Chu Feng, and as she looked at him who was slowly climbing back up and also the pool of watery blood in front of them, her face changed greatly.

She suddenly spun around, and slapped the Dragon and Tiger brothers with two bangs then loudly bellowed, “Who let you hit him? Are you looking to die?!”

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