Chapter 16 – Refusing to Join

“Wait, I think I heard that they just said…”

“Impossible, you must have heard wrong.”

The words from the Dragon and Tiger brothers astonished the observing crowd and all sorts of complicated expressions surged onto their faces.

At that instant, the people around them would rather think that they heard wrong than believing that the words were true.

They could not understand why the Wings Alliance wanted to recruit Chu Feng. Just now, Chu Feng was even rejected by a small alliance. How could such a person get the respect of the Wings Alliance?

“Chu Feng, are you willing to join the Wings Alliance?”

They knew that the crowd was suspicious, so Bai Long forcefully added another sentence and emphasized the tone.

“Is…Is this real? The Wings Alliance is actually recruiting that guy?”

“Where did he come from to get the invitation from the Wings Alliance? Isn’t the Wings Alliance called the gathering of geniuses? Why are they recruiting such an ordinary person?”

“Not understandable. Really not understandable. Does he have a certain special area? But I really can’t see anything. Even a small little alliance isn’t welcoming him. How can he be someone strong?”

With that, discussions instantly exploded everywhere like frying oil and all the gazes concentrated on Chu Feng. They all tried to find what was different about him to be able to be invited by the Wings Alliance.

But no matter what, they could not see how that youth was different. But even so, everyone still endlessly admired Chu Feng.

The Wings Alliance. The place that countless amounts of disciples looked forward to and also where countless number of geniuses were refused. It was absolutely the sacred land of the hearts of the inner court disciples.

The Wings Alliance. The dreams of endless number of disciples. It was a dream that could only be imagined and unaccomplishable.

But at that instant, there was a person that entered the sacred land and completed the unachieveable dreams of others. How could they not envy him?

“How is this possible, Chu Feng, he actually…”

But, the ones who had the ugliest faces and the people that could not accept that the most were the people from the Chu family.

Especially Chu Wei. It was as if he got hit by a heavy hammer. His entire brain was buzzing as he was completely bewildered.

Chu Yue was also like that. She stood next to Chu Feng, opened her little mouth, and her pair of eyes were flickering non-stop while surprisingly staring at Chu Feng.

Towards the reactions of the crowd, the Dragon and Tiger brothers smiled since they were pleased, then they cast their gaze towards Chu Feng.

Compared than the reactions of the crowd, the brothers looked forward to Chu Feng’s reaction more. They wanted to see Chu Feng celebrate as if he was crazy and as if he entered a dream.

But Chu Feng obviously disappointed them. He was not overjoyed by ecstasy. Rather, he did not show any expressions, and his face was as calm as the water. The more surprising thing was Chu Feng’s words that came out next.

“Thank you for your good meanings, but I do not want to join in any alliances for now.” Chu Feng said calmly.

“What? I did not hear wrong right? He refused?!”

When Chu Feng’s words came out, the crowd that was already like a boiling pot of oil instantly rose to the extreme. The good thing that countless of people wished to have in their dreams was refused. It was absolutely unthinkable.

After getting that reply, the Dragon and Tiger brothers also frowned and their faces were obviously displeased.

“Chu Feng, if you join our Wings Alliance, you will only have benefits in your future development in the Azure Dragon School. Are you really going to refuse?” Bai Long advised and asked.

“I am very sorry.” Chu Feng’s reply was firm.


Bai Hu was a bit angry, but before letting him break out, he was stopped by Bai Long’s extended hands.

Bai Long reevaluated Chu Feng once again and said, “Chu Feng, I hope that you can reconsider this.”

After that, Bai Long turned around and left. After a fierce glare by Bai Hu, he also left in huge strides.

“That guy really refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance. Is he stupid?”

“Looking at him, you can tell that he did not even think about it, so he must not know the big name of the Wings Alliance. Ahh, what a shame.”

“I’m guessing in the future, when he understands the strength of the Wings Alliance, he would be extremely frustrated..”

“Future? If you offend the Wings Alliance, from what I can tell, this guy is not far from death.”

In that instant, everyone widened their mouths and the sounds of all sorts of discussions continued without end.

Even Chu Yue had a full face of confusion as she asked, “Chu Feng, did you know what you just did? That was…”

“I know, it was the Wings Alliance, the organization of legends within the inner court.”

“You knew yet you still refused, you…” Chu Yue was absolutely speechless.

“I will not enter an alliance that I don’t understand anything about. I’m afraid that the Wings Alliance are no exception.”

Chu Feng smiled and his smile was abnormally calm. Not caring about the astonished gazes from all around him, he elegantly blended into the crowd, as if he never even put the Wings Alliance in his eyes.

Chu Yue kept on looking at the place where Chu Feng disappeared at. Her expression was extremely complicated, and after a good while she muttered, “Chu Feng, it seems that I am able to see through you less and less…”

Actually, Chu Feng was also surprised by the Wings Alliance’s invitation as well, but because it was unexpected, he firmly refused. After all, there was a secret that others could not know in his body.

The 9-coloured lightning. The scary thing that almost destroyed the continent. If people knew that the thing was inside Chu Feng’s dantian, who knew what the experts of the world would do to Chu Feng? It was even a possibility that he would get his stomach cut open.

After a short while, in a mysterious place outside of the plaza, the Dragon and Tiger brothers were standing there with a depressed expression. In front of them was a young female.

The girl had fair skin, sharp eyebrows, large eyes, a small mouth which was as red as a cherry. Although her face was a bit young, it could be said that she was a beautiful person and a person that just slightly undeveloped.

But, at that moment, the young female’s eyebrows were frowning as she asked the brothers, “You are saying that he refused to join the Wings Alliance?”

“Senior Su Mei, everything that we said was true.” The brothers replied at the same time.

“There is actually a person that dares to refused the invitation of our Wings Alliance. He must be tired with living.” The girl was biting her lips, and there were traces of anger that surged within her beautiful eyes.

“Senior Su Mei. To be honest, we don’t even know which part that boy was outstanding at. But, he was ‘mentioned’ by those two and they told us to invite him. If we do anything bad to him, I’m afraid…”

“What’s there to be afraid of? We are already giving him face by inviting him to the Wings Alliance. But now he dared to refuse. We gave him face but he just didn’t take it.”

“If we don’t let him taste a bit of pain, where’s the honor of our Wings Alliance? I’ll hand this issue to you two. Don’t worry, with my elder sister, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you two.”

“Eh…Fine.” The Dragon and Tiger brothers didn’t dare to retort a single bit while in front of the beautiful young girl.

“Also, I’ll say it for the last time. Don’t call me as senior. My age is no order than yours.” After casting a gaze to the two people, she left.

The brothers silently watched as the young girl went farther and farther away all the way until she was completely gone. Only then did they exhale deeply as if a weight had been lifted.

“This little girl is too hard to serve. She is treating us like slaves…” Bai Hu complained as he wipe the sweat on his forehead.

“Whatever. We can’t do anything about her special family status. Ignoring her family background, it would be enough just by looking at her elder sister’s inner court influence.” Bai Long bitterly said.

“On that topic, I like her sister better. At least she’s a lot more gentle.”

“Gentle? You just haven’t seen her when she gets violent. It’s even more scary than Su Mei.”

“Ahh, the combination of these two sisters are called ‘Roumei’. There’s the beauty, but I haven’t found the gentleness. But what should we do now? Do we really need to take care of that Chu Feng?”

[TN: The “Rou” (from Su Rou) means gentle, and the “Mei” (from Su Mei) means beauty.]

“Let’s give him an appropriate warning, but we can’t be too excessive. After all, other than the sisters, that person also spoke.” After saying that, Bai Long couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

Yesterday, in the rare Wings Alliance gathering, two big shots showed up without being invited.

Also, those two gave the same request, and it was to have the Wings Alliance invite Chu Feng.

Although they were not willing to, the Wings Alliance still agreed because those two people were existences that they did not dare to offend.

Chapter 17 – Acquaintances

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. The entire mountain had layers of seals.

Unless one had flying abilities, they could only enter the Spiritual Medicine Mountain from the entrance.

There were eight entrances in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and all eight entrances had elders guarding there. Only at the time of the Spiritual Medicine Hunt would they be opened.

At that instant, all eight entrances opened. The inner court disciples who had a token could enter and almost a hundred thousand disciples came in from all directions.

“This Spiritual Medicine Mountain is quite the mysterious place.”

Chu Feng wandered around in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. His gaze was attracted to the huge, sky covering trees and the dense bushes.

It was the first time that he saw such beautiful plants. Even the fragrances of the flowers were very dense and the otherworldly scene intoxicated him.

“Ground Spirit Grass?” Suddenly, Chu Feng saw a strange plant.

It had a height of five inches with four leaves, entirely green, and it was covered with faint light. It was the low-rank Ground Spirit Grass.

*puu* But before even getting close, the Ground Spirit Grass contracted and prepared to escape.


Seeing that, Chu Feng suddenly leaped, but he was one step too slow. The Ground Spirit Grass already burrowed into the ground when he arrived.

“These things really do have a spiritual nature.” Chu Feng dryly laughed, but he was not impatient. He scanned around with his gaze.

He knew that the Ground Spirit Grass could escape underground, but after a certain distance they must return to the surface, and the escaping direction was usually straight.

So, Chu Feng felt that as long as he confirmed the escaping tracks of the Ground Spirit Grass, it was not difficult to catch them with his speed.


Just at that time, a light flashed, and a Ground Spirit Grass came out of the ground. It was obviously the same one that just escaped.

But just as the Ground Spirit Grass revealed itself, it suddenly burrowed back into the ground and continued escaping.

Chu Feng rejoiced, and he strided over several steps, then leaped into the air like a sly rabbit. His hands formed into an eagle’s claw, and he grabbed at the empty space in front of him.

*whoosh* Just as Chu Feng predicted, as he landed on the ground, the Ground Spirit Grass came out from the ground again.

But this time, Chu Feng was faster than it. He did not give any chance for it to escape. Chu Feng’s big hands tightly grabbed onto its branches and pulled it out of the ground.


When the Ground Spirit Grass disconnected from the ground, it started making ear-piercing noises and a wave of strong struggling power kept on coming from it.

But that struggle only lasted for a short while before it got weaker and weaker. At the end, the Ground Spirit Grass’s glow flashed, then it started to decrease in size. At the end, it was almost as big as a finger.

“This thing is really quite strange.”

When the spiritual medicine left the soil it would lose its spiritual nature, and the spiritual medicine that had no spiritual nature would have a very small body.

But those were only rumours. When a Ground Spirit Grass which was five inches long changed into not even half an inch long, anyone would feel surprise when they saw that in front of their face.


After taking care of the Ground Spirit Grass, Chu Feng layered his hands and did a hand seal. Strong absorbing power surged from his dantian, and within a blink, it completely refined the Ground Spirit Grass that was in his palm.

“Hehe, these things aren’t even enough for you to fill the crack in your teeth.”

Chu Feng bitterly smiled. The Ground Spirit Grass was only a low-rank spiritual medicine and the spiritual energy inside it was several times worse than the Saint Spirit Grass. He would need quite a terrifying amount if he relied on it to feed the Divine Lightning.

As it couldn’t be helped, Chu Feng continued wandering and went straight into the deep parts of the mountain forest.

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was divided into the inner-circle, middle-circle, and outer-circle.

The outer-circle had the low quality spiritual medicines, the middle-circle had the medium quality spiritual medicines, and the inner-circle had the high quality spiritual medicines.

Chu Feng was more familiar with the high quality spiritual medicine: Saint Spirit Grass. But he also knew that the Saint Spirit Grasses were not kind when they still had their spiritual nature.

Not only did they escape when they saw people, they even had extremely strong attack power. According to rumours, one Saint Spirit Grass was comparable to a rank 6 Fierce Beast. It also meant that without being in the 6th level of the Spirit realm, you would not be able to defeat it.

That was why the inner-circle was viewed as a forbidden area and very few people dared to enter it. Chu Feng also didn’t plan to hunt those scary guys, so his goal was the middle-circle.

The medium quality spiritual medicine was the Sky Spirit Grass. According to legends, it could stick to and quickly run across the ground. It even had the ability to become invisible so it was very hard to catch. But, luckily, it didn’t have any killing power.

Although the spiritual energy that it contained was incomparable to the Saint Spirit Grass, it was still far away from the Ground Spirit Grass. So that was why catching it was Chu Feng’s best goal for this time.

He kept on going, and all the Ground Spirit Grasses that Chu Feng saw along the road were not able to escape his demonic grasp and they were even refined at the scene.

When it was noon, he finally reached the middle-circle and he quickly found one Sky Spirit Grass.

However, the Sky Spirit Grass was very impressive. Not only could it change its route of escape, it really did have the ability to become invisible.

Although the invisibility only lasted for a short while, Chu Feng always suffered when it did.

Straight until the sun started setting in the west, Chu Feng saw at least a dozen of Sky Spirit Grasses, but he didn’t even catch one.

“I do not believe that I will lose to a medium quality spiritual medicine.”

Although Chu Feng was still vigorous even after running for the entire day, he was helpless when his stomach started drumming so he could only stop to fill himself up.

As he ate the rations, he did not forget about his ridicule by the Sky Spirit Grasses, and he swore to catch the Sky Spirit Grass and to refine them.

“Like I said, don’t come to the middle-circle. These Sky Spirit Grass aren’t something that we can catch.”

“Miss, no need to rush. I’ve already slowly grasped onto the escaping patterns of the Sky Spirit Grass. Give me one more day and I’ll guarantee that we can catch it.”

“One day? In one day, how many Ground Spirit Grasses can we catch in the outer-circle? You are simply wasting our time.”

Just at that time, broken words came from the forest and Chu Feng could feel that at least ten people were coming close.

“Heh, it looks I’m not the only one who’s suffering.”

Chu Feng chuckled, but didn’t even raise his head to look and ate the rations in his hands with huge bites.

“Miss look, that seems to be Chu Feng.” But when a surprised, yet also full of mock voice sounded, Chu Feng knew that he met a damn acquaintance.

He raised his and looked. Ten silhouettes were staring at him and all of them were familiar faces.

The young female that was leading was called Chu Xue. She was one year younger than Chu Feng, and she could be said to be Chu Feng’s cousin.

Although Chu Xue was not as sweet and beautiful as Chu Yue, she still had a few points of looks. Especially her snow-white skin which matched her name.

[TN: “Xue” means snow.]

But she was the same as Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen. She didn’t like Chu Feng from when they were young and she belonged to the enemy force.

Behind Chu Xue were nine people. Although they had the surname of “Chu”, strictly saying, they weren’t part of the Chu family.

They were the servants of the Chu family, but because their parents had some status in the Chu family, they entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time. But the funny thing was even those people looked down at Chu Feng.

“Oh! It’s you Chu Feng.”

The repulsive voice sounded again and it turned out that the person who spoke was a tall and skinny youth that stood next to Chu Xue.

Chu Feng also recognized that person. He was called Chu Gao, and from when he was young, he liked to stick next to Chu Xue. He was Chu Xue’s shadow.

The thing worth mentioning was that although Chu Gao had the status of a servant, his talent wasn’t bad and he entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as Chu Yue, and he was also level 4 in the Spirit realm as well.

In Chu Xue’s group, Chu Gao’s strength was decent, so it was obvious that he was the main power in this group.

But that guy was not reliable. Seeing as he brought Chu Xue and the others into the middle-circle, one could tell that he was a person who bit off more than he could chew.

Chapter 18 – The Scream in the Forest

“I say, Chu Feng, you’re no good either. You don’t even have anything after a full day.” As she saw Chu Feng’s dried out bag, Chu Xue sneered and digged at the hardships.

“Is that so? With the ten of you all together, it doesn’t seem that you are any better than me?” Chu Feng scanned with his gaze, and seeing the same dried out bags on Chu Xue’s side, he mocked,

“I really don’t understand what Chu Wei is thinking. He put the ten of you useless people in one ground, and the ten useless people ran to the middle-circle. Are you guys here for camping? You have enough rations?”

“Nonsense.” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Chu Xue got agitated and angered. The nine other servants on the side were also not in a good mood.

Especially that Chu Gao. He even pointed at Chu Feng and yelled, “If you dare to be any more unrespectful to my family’s miss, I’ll cripple you.”

“If you feel you can, then come and try.” Chu Feng cast a glance of disdain at Chu Gao, then looked down and continued to eat his rations.

“You think I don’t dare?” As Chu Gao spoke, he aggressively ran over to Chu Feng. Swirling wind rose from under his feet and swept the huge leaves up. He completely displayed the power of the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

But just as Chu Gao got close to Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly raised his head, and a pair of chilling eyes shot out like a sharp knife as if stabbing into Chu Gao’s eyes.


At that instant, Chu Gao immediately stopped walking and also quickly retreated two steps back. The instant that he saw Chu Feng’s gaze, he felt something. The power of deterrence.

That deterrence made Chu Gao feel a chill in his spine. He panicked in his heart because he had felt that deterrence before, and someone who was able to make him feel something like that was an extremely scary person.

Although he also felt that it was unimaginable when it came from Chu Feng who was also at the 4th level of the Spirit realm and just entered the inner court, that deterrence told him that he could not fight with Chu Feng.


After deeply swallowing his saliva, Chu Gao instantly turned around and ran back.

That scene really made Chu Xue and the others not know what to do. Why did he return without even fighting? Wasn’t that a bit too embarrassing?

If they knew that Chu Gao was scared by Chu Feng’s eye expression alone, they would have felt that they lost even more face.

“Chu Gao, what happened to you?” Chu Xue lashed out angrily.

“Miss, I…” Chu Gao didn’t know how to respond.

“Useless trash.”

Looking at Chu Gao’s weak look, Chu Xue angrily bit her teeth, but she didn’t know what to do. At the end, she could only fiercely say to Chu Feng,

“Chu Feng, you’ve really grown up. Did you forget that you got beaten up by Hongfei when you were young?”

“Let me warn you. You better never return to the Chu family, or else I’ll have Hongfei beat you up even more.”

After hearing Chu Xue’s words, Chu Feng suddenly clenched both his hands, and the rations in his hands were completely crushed into powder. A gale with him as the core started swirling, and it blew Chu Xue and others continuously back. Even Chu Gao had difficulty resisting.

Chu Hongfei. A person that heavily humiliated Chu Feng before. Chu Feng would never forget, the him who was only eight years old was beaten up by the ten year old Chu Hongfei to the point in which he couldn’t stand up. Chu Feng had stay in bed for an entire half a month.

The important thing was later on when Chu Guyu went and found Chu Honfei, even Chu Guyu was beaten badly. That thing became a thorn in Chu Feng’s heart. A thorn that would always be painful if it was not pulled out.

Chu Feng slowly raised his head and a dense, cold aura spread from his pair of eyes. He said with an extremely cold tone to Chu Xue,

“Chu Xue, tell Chu Honfei that I will return in this year’s gathering. Make sure that he does the preparations for kneeling and begging.”

“And now, you all better immediately disappear from my sight, or else I will make you regret it.”

If they were under normal circumstances, Chu Xue would certainly talk back to Chu Feng. But now she did not have that courage to do that. At that moment, the aura that Chu Feng was emitting was enough to make her legs weak and body tremble. She knew that this feeling was called fear.

At the end, Chu Xue did not say anything back and turned around then went further into the mountains and forest. As for Chu Gao and the others, they also quickly followed, because they were the same as Chu Xue, as they were unable to resist against Chu Feng’s aura.

After Chu Xue and the others left, Chu Feng plainly packed up and continued.

He knew that Chu Hongfei was not a oil-saving lamp. Not only was he best at fighting within the Chu family back in the days, even today, he was barely behind Chu Guyu.

Chu Hongfei was from the Chu family, and other than Chu Guyu, he was the only other person who was able to get into a first-rate school. To be able to get accepted by a first-rate school already showed his talent in martial cultivation.

Ever since Chu Hongfei entered the school, he hadn’t returned back in the Chu family so no one knew what kind of strength he had.

However, Chu Feng felt that this year, Chu Hongfei would likely return back. After all, his own father was one of the candidates.

As for Chu Hongfei’s talent, even if he didn’t reach the 6th level of the Spirit realm, he would be at least the 5th level. So, Chu Feng must quickly raise his strength and at least reach the 5th level of the Spirit realm.

“Ah! Don’t touch me~~~~”

But before Chu Feng walked far, a sharp scream came from the forest. That voice belonged to Chu Xue.

At that instant, Chu Feng frowned, and after some hesitation, he ran towards the direction of the sound.

At the same time, in an empty area in the mountains, an unbearable scene was happening.

Chu Gao and the other nine people were shivering while standing on the side with faces full of fear. In the empty space in the middle, Chu Xue was being toyed around by three men.

Those three people were aged twenty or so and their faces were extremely vulgar. But behind their body, a black iron sword was on their back. They were members of the Sword Alliance.

“Junior, no need to be afraid. We have no ill intentions and we just want to chat a bit with you.”

One of the males who had a full face of pockmarks was pulling on Chu Xue’s purple clothes. One sleeve was already torn by him and it revealed her snow-white skin.

“Hehe, this is quite white, I like tender girls like this.”

The other two were also touching Chu Xue’s body. Their eyes shined and they were already drooling from their mouth.

“We are from the same school. Aren’t you afraid that the elders will punish you if you treat me like this?” Chu Xue’s face was already full of tears as she struggled without strength.

“Junior, we are protecting you. The elders don’t even have enough time to praise us so why would they even punish us?”

“That’s right, following useless people like them will only land you in more danger. It’s still better to follow us, and when the hunt ends, we will give you some rewards. Hehe…”

It was already night and the three of them were extremely lonely. Just at that time, they found a little sheep like Chu Xue. How could they let that chance go?

“Seniors, please let our family’s miss go.” Chu Gao begged while trembling.


Before even finishing his sentence, one of the Sword Alliance members pulled out his black iron sword, waved it at Chu Gao, and a strong wind flew in front Chu Gao’s body.


After that strong wind, a bloody wound appeared on top of Chu Gao’s legs and with a poof, he kneeled on the ground.

“5th level of the Spirit realm.”

Seeing that, the Chu family crowd backed away from fear. To be able to use the wind as a blade and to defeat Chu Gao in one strike was, without a doubt, the cultivation power of the 5th level in the Spirit realm.

Chapter 19 – I’m Called Justice

“Get lost right now and I’ll let you live.”

When that person pointed the cold, glittering iron sword at Chu Gao and the others, killing intent was revealed in his tone.

As they faced the life threats, the Chu family and the others’ feelings were shook and some people even started moving back.

Although Chu Xue was their master, and they had mountains of favours towards the Chu family, their choice was actually very simple when the decision related to their own life.

“All of you…” Chu Xue’s heart had some unspeakable bitterness when she saw the servants thinking about abandoning her. From a young age, they were people that stayed by her side and followed all of her the orders since then.

She wanted to scold, yet she was so helpless because she knew that she was already done for.

In the Azure Dragon School, she had no influence nor power, and against the people that she could not offend, even if she was tainted, she could only endure it since she still didn’t want to die.


But just as Chu Xue was despairing, a shadow leaped out from the forest like a monster and landed in front of Chu Xue.

*bang bang bang*

After landing, that person attacked with lightning speed. Countless afterimages of the palm brought killing intent with them and they flew straight towards the three people from the Sword Alliance.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

It surprised the three Sword Alliance members when they saw such a sudden change. They tapped the ground with the tip of their toe and suddenly leaped back.

They focused their eyes and the three of them discovered that the person who surprise attacked them was a young man.

But the person who was the most astonished was Chu Xue. She would have never thought when the people whom she trusted the most had thoughts of abandoning her, Chu Feng would be standing in front of her while ignoring his own safety.

“Who are you? You dare to interrupt my good occasion?” The Sword Alliance member who had a full face of pockmarks pointed at Chu Feng while angrily yelling.

“You are not fit to know my name, but you can call me justice.” Chu Feng faintly smiled.

“Justice? Ha!” The pockmark male moved the iron sword in his hands and countless of wind blades flew at Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng pushed with one of his palms and a warm force pushed Chu Xue out of the way.

After that, he quickly dodged, and after dodging the attack, he ran straight at the male and struck out with one Illusionary Palm.

“Brat, you’re looking for death.”

Seeing that Chu Feng even dared to counterattack, the other two Sword Alliance members also pulled out their iron swords from their back and stabbed at Chu Feng with some strange sword style.

*whoosh whoosh*

Not only did Chu Feng not dodge, he changed his attacking style, and all three Illusionary Palms stuck at the same time making the three iron swords collide into each other.

*clang clang clang*

Three heavy sounds resonated, and the four people stepped back a bit. But, from Chu Feng’s palms, a numbing feeling came from it. Chu Feng also frowned and his expression became more heavy.

He knew that the three of them were experts of the 5th level of the Spirit realm and they didn’t even use their full power.

The three Sword Alliance members also frowned. They already found out that Chu Feng was in the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

But, when a little child who was in the 4th level was able to knock the three of them back, it meant that they could not underestimate the strength of the little child.

“Boy, we are complete strangers. You don’t need to offend our Sword Alliance for some people you don’t know.”

“That’s right. I see that you have quite some talent. As long as you are a bit understandable, we can give an introduction for you to join the Sword Alliance. I guarantee that your future will be bright.” Seeing that Chu Feng wasn’t as easy to take care as they thought, the three of them wanted to rope Chu Feng into their own alliance.

Chu Feng didn’t react as he listened to those words, but Chu Xue instantly got more nervous.

She and Chu Feng had deep history and Chu Feng didn’t really even have any reason to help her. Now that the Sword Alliance opened such conditions, she was really worried that Chu Feng would put her to the side and abandon her.

But, she also knew that hoping Chu Feng would protect was beyond reason. However, the Chu Feng in front of her was her only hope.

“Sword Alliance? I think it’s better that it be called as the Beast Alliance. Trash like you want to rope me into your alliance? Ha!” Chu Feng fiercely spit a mouthful of saliva.

“You are forcing this upon us.” Seeing that the attempted roping failed and they got humiliated instead, the three of them got angry and while holding the iron sword, they all started to attack Chu Feng.

It was obvious that the three people used their true strength this time. The sword didn’t even arrive yet the wind did. Even Chu Feng had to narrow his eyes and treat this seriously.

“What are you looking at? You don’t want to leave? Don’t affect my evil extermination power.”

Chu Feng yelled at Chu Xue and the others first. Only then did his body move, and with the waves of the arms, countless invisible palms filled the air and attacked the three people.

“It’s the Illusionary Palm, careful.”

One of them recognized Chu Feng’s martial skill, and at the same time that he was shocked, his sword style changed accordingly. A cold glitter surged out, and the three people displayed the exact same techniques and surrounded Chu Feng within it.

“Chu Feng…”

As she saw Chu Feng battling with three experts at the 5th level of the Spirit realm, Chu Xue’s emotions were extremely complicated. She knew what that meant. It meant that Chu Feng was risking himself for her, and that risk might very well cost him his life.

“Still not gone?” Just as Chu Xue was hesitating, Chu Feng bellowed again.

“Miss, let’s go.” At the same time, the Chu family people also came and dragged Chu Xue into the forest.

“Leave me.” Chu Xue flung away those people and deeply looked at Chu Feng with meaning.

Seeing the Chu Feng that was surrounded by afterimages of the swords and doing his best to struggle, Chu Xue gnashed her teeth as if doing a very difficult decision.

“Leave!” Chu Feng bellowed once again.

At that instant, Chu Xue’s frail body couldn’t help but shake, and two sparkling tears fell from the corner of her eyes. After saying a “thank you”, she went back into the forest.

“Brat, you dare interrupt my good occasion. I will cripple you today.”

Seeing the fat meat that was right in front of their mouth escaping, the three of them burned with anger. The points of their swords were aimed at critical body points and they wanted to kill Chu Feng.

“It’ll depend on your strength.”

Although Chu Feng’s face showed that he was holding on, he also felt the pressure. Against three people who were a whole level above him really strained him.

Those three people. Although they were not extraordinary people, not only was the sword in their hands strong, the martial skills that they cultivated made it so that the sharp weapon in their hands was used to the extreme. In addition with them three combining their powers, Chu Feng had quite some difficulty going against them.

The most important thing was that Chu Feng didn’t want to expose his Three Thunder Styles so he decided that he didn’t want to mess around with them three anymore.

*whoosh whoosh*

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng faked a move, then leaped into the air and jumped out like a lightning out of their three-man circle.

“You three trash, try and catch me.” After jumping out, Chu Feng taunted them and smiled, then leaped into the forest like a monkey.

“Want to escape? Chase.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was escaping, how could the three people let him go? They quickly chased after him.

But they still underestimated Chu Feng. Even though they used their spiritual power to the maximum and used all sorts of martial skill, they had no way of chasing up to Chu Feng. There was always a distance between them.

Chapter 20 – Thousand Bone Graveyard

“Damn. Is this guy the reincarnation of a monkey? How is he so fast?”

“This boy isn’t simple. He has so much strength at such an age and he can even escape from our sword formation. He must have extremely high talent.”

“That’s right. This is the first time that I’ve seen someone using the Illusionary Palm to this level. If he continues to develop, he would be completely unimaginable.”

“Because of that, we cannot let him leave this place alive or else he will cause endless troubles.”

The more the three people understood Chu Feng’s strength, the colder their heart became. They already slowly decided to kill Chu Feng in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

“The speed of those three are very fast, I can’t even get rid of them”

At the same time, Chu Feng was speechless from the strength of those three people. Although his strength was way higher than the people from the same level, against people who were a whole level higher made him feel a bit weak.

But luckily, Chu Feng had plenty of spiritual energy in his dantian. He believed if he continued running, the three of them would stop chasing because of their stamina.

However, Chu Feng was considering another problem. The power of the Sword Alliance was not small. In the future, after leaving the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, it would be troublesome if those three used the power of the Sword Alliance to harm him.

That was why Chu Feng was hesitating whether or not to “Don’t do it or don’t rest”. So, he was either going to display his Three Thunder Styles and silence the three people or he was not going to anything at all.

But at the end, he batted that thought away. After all, killing people from the same school was a huge crime, and if any traces were discovered, there might be a chance that the entire Chu family would be affected as well.


But just at that time, Chu Feng discovered with astonishment that white rays appeared all around him.

Because the sky was already dark, when the light rays appeared, they seemed abnormally dazzling and they were extremely strange.

“This is…”

That light became stronger and stronger, and it lit up the forest as though it was day. But what stunned Chu Feng was the countless amounts of white bones that surrounded him.

The vast area of white bones were densely piled into the forest. They were as boundless as the ocean.

Those bones were very special. Not only were they as clean white as jade, every bone was emitting a heavy aura.

Chu Feng felt a choking feeling as he was pressured by countless auras like those as they were stacked upon one another. His steps became heavy and his entire body lost its strength.

“What is this place?”

Chu Feng was very surprised. The special bones were not owned by ordinary people which meant the owners of the white bones must have been quite a master.

Only after reaching a certain realm in cultivation could one die without their bones decaying. Not only were they as white as jade, they still contained a certain amount of pressure to deter other people.

There were things that Chu Feng couldn’t understand. Not only did he not understand where so many experts came from, as it was beyond common sense to have so many white bones appear here, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. Virtually every day, the elders would patrol around. How could they leave so many white bones here and not care about them?

Other than surprise, Chu Feng was starting to panic. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed that it wasn’t right. The more he thought about it, more chills were sent down his spine. After all, he was only a fifteen year old young man. When trapped in such a dark forest area, of course he would feel fear in his heart.

“That is…”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up. He discovered in shock that there was a silhouette from afar calmly walking within the white bones.

He could vaguely see that it was an aged old man. The old man was as clean as snow. He was wearing a blue robe, and on the robe there was the mark of the eight trigrams. The old man was holding a very strange fly whisk in his right hand.

The old man’s face was smiling and he was slowly walking towards Chu Feng’s direction. He was not even affected in the slightest by the white bones.

But the thing that shocked Chu Feng the most was the old man’s skin which was like jade and the faint glow that his entire body was emanating. That type of special aura was like a saint descending into the world.

“Lord. Is that…the Thousand Bone Graveyard from the legends?!”

Just at that time, the three people from the Sword Alliance also ran over. However, they had no more thoughts of attacking Chu Feng as they were completely astonished by the scene in front of their eyes.

Compared to Chu Feng’s panic, one word was clearly written on the faces of the three people. Fear.

“Thousand Bone Graveyard? What kind of place is this?” Chu Feng’s heart contracted, and just with that name, it made him feel uneasy.

“Damn brat, you’ve killed all of us. You actually brought us to a place like this! This Thousand Bone Graveyard is a danger spot.” That pockmark male said with a trembling voice.

“Danger spot?”

“That’s right. It’s the real danger spot. No, it was a legend. One of the legends of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.”

“According to legends, there’s a Thousand Bone Graveyard that was unreal, unsearchable, and it appeared in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain at unscheduled times.”

“But this place is really the absolute danger spot. The legends say that those who step into this place will not leave alive. Even the people who kept their lives would become insane.”

“I never would have thought that the scary legend was true. We’ve stepped into the Thousand Bone Graveyard.”

The other two were also extremely afraid. As they spoke, some words were nonsense, and it showed how fearful they were in their hearts.

“If I may ask, is this really the Thousand Bone Graveyard?” Chu Feng cast his gaze towards that mysterious old man who was holding a fly whisk.

Although he couldn’t feel anything from the old man’s body, just by looking at his exterior, Chu Feng could tell that he was extraordinary. Without a doubt, he must be some big shot in the Azure Dragon School.

But the thing that confused him was that the old man was obviously looking at him yet he didn’t even open his mouth to speak. Rather, with the corners of his mouth, they formed a strange smile.

“Oi, who are you talking to?”

“Damn brat, don’t try to deceive us.”

But the unexpected thing was that after listening to Chu Feng’s call to the old man, the faces of the three Sword Alliance members instantly paled without a single trace of colour.

“Can’t you see that I’m talking to this person?” Chu Feng pointed at the mysterious old man who was standing nearby.

“What person? You brat, you’re really looking to die.” That pockmark male held his sword and wanted to attack Chu Feng.

“Don’t bother with him. Something’s wrong with this guy and we should quickly leave this place.” But before even letting him attack, the other two pulled his shoulders and started to drag him away towards the path in which they came from.


But just at that time, an ear-piercing noise came from all directions. That noise was very strange, extremely horrifying, and it was as if millions of souls were howling and screaming about injustice.

At the same time, Chu Feng found out with shock that on the white bones all around him, dark green gas was floating and that strange screaming came from the gas.

But the thing that made Chu Feng the most uneasy was that the strange, dark green gas was floating towards Chu Feng and the others…

To be continued

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