Chapter 11 – Self Ridicule

“Rank 1 skill, the Hundred-Armed Fists reached the point of mastery!”

Cries of surprise sounded in the hall and everyone could see that Chu Zhen was able to fully use that skill.

Although the Hundred-Armed Fists was only a rank 1 skill, if it was mastered, it would be very strong as well.

If they were on the same level and if there wasn’t an appropriate skill to counter it, he would have no chance. That was why everyone knew that Chu Feng, without a doubt, would lose.

Chu Yue frowned and secretly walked 2 steps forward. She wanted to stop Chu Zhen’s evil schemes.

“Chu Yue, observers cannot help. You should know this rule right?”

But just at that time, she heard a sound next to her ear. She turned around and she saw that Chu Cheng was smiling and staring at herself.

Chu Yue knew that the situation was not good since she never thought that Chu Cheng would have his eyes on her.

However, because of that, it meant that the two brothers would not easily let Chu Feng go and that made her even more worried.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The afterimages of the fists filled the air and almost completely blocked Chu Feng’s line of sight. With the sound of breaking through the air, he suddenly attacked.

Chu Feng could feel that Chu Zhen’s fist was not ordinary and he did not restrain himself in any way. It showed that he was very ruthless.

But Chu Feng was not afraid at all and he stood still. He did not dodge nor escape, and he only silently waited for the attack.

“Is this Chu Feng stupid? Why isn’t he dodging?”

“He wants to dodge, but could he? With his power, he probably can’t react in time.”

“That’s true. He is, after all, the trash that stayed in the outer court for five years.”

Seeing that Chu Feng did not dodge, they even thought that Chu Feng was scared stiff by Chu Zhen’s might and their faces revealed the smiles of seeing others in misfortune.


But just as Chu Zhen got near, Chu Feng suddenly waved his sleeve and an extremely huge aura exploded from inside his body.

When that aura pounced at Chu Zhen, he was suddenly at a loss because within that aura, he felt killing intent.


Just as Chu Zhen was staring blankly, Chu Feng suddenly stuck his palm out. The speed was extremely fast, and before anyone reacted to it, he already blasted it onto Chu Zhen’s chest.

*boom* With the strike of the palm, Chu Zhen instantly felt that his Qi and blood were raging as a wave of pain came from his chest.

*swoosh swoosh swoosh* But before he even had time to think, Chu Feng already sent a few more palms and they all struck Chu Zhen.

“Ahh!” Chu Zhen cried out loud. Both his legs went numb and he directly kneeled in front of Chu Feng, then fell on the ground without power.


The scene widened everyone’s mouth. They would have never thought that Chu Feng would have such an explosive power!

However, they didn’t even know that it was the result of Chu Feng restraining himself. Or else, with only one palm, he could have killed Chu Zhen.

“You are at the 4th level of the Spirit realm?” At that time, Chu Wei opened his mouth. Both his eyes tightly stared at Chu Feng and they were filled with astonishment.

“What? 4th level of the Spirit realm?”

With those words, everyone came to their senses. To beat someone at the 3rd level of the Spirit realm without using martial skills meant that they required the power of the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

However, trying to connect “4th level of the Spirit realm” with Chu Feng was unimaginable and it was hard to accept by the crowd.

Not only them, even Chu Yue had her eyes wide open. Her small mouth slowly opened and her face was full of surprise.

Chu Feng didn’t care about the crowd. He directly walked in front of the table, took the three Saint Spirit Grasses, and walked towards the door.

“Stop right there. This is an exchange between family members, yet you attacked so heavily. Where is your heart?” Just at that time, someone suddenly yelled out.

Looking over, Chu Cheng was holding Chu Zhen by the arm and lifting him up while his face was full of anger. It was not endurable when his younger brother got beaten up by someone to this extent.

“What? When did you see me as part of the your family? I don’t recall you saying that before?” Chu Feng lightly smiled then said, “Even you said it. Fists and kicks don’t have eyes, so you cannot complain about any injuries. What are you doing right now? You can’t take the loss?”

“I can’t take the loss? It’s obvious that you intentionally heavily attacked.” Chu Zhen bit his teeth to endure the pain and loudly lashed out. As the victim, he was very clear that Chu Feng’s first palm already defeated him. But Chu Feng continued to bombard him with more attacks so it was obvious that it was intentional and he wanted to humiliate him even more.

As he listened to that, Chu Feng smiled again, “I just entered the 4th level of the Spirit realm so I don’t understand my strength that much.”

“And before, your skill seemed so strong, so naturally I didn’t dare to underestimate it and I used my full strength to answer your attack.”

“But who would have thought that you were just like a paper tiger, so weak that you couldn’t even take one hit. I overestimated you a bit.”

“You…” After listening to Chu Feng’s words, Chu Zhen’s face was pale. He was so angry that every breath he was taking made huge sounds and he almost spit out his own liver out from all the puffing.

Not only was he defeated by the “garbage”, he was even mocked in front of the crowd. It was extremely hard for him to accept that.

But, even if he wasn’t willing to, he could say nothing about it because the rules just now were made by him and his brother.

“Chu Feng, don’t be too arrogant. If you have the guts then let’s go right now.” Just at that time, another person from the Chu family stood up.

“Oh? You want to duel me as well? That’s fine. Just bet a Saint Spirit Grass. Do you dare?” Chu Feng stretched his hand towards that person.


That person was the same as Chu Zhen, as he also entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as Chu Feng. However, his strength was not strong as Chu Zhen.

He did dare to duel Chu Feng, but he did not dare if he had to bet the Saint Spirit Grass.

“What’s wrong? If there’s anyone else who wants to go, you can come right now as long as you don’t mind parting with your Saint Spirit Grass.”

Chu Feng scanned his gaze at the crowd, but not one of them dared to look at him in the eyes. They were not afraid of Chu Feng, they just didn’t dare to take the Saint Spirit Grass as a wager because those were their lifeline.

“Chu Feng, don’t be excessive.” Finally, Chu Wei talked.

“What’s this? Chu Wei, you also want to go? If I’m not mistaken, you are five years older than me right?”

“If you don’t mind people saying that you are bullying the young, I don’t mind. After all, if I lose, I won’t lose face, and if I win I’ll earn big, right?”

As he listened to those words, Chu Wei clenched his fists, but he said nothing more.

It was because Chu Feng was correct. Chu Wei was not like Chu Cheng or Chu Zhen since there was not much of an age difference between them and Chu Feng.

However, Chu Wei couldn’t because he was not a youth anymore. With his age, even if he defeated Chu Feng, he would be ridiculed by others, so that was why he could not attack.

Seeing that most of the people in the hall lowered their heads, Chu Feng suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily, but before turning around and leaving, he said,

“I’ll give everyone here a two phrases before I leave. The first is “thinking that you are infallible”, the second is “self ridicule”. As for the meanings behind them, all of you can comprehend them by yourselves.” After saying that, Chu Feng forced a door open and left elegantly.

At that instant, the atmosphere in the residence became very awkward. Originally, the Chu family wanted Chu Feng to be humiliated, but now, they got humiliated by Chu Feng in front of several outsiders instead. That really made them feel that they had no more face.

But the most unacceptable thing was Chu Feng’s strength. Originally, they thought that Chu Feng was the garbage of the Chu family. But now, Chu Feng was at the 4th level of the Spirit realm and he surpassed many people. That made them feel a lot of shame.

Chu Feng walked out of the residence and he felt refreshed in his heart. Pretty much from his younger times until now, he was bullied by those people, and finally, he bullied them back today.

Actually, that wasn’t bullying. Chu Feng was only forced by them. But no matter what, Chu Feng felt extremely refreshed.

“Chu Feng.” Before Chu Feng even walked far, a sweet call came from behind him, and it was Chu Yue.

Chapter 12 – Fierce Character

“Chu Yue, why did you come out?” Chu Feng asked confusedly.

Chu Yue ran to Chu Feng’s side while laughing, and using her white hand, she lightly punched Chu Feng’s chest and said happily,

“You’re quite good! I was saying why you were so calm when you were in the outer court. But now, after a day, you already caught up to me.”

Chu Feng embarrassedly shook his head, “Chu Yue, I’ve given you troubles today and it seems that your Chu Alliance gathering has to end unhappily.”

“Don’t worry, giving them a lesson is good or else they would bully you all day.”

“That’s right. Chu Feng, let’s go together in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt tomorrow! Those things are very hard to catch alone.”

“You know my relationship with them. Even if I was willing to join the Chu Alliance, they wouldn’t be willing to.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Don’t worry about those things and just leave it to me. Just come and find us here tomorrow.” Chu Yue gave another bamboo sheet to Chu Feng and on there was the gathering location for the Chu alliance tomorrow.

“Fine.” Seeing Chu Yue being so persistent, Chu Feng could not bear to refuse it.

After appeasing Chu Feng, Chu Yue jumped and bounced back to the residence. She was really happy today because Chu Feng gave her a huge surprise.

Everyone in the world respected strength, and seeing that Chu Feng revealed unordinary strength, she felt that perhaps people from the Chu family would start to accept Chu Feng.

To unify the Chu family without discrimination was her biggest wish.

“Chu Wei, you guys…” But just as she arrived in front of the residence, Chu Yue found out that all the Chu Alliance members already left.

“Hmph.” Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen fiercely glared at Chu Yue, said nothing and left.

“Chu Yue, it’s not like I want to say it, but today you sided too much with that Chu Feng.”

“Now you’ve done it. Not only did Chu Feng take two Saint Spirit Grasses from us, we even got insulted by him. Now everyone left in anger. Are you happy now?” Chu Wei reprimanded strictly.

“Chu Wei, just view it as my fault and don’t blame him. In any case, Chu Feng is still part of our Chu family.”

“Look, you’ve seen Chu Feng’s strength. He isn’t the trash in your eyes. Also, our Chu Alliance needs people now, so why not let him join?”

Listening to Chu Yue say that, Chu Wei’s face instantly changed. But, as he was going to say something, a strange flicker appeared in his eyes, and at the end, he sighed helplessly,

“Ahh, I can’t do anything about you.”

“Fine, I’ll give Chu Feng another chance. Bring him tomorrow.”

“That’s great! You’re the best.” Chu Yue jumped excitedly and her smile was especially splendid.

“Okay, hurry up and rest early.” Chu Wei shook his head and walked towards his own residence.

“Chu Wei, you should also rest early.” Chu Yue smiled and waved at Chu Wei, then followed Chu Wei with her eyes as he left.

Chu Wei allowing Chu Feng to enter the Chu Alliance made Chu Yue happy beyond her expectations. But, what she didn’t see was that the moment Chu Wei turned his body around, a sinister smile was formed by his mouth.

“Senior Chu Yue, the one called Chu Feng concealed himself quite deeply. I’ve stayed in the outer court for so long but I’ve never even heard his name before. It seems like he was aiming to be the first in the disciple exam.”

Just at that time, a young man walked over. He was the same as Chu Feng, also being a new disciple this year. He just joined the Chu Alliance today.

“You’re correct. Chu Feng must have stayed in the outer court for the exam reward. I wonder if he got it or not…” Listening to what he said, Chu Yue also suddenly realized that.

“Senior Chu Yue, you’re thinking too much. A fierce character appeared in this year’s outer court and that person got first place.”

“Although Chu Feng has quite some strength, he cannot even be compared to that person.” The young man smiled and said.

“Fierce character? How fierce?” Chu Yue curiously asked.

“Extremely fierce. One rank 4 Fierce Beast, nine rank 3 Fierce Beasts, thirty rank 2 Fierce Beasts were all slaughtered by that person within a blink.”

“When the genius disciples of the outer court arrived, they only saw the Fierce Beasts’ corpse that filled the ground. Isn’t that amount of strength fierce?”

“That strong?” At that instant, Chu Yue’s face was filled with shock.

She also passed the inner court disciple exam, so she knew the power of the mechanism stage. She also knew about the terrifying Fierce Beasts.

To be able to kill that many Fierce Beasts before people even arrived really made her imagine how strong that person was. It would require a person of at least the 5th level of the Spirit realm to do that.

“Who’s that person called?” After being shocked, Chu Yue also wanted to know the name of this fierce character.

“Ahh, I want to know as well…”

“But sadly, that person intentionally hid their identity. After taking the reward, that person did not open the door out of the underground palace. Instead, that person concealed themself so no one knew who that person was.” The young man shook his head and left.

“That person is quite strange. So strong, yet so low-toned. Perhaps that person has a secret that cannot be told to other people?”

At that instant, Chu Yue got more and more curious towards the so-called fierce character.

It was because she knew that it might represent another genius disciple rising from the inner court.

“Oh no.” But suddenly, Chu Yue was suddenly alarmed because she thought of a strange scene that just happened.

When Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen left, they did not head towards their own residence. The direction that they headed towards was the same road as Chu Feng.

With that, Chu Yue knew that something was wrong and quickly headed towards the same direction as Chu Feng.

The inner court was extremely huge and there was quite some distance between Chu Feng and Chu Yue’s residence.

However, Chu Feng did not rush nor panic and he slowly walked. He kept on going until he arrived to a desolate location, then he stopped there.

“Don’t be so sneaky and come out.” Chu Feng’s gaze was cast towards a corner in the darkness.

“You are quite alert. It seems that I’ve really underestimated you.” Before even finishing his sentence, two familiar bodies walked out of the shadow. They were the brothers Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen.

Chu Zhen’s face was a lot better, but his anger did not decrease in the slightest. He even had thoughts of killing Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the three Saint Spirit Grasses, kneel in front of my brother, kowtow and apologize. Then perhaps I’ll forgive you.” Chu Cheng glared at Chu Feng and absolute confidence filled his tone.

“What, you two want to rob me?”

“So what if we rob you?”

“You need strength to rob.”

“Strength? I’ll tell you right now what strength is.”

Chu Cheng’s body moved and strong wind rose behind him. In a blink, he arrived in front of Chu Feng. His hand was in a claw state and he directly attacked Chu Feng’s throat.

It had to be mentioned that Chu Cheng’s strength was several times stronger than Chu Zhen, and he was not weak even within the ranks of the 4th level Spirit realm.

However, his opponent was Chu Feng, the fierce character that bare-handedly killed a rank 4 Fierce Beast.

Chapter 13 – Kneel Down and Beg For Forgiveness

*whoosh* Chu Feng dashed to the side and dodged Chu Cheng’s attack.

At the same time, one of his foot touched the ground. He suddenly spun, and after one rotation, his foot was retracted.

Seeing that, Chu Cheng’s face slightly changed and he hurriedly backed off. But sadly, not only were Chu Feng’s feet abnormally quick, his positioning was accurate and there was no way to dodge it.

As he panicked, Chu Cheng could only put both his arms together and forcefully block Chu Feng’s attack.



After the sweep of the leg, Chu Cheng was forced back several steps and a numbing feeling continuously came from his arms.

At that instant, Chu Cheng frowned slightly. No matter what, he did not think that Chu Feng would have such powerful strength.

That strength completely exceeded his expectations so he had to treat the fight seriously.

“You know your stuff, but with only a body of brute strength, at the end, it is impossible to become useful. I’ll let you experience the might of the martial skills.”



Chu Cheng continuously hit the acupuncture points of his body and he suddenly yelled out loud. In a instant, his body expanded quite a bit and his fists increased were also increased in size.

Also, his skin turned from white to purple and veins emerged. It was quite frightening.

“A strengthening skill.”

Chu Feng squinted his eyes and he could tell that Chu Cheng used some sort of strengthening skill.

That kind of skill would not change the amount of skills one had, but their entire body would receive an upgrade.

After cultivating to a certain point, one’s body would not be invaded by the elements, nor can swords or spears pierce through the body. Their entire body would like a lethal weapon.

He saw Chu Feng’s change in expression so Chu Cheng was instantly proud of himself. Although Chu Feng’s strength was unexpected, he knew that Chu Feng’s biggest weakness was that he did not cultivate any martial skills.

The skill that he used was called Body of Steel. With that skill, one would be almost invincible while physically battling a person of the same level, so he had absolute confidence that he could defeat Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you can kneel down and beg for forgiveness, or…”

But not even letting him finish his words, Chu Feng’s body flashed, and disappeared.

When Chu Feng reappeared, he arrived in front of Chu Cheng. A strong, heavy fist got bigger and bigger before in his eyes.

Seeing that Chu Feng dared to battle with him physically, Chu Cheng sneered and he also threw his fist out at Chu Feng’s fist.


With the collision of the two fists, a sound rang out, as if it was the collision of steel.

But after that exchange, Chu Cheng got pushed back a few steps. The numb feeling did not decrease but rather increased on his fist and he looked at Chu Feng who did was not even pushed half a step back.

“How is this guy’s body so strong?”

Chu Cheng finally realized that something was wrong. With his current cultivated skills, there was pretty much no one that dared to meet his force with force in the same cultivation level.

But right now, in front of his eyes, not only did Chu Feng meet force with force, he even had the advantage. That really made him feel that the situation was not good.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body dashed in front and he struck out with a single palm. He directly attacked Chu Cheng’s right in front of him.

Chu Cheng who had two previous lessons did not forcefully accept it. Instead, he aimed at Chu Feng’s wrist and grabbed it.


But it still wasn’t time for Chu Cheng to be happy. He surprisingly found out that his hand grabbed onto nothing, and the palm that was heading straight for him also disappeared in the air.



As he was surprised, an extremely powerful palm fiercely landed on his chest.

Chu Feng’s palm had a lot of power. Chu Cheng got pushed back beyond ten meters then fell on the ground while spraying out a mouthful of blood.

That scene made the observing Chu Zhen widen his eyes and mouth. No matter what, he wouldn’t have thought that even the Chu Cheng that was in the 4th level of the Spirit realm would be defeated by Chu Feng’s hands.

That already exceeded his bearable boundaries. After all, before, Chu Feng was a useless person that could not be more useless.

“How did this happen…”

At that time, on Chu Cheng’s face, other than pain, most of it was shock.

He could not understand. He could not understand why he wasn’t able to grab onto Chu Feng’s wrist and got hit by him instead.

“Did he train in a skill?”

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible. He’s only been in the inner court for ten days. How is he able to use skills?”

Chu Cheng felt that what Chu Feng showed could not be martial skills, because within ten days, it was impossible to learn a martial skill.

But if he knew that not only did Chu Feng use martial skills, it was even the strongest skill in the inner court, the Illusionary Palm, who knew how he would feel.

“Brother.” Just at that time, Chu Zhen ran over, supported Chu Cheng and wanted to escape.

He was really panicking. He only thought that if Chu Cheng could not defeat Chu Feng, he could only think of escaping.

“No need to leave so quickly you two.”

But just at that time, Chu Feng appeared without even making a sound and blocked their path.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?”

Chu Zhen had a calm face on the surface, but he could not cover the fear in his heart.

It was because the current Chu Feng was completely different from the Chu Feng in his memories. It was as though he was a completely different person. That change really terrified him.

“I’m not planning on anything, just take out all the things on you, kneel and beg for forgiveness, then I’ll let you go.” There was a small smile that hung on Chu Feng’s face, but that smile made them even more frightened.

“Chu Feng, don’t be excessive.” Chu Cheng said while grinding his teeth.

“I’m excessive? You all said with your mouths that I’m garbage. Humiliating and insulting me in front of others.”

“You even followed me sneakily, and you wanted to rob me and beat me up. Now you say I’m excessive?”

“I know that you don’t see me as part of the Chu family, but that doesn’t matter, because I have never seen you as family either.”

“Insulting me is fine, but to treat Chu Yue like that is intolerable, because Chu Yue is family to me, and she is one of the few people I want to protect.”

After saying that, Chu Feng’s face suddenly turned cold and he extended his hands. With two sharp “bangs”, two clear slaps landed on Chu Cheng’s and Chu Zhen’s face.

Those two slaps were very powerful and the two of them rigidly fell on the ground. After that, Chu Feng suddenly extended his leg and fiercely kicked Chu Cheng’s chest.

“How’s your mouth now? Weren’t you able to force your logic? Weren’t you very threatening?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Talk. Say…please forgive me.” While Chu Feng was speaking, he slapped Chu Cheng two more times.

After those two slaps, both of Chu Cheng’s cheeks were left with two red palm marks and a trace of blood flowed from his mouth.

“For me to beg to trash like you, you wish.” Chu Cheng seemed very unyielding.

But Chu Feng only smiled, and started waving both his arms. Several slaps continuously landed on Chu Cheng’s face.

In that situation, Chu Cheng’s cheeks quickly started swelling, and his head became a pig’s head.

“Chu Feng!” Seeing that his own elder brother was cruelly hit by that, Chu Zhen finally exploded.

“Move.” Just with a wave of his huge sleeve, and with a slap, Chu Zhen laid on the ground without even having strength to climb back up.

That instant, Chu Zhen truly understood the difference between him and Chu Feng. So it turned out he really couldn’t even take one attack from Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, kill me if you dare!” Chu Cheng revealed a sinister glare and started bellowing.

“You think I don’t?” As he said that, Chu Feng took a dagger from Chu Cheng’s waist, aimed it at his dantian and said,

“I will count to one. If you don’t beg for forgiveness, I’ll destroy your dantian and you won’t be able to cultivate anymore in your life.”

“You dare?!?” Hearing Chu Feng words, Chu Cheng face instantly changed. There was no more sinisterness, and replacing that was incomparable fear.

He felt the same as Chu Zhen. He also thought that the Chu Feng in front of him was completely different from the Chu Feng in his memories.

He could really not be sure whether or not Chu Feng would destroy his dantian, or whether or not he would kill him.

Chapter 14 – Elder Brother’s Letter

Chu Feng smiled, but his smile was very malicious. He raised the dagger up high and spit a single word out very faintly,



Before he even finished speaking, Chu Feng’s dagger suddenly descended.

“I was wrong!!”

“I was wrong, Chu Feng I was wrong. Please forgive me, please…don’t destroy my cultivation, please don’t…” Chu Cheng yelled out as if he was crazy and his sounds carried some sobbing noises.

With that, Chu Feng also stopped his movements with a bit of shock and smiled while looking at the current Chu Cheng.

He discovered that Chu Cheng had his eyes closed, 2 rows of tears were rushing out, and his mouth kept on asking for forgiveness.

Not only was his expression painful, his entire body was trembling, and underneath, there was even a huge puddle with a nasty smell emitted from it.

Chu Feng threw the dagger on the floor, searched around Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen’s body, and finally he found five low quality spiritual medicines, “Ground Spirit Grass”.

After doing that, Chu Feng went in front of Chu Cheng, lightly patted his face, and said,

“Look at yourself. Who is the actual garbage? You should now know that clearly in your heart.”

“Haha…” After saying that, Chu Feng laughed and left gracefully.

After Chu Feng left, Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen supported themselves and stumbled into the darkness of the night.

But before they left for long, a beautiful face walked out from the darkness. It was Chu Yue.

However, Chu Yue’s sweet face was already filled with astonishment.

After quite a while, she muttered to herself, “Chu Feng, what kind of person are you, and what kind of strength do you have…”

Suddenly, she closed her eyes and she remembered the young Chu Feng.

No matter how much people mocked him, he never mocked back.

No matter how much people humiliated him, he never attacked back.

A smile was always on his face and it made people feel pity. It made people feel sorry for him. It made people want to protect him.

Finally, Chu Yue opened her eyes and she suddenly smiled,

“Perhaps we were wrong by looking at you as a weak person.”

“Perhaps this is the real you. You don’t need the protection of others, because you are strong enough to protect others.”

At that moment, Chu Feng already returned to his own residence. He took out the three Saint Spirit Grasses and the five Ground Spirit Grasses out.

Although the Ground Spirit Grasses were only low quality spiritual medicine, they were still precious items for cultivation. Chu Feng felt that by taking them away, it was enough to make Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen feel pained.

When he thought of the brothers who always humiliated him just got a lesson given by him, Chu Feng felt extremely refreshed.

“It seems that there’s a correct saying. ‘Against an evil person you need a grindstone for an evil person.’ To talk reason to an evil person requires one to use their fists.”

Chu Feng smiled, but didn’t rush and start cultivating. He took out his elder brother’s letter.

He opened the letter and rows of familiar characters appeared in front of him. It was Chu Guyu’s handwriting.

“Brother, five years has passed since you entered the Azure Dragon School, and we haven’t met each other in five years as well.”

“After a few more days, the annual family gathering will arrive, and this year, the head of the family will retire from his position.”

“With his retirement, we need to elect the new head of the family, and father is one of the candidates.”

“To father, this is an extremely important day, so I hope that you can return in this year’s gathering and cheer for father along with me.”

Although there were only a few lines of words, the meaning was passed on. Chu Feng thought deeply about the letter’s contents.

Every year, in the family gathering, the young generation of the Chu family would have a martial exchange competition to test the results of their cultivation.

Although it was only test on the surface, in reality, it showed the potential of the younger generation and it also decided the position of the older generation in the family.

This time, Chu Yuan was able to get the qualifications as a candidate, because not only did he have strong power, he also had an absolute relationship between Chu Guyu.

Chu Guyu. Within the young generation of the Chu family, he was the only person able to enter the Lingyun School.

He pretty much was able to get first in all the family competitions. His potential was very huge, so naturally, it affected Chu Yuan’s position.

After some thought, Chu Feng found a pen and paper, then started to write the reply letter to Chu Guyu.

The content was very simple. This year, he would go the family gathering, because Chu Feng also wanted to help out in his father’s election.

He wanted to demonstrate his abilities in the family competition and at least get a decent position. That way, he could let everyone know that both of Chu Yuan’s sons were not mediocre.

Or in other words, Chu Feng felt that the time to prove himself had arrived.

After writing the letter, Chu Feng completely refined the three Saint Spirit Grasses and the five Ground Spirit Grasses.

That time, Chu Feng finally felt a full feeling in his dantian. With his estimation, after refining another twenty Saint Spirit Grasses, he may be able to have a breakthrough.

However, those twenty Saint Spirit Grasses would cost an astounding amount. Therefore, he put all his hopes in tomorrow’s Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

The next morning arrived and the sky just started getting bright. But in the huge plaza at the north of the Azure Dragon School, over ten thousand people were gathered there. It was one of the entrances to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

Chu Feng carried two bags. One was full of food, the other was completely empty. He was looking all around in the crowd and trying to find Chu Yue.

“Chu Feng, here.”

He heard a familiar sound and Chu Yue was indeed nearby. She was happily waving her hands at Chu Feng.

Compared to Chu Feng’s equipment, Chu Yue was a lot simpler. She only brought a waist purse and she had the same as the clothing as yesterday.

“Chu Yue, you’re not bringing food? The Spiritual Medicine Hunt spans for a whole ten days. What are you going to eat?” Chu Feng had a face of confusion on.

“Idiot. Don’t forget that we are an organization. I’m only responsible for chasing the spiritual medicine. Rough work like carrying food would of course be done by other people.”

As Chu Yue said that, she pointed to some place. The members of the Chu Alliance were there and Chu Feng had seen them yesterday.

Indeed, three of them carried a huge bag, and those must have been for food.

“Chu Feng, there are different teams for hunting the spiritual medicine. After entering the mountain we split into 3 groups.”

“In every group, some are responsible for carrying food, some are responsible for surrounding the spiritual medicine, and I am responsible for hunting the spiritual medicine.”

“The division of work was determined by strength, and the division of spiritual medicine was also divided like that.” Chu Yue explained in detail to Chu Feng.

With that, Chu Feng had a deeper understanding in spiritual medicine hunting and he also learnt the benefits of group hunting.

Before being picked, the spiritual medicine had their spiritual nature so they could escape. Without an absolute strength, it was really too hard to try and catch spiritual medicines by yourself.

That was also why a large portion of the disciples would choose to enter an alliance. It was because with strength such as theirs, the group power was indeed stronger than their personal power.

After describing the methods of hunting the spiritual medicine, Chu Yue brought Chu Feng to the crowd of the Chu Alliance.

After getting near, Chu Feng found out that there was one less person than yesterday. That person was exactly Chu Cheng.

Yesterday, Chu Cheng was beaten extremely badly by Chu Feng. His entire face became a pig head, so he must have had no face to see anyone. That was why he abandoned his chance in the rare Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

Other than Chu Cheng, Chu Feng also saw another familiar person, and it was Chu Zhen.

But, the current Chu Zhen did not have the former arrogance. He lowered his head and said nothing, seemingly having received a huge blow and it seemed extremely depressing.

Chapter 15 – Dragon and Tiger Brother

“I, Chu Feng, am present as the last member here.”

“Everyone welcome Chu Feng. Clap.”


After Chu Yue brought Chu Feng there, she cheered and clapped.

Seeing that, the several Chu Alliance members who were not part of the Chu family also clapped to welcome him and nodded at Chu Feng.

They had seen Chu Feng’s strength yesterday, and no matter how the Chu family saw Chu Feng as, at least they approved of Chu Feng in their hearts.

But, other than Chu Yue and the others, the Chu family disciples did not do anything and their gazes towards Chu Feng were extremely ill.

“Chu Yue, what are you doing? You brought an outsider like him to our Chu Alliance? Hurry up and get him lost!” Chu Wei suddenly angrily yelled.

“That’s right, the Chu Alliance does not welcome him. Get him lost!” At the same time, the other people also started yelling.

Their voices were very loud, as if they were intentionally doing that to let everyone around them hear it. Indeed, they really did attract the attention of the people around them.

At that instant, Chu Feng frowned. He never would have thought that Chu Wei would ‘welcome’ him like that.

How was that even welcoming? It was obvious to humiliate him, especially in front of all the disciples around him.

“Chu Wei, what are you doing? Didn’t you say yesterday…” At that instant, Chu Yue panicked, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Chu Yue, shut up. What I say in this Chu Alliance goes. I can accept anyone, but absolutely not Chu Feng.” Chu Wei didn’t even give Chu Yue the chance to finish talking.

“Chu Wei, I never would have thought you…”

“Fine, since you don’t accept me, I will back out.”

Chu Yue finally got herself together. She knew that she was used by Chu Wei to cause Chu Feng to be in such a difficult situation.

“Chu Yue, I’m afraid that you have no say in this. Unless you want to leave the Chu family, you cannot leave the Chu Alliance.” Chu Wei coldly smiled, as if he already guessed that Chu Yue would have this reaction.

“You…You are simply…” Chu Yue was grinding her teeth in anger, yet she didn’t know what to do. She could only helplessly cast her gaze at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I…”

“Chu Yue, no need to explain. I know that this can’t be blamed on you.” Chu Feng’s face was very calm, and as he scanned over Chu Wei and the others, he said,

“Your Chu Alliance isn’t accepting me right? Fine. That’s fine. Remember what you said today. I guarantee that one day, I will make you regret everything that you’ve done today.”

“Hahaha, what a joke. You think you’re some big shot? We will regret? You think you’re worth something for us to regret over?”

“That’s right, who do you think you are? Shameless.”

They didn’t even put Chu Feng’s words into their hearts. In their eyes, Chu Feng was only a useless person, because from when he was little, they already imprinted a mark like that on Chu Feng.

“This place is quite lively.” But just at that time, a clear voice suddenly resounded.

Everyone looked over, and they only saw two young men slowly walking over.

They were a pair of twin brothers. Their purple long sleeved clothing were very dirty, and it was so dirty that you could even see the oily shine.

The two of them were holding sugar canes, and while chewing, they continuously made ear-piercing noises and it was really annoying.

However, when everyone saw the badges on their chest, not one of them was not surprised.

On the badge, there was a pair of wings. It was the symbol of the strongest alliance in the inner court, the Wings Alliance.

“It’s the Dragon and Tiger brothers of the Wings Alliance.” At that moment, many people recognized those people, and all sorts of cries endlessly rang out.

The male disciples revealed a respectful expression, while the female disciples were screaming like they loved those two people. Even Chu Yue’s face became heavier.

“Chu Yue, you recognize them?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Mm, their names are Bai Long and Bai Hu. They are the same age as me, sixteen years old.”

[TN: “Bai” is white, “Long” is dragon, “Hu” is tiger.]

“They entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as me, but they passed the inner court disciple exam at the age of twelve and they even placed first at that exam.”

“According to rumours, they’ve already entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm one year ago. They are real genius disciples.”

Chu Yue had a solemn expression while talking about those two and it showed that those two were very important in Chu Yue’s heart.

“6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of sixteen!”

After hearing Chu Yue’s words, Chu Feng also reevaluated the Dragon and Tiger brothers because he knew that his elder brother Chu Guyu entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of seventeen and was considered to be a genius.

Those two were a whole year younger than Chu Guyu and it really showed that the members of the Wings Alliance were not ordinary people. No wonder they were viewed as the alliance of legends.

“They…They seem to be walking towards us. We…We…didn’t offend them did we?”

As they saw that their target was them, everyone in the Chu Alliance started getting nervous and Chu Wei was no exception.

After all, the names of the brothers were too well-known. Even without their status of being in the Wings Alliance, their shine could not be covered.

They did not dare to offend those kinds of people, because if they did, it meant that they were sentenced to death in the inner court.

But as they got closer, the crowd finally breathed a sigh of relief because they found out that their target was Chu Feng.

“You are Chu Feng?” Bai Long looked up and down at Chu Feng.

“Problem?” Chu Feng calmly replied.

“Oh?” Hearing Chu Feng’s response, Bai Hu couldn’t help but frown and also started to judge Chu Feng.

“This is great. The Dragon and Tiger brothers were looking for Chu Feng.”

“Hmph, he just entered the inner court and he offended the brothers. Well deserved.”

“Let’s see how he’s going to die this time.”

At that instant, the members of the Chu family were all happy. They all wanted Chu Feng to offend some big shot and then get killed by them.

Who would have thought that Chu Feng actually did offend the Dragon and Tiger brothers? It really made them quite joyful.

However, the next words that the brothers said instantly astounded them.

“Chu Feng. Interested in joining the Wings Alliance?”

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